Bulletin Board: January 13 – 19


I don’t know about anyone else, but this past week was an interesting one for me as I plunged myself back into the daily grind of school…and then promptly got sick. 🙁 I attribute this to the past month’s activities that had me flitting from one place to another–physically and mentally. I knew it was too good to be true that I passed the month of December without getting sick. 

The only good thing about being sick was that it forced me to slow down so that I could recover. I’m still a bit sick but feeling much better AND I got to watch the first episode of A 100 Year’s Inheritance. Heh…gotta look at the bright side of things, right? 😉

Having explained why my emails and posts have been non-existent these past few days, I have a few announcements for my beloved twinkles today:

1. A 100 Year’s Inheritance Episode 1 will be hitting the site within a few days. I’m on the fence about this series, and you’ll read why in that post.

2. NewKDramaAddict will continue her “Monday Movie” corner for the second time and has an exciting lineup of movies to review for the entire year. And I thought I was organized! 😉

3. In addition, Mawiie will be contributing to our site starting this week with a corner of her own. 🙂 Those of you who enjoyed her year-end review will relish her weekly/monthly reviews of dramas.

4. Flower Boy Next Door Episode 3 and 4 recaps will upload, hopefully, Monday and Tuesday night. Let me know what you all think of the show. So far, it’s zany and the characters are starting to endear themselves to me, so I’m planning on following this series to its end.

5. A twinkle posted a question in a Secret Garden post a few days ago, and since I am horrible with song titles, I thought I would defer this question to those of you who aren’t, especially to you Secret Garden fans. Here is her question: “What is the song when everything comes back to his memory?” Anyone?

That’s it for announcements as far I can tell. Jules is safely back from vacation, so you’ll be seeing more of her on the site, too. 🙂 Have a great week, twinkles! And stay healthy. I know I will! 😉


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14 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: January 13 – 19”

  1. Awww I hope that you’ll feel better soon! Rest well and make the better oiut of it ( = watch a lot of dramas LOL)

    As for the Secret Garden question, I still remember that scene and the song that was playing in my head. I believe that the song is titled “Scar” by BOIS. And since I’m so awesome (LOL just kidding) I’ve even found the download link for you 🙂


    Have a nice week everyone!

  2. Hurray more Mawiie! ^^ This site is becoming more like a forum haha and we have members xD though I can’t really contribute to anything besides random facts on giveaways for your entertainment lol I’m not very creative with my dramas. Besides rants. Ahh but who doesn’t have a good rant in them?

    I just noticed it says you’re still watching The King 2 Hearts and Arang and the Magistrate >>>>

    Lol. Did you or didn’t you finish them?

    I’m still not focusing on any new dramas. Warrior Baek Dong Soo still and Manny! All on Netflix :3

    1. Hehehe are you my secret fan? LOL

      I have a bunch of new-ish dramas (late 2012) to watch but I’m watching older stuffs right now. I’ve started Capital Scandal recently and it’s freaking funny xD How’s Warrior Baek Dong Soo? I wanted to watch for the bromance, but I’ve heard that the middle stretch is a bit draggy…

      1. I LOVE MAWIIE! <33 There, not secret anymore lol

        Well Im only on episode 8 and my attention has been captured by my beautiful flower boys (≧∇≦} !!! *dreamy sigh* I already know their tragic ending but I got 20 or so episodes of lovely bromance to squeal at before I cry. I will endure it honorably!

        But the love triangle is a pain. For once, I don't want this girl involved. Makes me want to rip my hair out. Since the love makes no sense. It was like BAM! I see pretty girl, me thinks I love her! I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR HERRRR!

        Or something. Idk. That was a rant ^^^^^^^^^^ anywho, Warrior is great so far. I hope it doesn't drag D:

  3. I almost forgot I still need to model that purse!! It’s hard to find time for good lighting and I’m horrible with camera angles >.<

  4. Hi, everyone! I’m almost done with the post for Flower Boy Next Door Episode 3, but it’s late and I’m not in the best of health, so I’ll finish the post tomorrow. Sorry.

    1. Aww 🙁 I heard there is a flu pandemic going on and I hope you didn’t catch it! Everyone seems to be getting horribly sick around me. Last week, my sister was throwing up >_<

      Your health is first priority! Take care of your body properly! And get well ^^

      1. Thanks, Wol. I stayed home from work today to get better, and by late afternoon I was. 🙂 Hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ll be back to normal, especially since I have to conduct an interview for my alma mater. 🙂

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