Bulletin Board: July 1 – July 7

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. Today marks the beginning of my birthday celebration giveaways, so I hope you will take part in the giveaways. Good luck and have a FABULOUS week!

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  1. Hello, everyone!

    The kids in our family have just ended the 1st week of school for the 2nd semester, and, boy, were we grateful for the weekend! As a result of school and after-school activities, I haven’t been watching anything except 15-min segments of kmovies on YouTube – just finished ‘My Girlfriend is an Agent’ and loved it! – and reading recaps on various sites.

    How’s your weekend shaping up?

    I have a question – I know many of you watch Japanese dramas and Taiwanese dramas as well as kdramas. What would you say are key differerences in the dramas from these countries? Or, simply, what draws you to them? I confess! Despite living in an Asian country, I haven’t watched any J-dramas and have only glanced at a couple of T-dramas. The T-dramas shown locally are those which have *hundreds* of episodes, and I don’t have the stamina for those.

    Blessed weekend, all!

    1. In my obsession with Asian cultures, I started with anime. There is a site I use that had this curious link to “Asian Dramas”. I clicked and was hooked from day one. I still remember that day: full 16 hours, non stop, eyes blood shot (from crying and because I was so tired). This site had a lot of dramas (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Mainland). Since I had already started out with anime, I could pick up J Drama pretty easily (my first Asian drama was a k drama tho). I’ve come to find I enjoy romantic comedies more than any others and when I had exhausted myself on KDramas, I would switch to Taiwanese or Japanese. Lately I’ve just been on a Korean and Taiwanese fix. I will say that reading up on dramas I found out about Thai lakorn (their word for “drama”). … Not for the faint of heart, I must say. They have a genre called “Slap/Kiss”. Just.. whoa. So with Thai dramas, there is a HUGE difference than others.

      I’m not very good with explaining myself (or anything for that matter). Japanese dramas seem to be a “slice of life” type show. I’ve not seen many with a lot of angst in it (this could also be just what I’m watching). Korean dramas LIVE off angst (in most cases, not all). All I’ve seen of Taiwanese/Mainland dramas are remakes of Korean/Japanese or based of manga so they don’t seem to have their own difference. I will say that “Office Girls” seemed really different. It had a vibe to it that I haven’t seen and I was once told “It’s because it’s a VERY Taiwanese drama.” I’m still not sure what that means but I loved it.

      Sorry if this was super long. I wanted to answer your question as best as I could =)

      And Shl, I think I have two friends that used to watch Asian dramas but not so much anymore (and one lives very far away). No one in my family watches them and I get made fun of a LOT for being so glued to a show. It’s honestly very nice to have others I can speak with about Asian dramas. =)

      1. If it’s any consolation, my younger sister used to mocked my interest in Korean dramas, telling me that they are a waste of time. Fast forward 10 years when we are both back in Los Angeles and have to deal with Korean-speaking adults on a regular basis. She watches more dramas than I do now with the excuse that she needs to learn the language and culture more. Heh heh…vindicated! 🙂

    2. Ooh, interesting!

      I started watching anime in high school (Sailor Moon! the subbed, not dubbed, version.) and then started watching live action in addition to anime.

      I’ve actually watched more Taiwanese dramas than Japanese, funnily enough, as at least watching Japanese dramas could count as homework for my studies. ^_^

      I tend to find Japanese dramas either a great deal wackier (like, to the nth degree) than Taiwanese dramas, but they can also be quite a bit darker (and in comparison to many Korean dramas, too, though there are a few darkly intense kdramas hiding in the shadows).

      For light and fluffy, I’d recommend Ouran High School Host Club. Oh, and Hana Yori Dango, as I think it’s, hm, not better than Boys Over Flowers, but more… fleshed out (as far as the female lead goes, at any rate). For something darker, there’s Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi (A Million Stars Fall from the Sky) and then there’s Byakuyako, though to be honest, Byakuyako was just too much for me. After every episode I felt the need to shower. Repeatedly. And then rinse my brain out with bleach. So… maybe not that one. *g*

      For Taiwanese dramas, Love Keeps Going was cute (great chemistry between the leads), as was Sunny Happiness. Drunken to Love You had an awesome leading man who was just so… steadfast and reasonable that I literally squealed every time he said something intelligent.

