Bulletin Board: Interested in Sharing?


Hello, my Twinkles!!! Some of you may be surprised by the reappearance of this weekly bulletin. After all, I had no intentions of reviving it and still don’t…at least not in its past weekly form.

But an email from a Twinkle got me thinking about it again, and I thought that I would modify it a bit and post bulletin boards sporadically whenever the occasion calls for it…like today. 🙂 

So…the email asked if I would be open to publishing writings from other Twinkles “where we introduce ourselves, talk about what we’re watching, chat about our favourite drama, or just ramble on, share something we like, etc. I know some of the other Twinkles have their own blogs, but it’d be nice to have all of us getting to know one another on our ‘home community’ as it were. I was thinking it might reduce the pressure on you, as our ‘host’, to keep the posts going 8-).”

Honestly, I love the idea but am uncertain how many of you would be willing to participate, especially given the demands of Real Life. Plus, due to that pesky security issue from 2015, I’ve had to limit direct blogging access to Musings. *sigh* However, if some of you are willing, this would certainly allow our community to get to know other Twinkles much better as well as provide more content for our collective reading pleasure. 🙂

So…if some of you would love to share with us and don’t mind emailing me posts with pictures, then I definitely welcome the opportunity for more voices and sharing here within our Musings community! You can email me at twinkiedramas@gmail.com with your idea(s) and sample of your writing. 🙂

Until the next bulletin board post then–whenever that may be–take care, my dear Twinkles!

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2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Interested in Sharing?”

  1. I’m game 😎 Would it have to be in a Word document, or some other format? Can’t wait to ‘meet’ other Twinkles!

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