Bulletin Board: July 15 – July 21

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. Today marks the third and last of my birthday celebration giveaways (at least on this website), so I hope you will take part in the giveaways. Good luck and have a FABULOUS week!

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10 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: July 15 – July 21”

  1. Em.. what is in your mind today?
    For me… i have been thinking about… my kids getting married. I dont know if this will make a big change in my life. Whether i will be a good mother in law in supporting their marriage… or someone with a big demand on my kids now that they have some one else more important than me in their life… or just like k-drama who will torture the daughter in law. Huh… sigh.. i dont know.. I wanted so much for my girls to settle down quickly.. but it looks like career takes first. My son has a girl that he likes, so he is slowly saving money for his day. The wedding will be quite costly. At what age is suitable for them to settle down? That also,… i have no answer. I was 25 when i got married, so i think that age would be just fine.. what kind of son/daughter in law that would be good?.. hehehe, i think as long as they respect me and good to my kid…

    1. Thank you for sharing something personal with all of us! I’m quite young myself, so my views on this might be too “idealistic” but I have thought of marriage before. Like what would it be like, would it change me, where does my life go from there? In my opinion, I think marriage is very beautiful. To love someone that loves you back, it’s a miracle all on it’s own. I have this image of just being embraced by warm, gentle arms (….that sounded better in my head >.<) What I mean is, marriage gives me a sense of security. Personally, I think when I decide to get married, I'll stop being selfish. It won't be just "me me me" but him also. It's a commitment, right? Naturally, I would take care of my husband 🙂 and as time passes, there will be kids (maybe….) and they will be a big part of my life. I'd no longer be living for myself, but for my family. I wish to become an unselfish person, and having a family of my own would be a big turn in my life. It would change me for the better. This is what I believe.

      So don't think of it as your children loving someone more than you, you are their irreplaceable mother. The mother who gave up her own desires, to take care of theirs. This is how I view mothers ^^ Think of marriage as a major stepping stone in their lives, think of your in-law as someone who will cherish your child, and you should be happy that they can cherish someone back. It shows growth and maturity. Your child isn't leaving you, but becoming a better person.

      Well, that's what I think about it. Idealistic isn't it? haha sorry ^^;

      And I really hope you don't torture the in-law like in kdramas! Lol please don't!

      As for a suitable age for when to settle down….I don't think there is such a thing. (Well obviously they can't be too young, like me xD I'm almost 17) I think your child would know that better than you, when it's time for them to settle down. (Well there are always people who don't know but I don't think your children are like that since one of them is already saving up for that wedding!) I also think it's a matter of finding the "right person". So people could get married early (my mother was 19 when married, and her and my father are still together at the age of 36. They are still very much in love) or later (hey, so your soul mate didn't show up until after you finished college and got a stable job, so what?) hmm so yeh. I dnt have anything more to say 😀 Good luck to you!

    2. What is on your mind kind of hit home for me. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years and we’ve known each other for about 9 years all together. My grandparents (whom raised me as my parents passed away) are torn. My grandmother doesn’t like my husband but she’s not mean to him. She tells me she just wants more for me but doesn’t understand who I am really to know that he’s the man for me. I’m a very difficult person; extremely demanding of my husband but he’s patient with me and I’ve learned to calm down. My mother-in-law is one the best persons I’ve met in my life. The ordeals she’s been through would cause me to be bitter and an ugly person. She is one of the most patient and giving human beings I’ve ever met. She accepts me and doesn’t demand anything from me. This makes me want to be and do more for her and my husband. My advice to you is be the good person you are.
      Your thoughts have made me realize how much I love both of my families. I see the differences in both families and realize also how scary it must be for a parent and who their child will marry.

    3. Thanks for sharing, wanzhaf! I’m not quite where you are yet, as my 3 kids are still under 12, but I admit I do think about what kind of relationship I’ll have with them when that happens, especially where my son is concerned. And I don’t always remember to do this, but when I remember, I pray that they will have compatible, God-fearing spouses. But you never know what will happen.

      I’ve been living with my mother-in-law (she’s widowed) for as long as I’ve been married, and we get along. That’s not to say there are no disagreements, but, by and large, we give and take, and it’s okay. I try not to put my husband in a spot where he has to ‘side’ one of us, and she’s been pretty understanding, not interfering in how we raise or discipline the kids, or make decisions. My Chinese has improved because of her (she only speaks Chinese, very limited English)! She was a great help when the kids were small. And she’s very, very, giving. I have often wondered if I will be like her when my kids get married!

      I think you’ll find a balance when your kids eventually marry. It may take a while to adjust to the new dynamics, but if both sides are willing to try to make things work, accept differences and changes in relationships, things will settle. Surely not every daughter-in-law or mother-in-law can be like those in kdramas . . .

      As for age – both genders have been marrying later and later where I am! The median age for brides is 29, and for grooms, 31. Can’t imagine what it’ll be like in 10 years’ time. Can anyone ever feel ready to embark upon marriage?

  2. Hi all! What are you all watching these days?

    Kdrama wise, I’m watching I Do, I Do; A Gentleman’s Dignity (episode 16’s opener – ack!); Big; and We Got Married (Korean variety rather than kdrama – my favourite couple is TeukSo and they just had they wedding pictorial! So cute. I wish I could go through their episodes and just document all of their sweet moments… that doesn’t sound too creepy, does it? ^.^). (and SUFBB – again.)

    I’m also watching Keizoku 2: SPEC (jdrama) and when it’s finished am thinking of starting W no Higeki. 🙂

      1. LOL at your We Got Married comment xD nahh that’s not creepy at all. I see people on YouTube do it all the time!

        As for what I’m watching – I’m on hold for now. I haven’t seen much of anything since tht I Do l Do nutshell >.<

        I'm actually going back to anime for a bit, I left it for so long xD

    1. I am not watching anything seriously at the moment, cos I was so drained after the emotional investment I put into watching King2Hearts and Queen In-hyun’s Man! But I’m reading the recaps for Big, I Do I Do, Bridal Mask, and A Gentleman’s Dignity.

      Oh, thanks to all your recommendations, I *am* watching Coffee Prince! And I am liking it so far. At first, I thought something about Gong Yoo’s face was a little off, but he’s grown on me 🙂 slight niggling feeling that I don’t quite like Yoon Eun-hye, but I can’t figure out why. She’s acting well, though!

  3. Believe or not I’m actually searching for older dramas, watched Cain and Abel – Great drama and fell in love with So ji Sub. Watched When its at night, Stained Glass which I crawled through, will start on The Person I Love next.

    Can’t believe the writers from that time, esp Stained glass, what a plot!

    Hehehe this years drama is on hold though I downloaded Ghost already!
    Got put off by Twelve men in a year, couldn’t make it past episode 1 at all, real crappy drama but loved the ost!

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