      Okay, I think I’ve just made recommendations instead of actually answering the question, so: for me a few of the main differences are that TWdramas seem to place less of an emphasis on chastity than many Korean and Japanese dramas; Japanese dramas are far more unpredictable, plot-wise (to me, at any rate); whereas Korean dramas tend to follow a familiar trajectory, but it’s one I like and, personally, find kind of comforting. Though there’s always the odd drama that throws you for a loop. 😉

      Hope you’re having a good week!

      1. Hi Jules, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Right, now I really have to go and check out some of those dramas you’ve recommended, especially thr Japanese ones.

        I’ve come to relise after over a year of watching kdramas that – you’re right – there is a typical trajectory the dramas usually follow, although there must be some which are out-of-the-box. But I also find that, no matter what the plot and no matter how many holes I’m the plot, the actors/ actresses usually make it believable. Not to mention the music, cinematography, set . . . If any local production company tried to adapt a kdrama the ‘magic’ wouldn’t be there, somehow.

        Heh heh maybe I’m just trying to rationalise my obsession 🙂

  2. I also began with anime like Niema, so I was more interested in J dramas in the beginning.It could be because the drama I watched was based off a manga, but it was heavily…what’s the word? I don’t know the word. But if you find clips on Youtube of Nodame Cantabile, it’s pretty crazy. The characters’ actions are crazy and they talk crazy and act crazy. It’s very cartoon-ish and exaggerated. Nothing like Kdramas that feed off of misery and drama lol

    Personally, I think Korean actors are better looking (just thought I’d throw that out there…haha)I’m not saying the Japanese are unattractive at all. I am actually a fan of some J Pop singers and J rock bands and I reallly love this actress (oh gosh, I can’t think of her name right now, but she’s gorgeous and even starred in a movie with Tom Cruise)and I like seiyuus also (Mamoru Miyano…he’s married now though *cries* T^T)

    Nodame Cantabile wasn’t the only J-drama I’ve watched though, I also watched You Are My Pet (I watched the Korean movie remake also with Jang Geun Suk) which was sweet and based off another manga, it was more relaxed than Nodame (which was insane, but very entertaining, just different. I got use to the hitting-people-with-the-frying pan and weird noises and abnormal-speeds)Hmm I also watched Sappuri (Supply in English, I think) which was, again, based off a manga. It was more a Josei romance this time (Josei – older woman demographic) I think a lot of J dramas are based off of mangas, actually. The male lead in there was cute (haaad to add that)

    When I’m watching j-dramas, I have to get use to the language first. I think Korean suits drama more, if that makes sense. Idk, it could be because I’ve watched so much korean drama that watching people speak in japanese just weirds me out now…when I’m watching Korean dramas, the emotions and words just flow and it feels…RIGHT. But when I’m watching Japanese dramas, it like… o.o whoah they’re saying “suki desu” and “watashi” now! It makes me feel all weird. The words are longer and different. They are two completely different languages that I can tell apart, so it’s just weird for me. But when I’m watching anime (with the english subtitles, of course) the Japaense doesn’t feel weird to me at all. It’s natural for me. I think my brain has wired itself to DRAMAS = KOREAN, ANIME = JAPANESE, now. Stupid, I know, especially when I find an interesting J-drama but can’t immerse myself in it completely because I’m put off by the language that I’m hearing lol Nonetheless, I still enjoy both k-dramas and j-dramas, the majority of them are k-dramas though. But if anyone can recommend some j-dramas, I’m all for it!

    1. NODAME! I loved that manga, anime and drama! I’m just a huge Nodame fan so I adored everything about it. Honestly if you’re up for silly but hilarious I would go for the J Drama “Ouran High School Host Club”. It’s a manga and anime first but I was introduced to it through it’s drama. Ahh, just so silly and fun to watch! … I’m going to go watch it again. =D

      1. Haha I watched the entire anime (Japanese and the English dub) and I read the manga. I knew they made a live action, so if you recommend it, I think I’ll go hunt it down xD

  3. Wow! Thank you Niema, Wol, and Snoopy’s Twinkie for sharing your history with Asian dramas. Just shows me I have a long, long way to go 😎

    Just reading all you’ve written makes me want to go and explore those other dramas too. Perhaps I will when the next school break rolls around.

