Bulletin Board: July 20 – 26


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope that you’ve all been well. 🙂 Sadly, I think that I’ve reached the physical limits of my summer schedule. :'( Yes, you may see fewer posts from me in the coming days and weeks until my schedule settles down to a more conducive blogging schedule.

*pauses as Snoopy’s Twinkie reflects on her blogging past*

Or…you may see no difference at all in the number of posts I blog if my irrational fangirl persona decides to commandeer my more “sane” self. Hmmm…I guess you’ll see in the coming weeks who wins, won’t you? 😉

Anyhow, a big welcome to those of you who are new to our Musings community! May you enjoy frolicking with us Twinkles here in our little portion of Kdramaland! I have  a number of announcements, so let’s get started!


1. This week is a special week of celebration as two of your bloggers–NewKDramaAddict and I–commemorate another year of blessings and love. 🙂 *blows noisemakers*

2. The summer corner of “Romps in PseudoKorea” officially began this past week with an introduction to a new restaurant here in LA. I’m hoping to continue this corner throughout the summer–and perhaps beyond the summer if there’s enough interest–so keep your eyes peeled for more romps! 😉 In the meanwhile, if you missed last week’s romp, you can check it out here.

3. The correct answer to last week’s “Wednesday What?!” challenge is still a mystery. 🙂 Here’s the hint: It’s definitely Lee Jung Jin from Hundred Year’s Inheritance, and it’s in the first half of the series…as Se Yoon spends time with Chae Won now that she’s working at his company. Hopefully, that’s enough of a hint for you true Kdrama fans out there! You can check out the post here.

4. By now, you’ve all noticed the new theme on our Musings website. It’s pretty hard not to notice, huh? LOL Hopefully, you’re finding the rotating gallery of pictures for “Our Beloved Turtle…” and “So Ji Sub…” entertaining. 🙂 If you have any pictures that you would like for me to include in the gallery, send them my way! I’d love to be able to share more pictures with you all.

In all honesty, I’m still getting used to the layout myself, so things are in flux here at Musings. If you have any suggestions for new corners or for the website, please don’t hesitate to email me with your suggestions or feedback. I want to make this as much of a fun and relaxing romping ground for all of us as possible. 😀

That’s it for now. 🙂 I leave you with what has now become our weekly tradition: a megawatt smile from our dear turtle, Lee Sang Woo. Enjoy! Have a blessed week, Twinkles!


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      1. LOL. I was wondering why your comment was being held in moderation. LOL. Thank you for the birthday wish. 🙂

  1. Happy Birthday to you both. Lots of bear hugs and a big bunch of flowers for you both. A bottle of Ben Gay rubbing cream, a jar of prunes hehe,
    your free AARP card rofl , a year supply of hearing aid batteries. Last but not least love to you both of you. You don’t know what both of you mean to me.

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