Bulletin Board: July 22 – July 28

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. Have a fabulous week, everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: July 22 – July 28”

  1. I’ve finished Keizoku 2: SPEC and OMG, I’m shipping Toma/Sebumi hardcore. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I’ve fallen so hard for a pairing… ah, if only I could find the movie, but I don’t think it’s out yet…

    The Deathnote movies are also on my To Watch list (yes, I have an actual drama spreadsheet – it’s colour-coded and everything *is a nerd*) – I saw the anime a few years ago, so am curious as to whether or not the live action can measure up.

    Lastly… does anyone else listen to kpop? My current obsession is I Love You by 2NE1 (seriously, I listen to it almost non-stop. on the way to work, on my lunchbreak, on the way home and I’m still not sick of it. *shakes head*), the spot previously occupied by Fantastic Baby (Big Bang).

    Hope you’re all having a great week! 😀

    1. Hi, Jules! Despite all the fantastic recommendations I received the last time round, I have yet to watch any Japanese dramas. Must really get down to it. I am trying to borrow the Nomdame Cantabile manga from the local library, though.

      My only point of access to kpop is through Kdrama OSTs, which I love! The main issue for me is language; I don’t ‘follow’ the kpop groups because I can’t understand what they are singing, whereas Kdrama songs are so inextricably linked (for me) to the drama itself that I don’t mind not fully understanding what is being sung. And of course the English translation of the lyrics usually pops up sooner or later. My favourite Korean singer is Lee Seung Gi; I think he has a great voice, and I have almost all his albums. blush. I much prefer him as a singer than as an actor.

      1. Hi shl!

        I can see how not understanding the lyrics and not having some sort of emotional connection/context would be a bit offputting. The beat tends to get to me first (though with both Fantastic Baby and I Love You I thought: eh, I don’t understand why everyone’s going crazy over this song. then a week or two later I had a bit of it stuck in my head, listened to the song again and bam! instant love [instant… a few weeks later *g*].) and then I look up the lyrics in English, romanised Korean and hangul. 🙂

        Lee Seung-gi does have a great voice, I think, though I can’t claim to have any of his albums. Hee. 😉

  2. This may be a strange question, but I’d like to ask the other twinkles whether 1) Kdrama DVD sets are easily available in your country, 2) whether these sets have special feature, and 3) how much a set usually costs.

    Not sure if it’s the same in every country, but where I live (Singapore), we don’t see the ‘Director’s cut’-type sets, or those with special features e.g. Interviews. Perhaps because some local companies buy the rights to sub and distribute the kdramas, we usually see box sets of the complete drama – just the story, with subs. these typically cost anything from S$20 (US $15?) for something older like ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ to S$60 (US $48?) for ‘Tree with Deep Roots’. If there’s just Chinese subs, then the set is usually cheaper.

    I guess I’m curious as to whether you guys actually buy DVDs of the kdramas you liked, and, I am probably trying to justify my having bought some DVD sets recently! You know, with the excuse that they are less expensive as compared to other countries (because I look at the prices on YesAsia and they seem pretty steep, but most of the sets seem to have special features), so it’s not money gone to waste. It’s ok if you burst my bubble! I think I’d better have an accurate reflection of reality 🙂

    1. Oh God, DVDs… I have a sad, sad addiction to buying DVDs of my favourite shows (and even those not on my favourites list). I currently own about… hm, almost two dozen (and I started watching kdramas last year).

      I’ve not seen any in the UK, unfortunately, so I tend to buy mine from YesAsia and from reputable ebay sellers – the one exception being when I went to Canada last month and purchased a few boxsets, only to get back to the UK (I hadn’t checked beforehand) and discover that they were bootlegs. 🙁 PMP Entertainment tend to have good English subtitles, in my experience. I think the only boxset I’ve purchased with special features is the American version of City Hunter (it was important to get the US version as the other had the extras… but they weren’t subtitled).

      I think it’s totally worth it to buy the DVDs, particularly for a show you really liked – somehow the DVD version of the show feels more… how to explain… sort of as though I have more of a connection to the show, which sounds weird, I know. *g*

      … yeah, this may just be me trying to justify my own DVD purchases. ^.^

  3. Hi shl, I’m your neigbour living in KL at the moment. I used to but my DVDs until a friend of mine now downloads and shares with me so I get good subs to watch.

    I get my DVDs from a store called HKV in KL, price varies dependinding on how many episodes and new releases or older ones

    I used to buy them at around US 20 each but the subs quality is not consistent. Good asgeuks that I collect, I tend to wait for PMP releases, better subs
    I have actually bought DVDs from Singapore, Poh Kim-the subs and quality is good, got my second set of jumong here

    Used to live on an island far from the city, hehe then I shop online, have bought from Hong Kong and even Manila
    The Manila one had good english subs but no proper packing! Seriously looked like a part time job!
    Oh there was also another online which is actually in JB but the subs are also not so good. Best way is to download which is what I am doing now!
    Saves me space as well, I have 200 over DVDS so really, a hard disk is much bettter, hehe

    KPop – Its the only musice I listen to!
    Wol got me started on Big Bang so am now a die hard fan- I buy my cds from Yesasia!
    OSTs are good too, recently there were so many good songs, my fav at the moment is Lee Ki Chan How from Ghost

    There are just too many good KPop artists to name, I just listen to anything I feel sounds good, doesn’t matter if I don’t undertsand much
    Years back I was listening to Jpop and Thai music hehe

  4. A new twinkle just posted a question on the High Kick 3 Special post asking if anyone knew the episode number in which Ha Sun has the massive bathroom issues. I thought I would post here to see if anyone knew since most of you don’t check posts from that long ago.

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