    I have read some Japanese manga, and we’ve watched anime before, so I that’s not so new to me. And I’ve heard about Nodame Cantabiile! Several people have recommended that to me. I may start by borrowing the actual manga from the local library (if I can find it) before I try the live action shows or the anime.

    About the over-the-top dialogue/ actions – all that head-slapping, the bug eyes, the exaggerated actions and speech bubbles – hee hee, so true. But then, I grew up with Hong Kong movies; don’t know if you’ve heard of Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow? HK action comedies feature a great deal of slapstick, and Jackie Chan/ Stephen Chow are the best at it, imho. Jackie Chan especially; I am always amazed at how he’s able to twist and turn for comedic effect. It takes a great deal of physical prowess and it’s a different kind of ‘gong fu’ (martial arts).

    Many of the Asian dramas shown in my country (Singapore) are broadcast with Chinese subtitles, so perhaps I can persuade my husband that his ‘banana wife’ needs to watch these shows in order to improve her Chinese . . . .

    1. Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow.. awesome. My brother-in-laws introduced me to Kung Fu Hustle. That was so funny and so neat in it’s martial arts.

      “Banana wife”? O.o?

      1. @ Niema,

        You’ve got to watch their earlier movies! Try anything which has ‘drunken’ in it; Jackie Chan is famous for several characters where he fights best when he’s drunk.

        Heh heh, I’m Chinese, but I speak English much better than my ‘mother tongue’. So that makes me a ‘banana’ – yellow on the outside, but white inside 🙂 I think Wol was saying there’s an equivalent phrase in her culture, a ‘coconut’?

        1. Haha yep, that’s the word xD and I love Jackie Chan!!!

          I can’t say I’ve watched any of his Chinese films, but I’ve watched the Rush Hour movies xD and I watched this weird movie about a boy who idolized him and went traveling around to go meet him o.o or something. It was in a different language, so long ago so idk which >.<

        2. Drunken Master! We have those too! My husband loved them and had us watch them together. Jackie Chan is so funny! When Jackie Chan did the female drunken master.. ahahahahaha.

  4. For me I started in anime( Sailor Moin, Dragon Ball Z and some other ones) and worked my way up through the years.

    I watch Jodramas that kind to be funny and have feel good vibes.I tend to stay away from the darker Jap shows cuz they can be really crazy and I don’t need anymore craziness in my life. They also tend to have some really good police shows whether it’s the detective, forensics or supernatural, they do a good job exploring that genre
    Some of the shows I’ve watched: Answer, Kagi, Spec2, Switch girl, Mop Girl

    Ive also watched some Taiwainese shows. They tend to be a mixture of Jdoramas and Kdramas.
    The first one I ever watched was Fated to Love You and boy did I cry. Loved that show and Ethan Rue!!!
    Some of the Tshows have made me a fangirl of certain actors and I will watch almost anything that they are in like Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Chen Xui, Bianca, Rain, Ethan Ru and some others.
    Shows to watch: Fated to Love You, Combat Butler, Material Queen( warning it does go to the realm of crazy in the second half, that’s why recaps are our friends), Skip Beat, SummerXSummer, The Devil besides You, and It Started with a Kiss part 1&2

    And oh course the most DAEBAK shows ever, our Kdramas. I’ve watched too many to count but Secret Garden and Boys over Flowers will always have a special place in my heart because it introduced me to flowers boys and all their prettiness, a crazy obsession with OST/OTPs and made me a fangirl of Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, Ha Ji Won, Hyun Bin to the point that I will watch anything that they have ever been in even if it sucks to the tenth power and the need to express my opinions as to why shows suck or not via interntet. Before Kdramas I never went to blogspots to rant and rave about television shows. Oh kdramas, do you see what you turned me into, SMH.

    Now that I’ve used up mall my words with this really long rant, I hope it helped somewhat and that you were entertained .

    One last thing I believe we at the Twnkling community should have a MovieMonday viewing of Fly, Daddy, Fly in honor of Lee Jun Ki’s return to kdramas from his military duties, why because I have just turned full fangirl over him after watching that movie and I’m excited for him to be back on the small screen with one of my favorite actresses ever, Shin Mina ( love her)!!!

    Ok end of rant

    Have a blessed weekend Twinklings!!!


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