Bulletin Board: Feb. 1 – 7


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope you’re all staying as warm and healthy as you possibly can. 🙂 Let’s get started on this week’s announcements!

1. As many of you have already read, Mawiie, the Musings maknae, has graciously decided to host a Valentine’s Day giveaway. You can find out all the details here.

2. I have finally taken the plunge into the incredibly compelling world of Kill Me, Heal Me. I’m going to try to type up a “First Impressions” or “Mid-Series Report” sometime this week. All I’ll say for now is this: If you haven’t started watching it yet, I think you may want to start watching it…like NOW! 🙂 I liked it so much that I filmed a short video review about it, which I hope will get uploaded to YouTube sooner rather than later. *sigh* YouTube takes forever to upload, but I can’t really complain since the service is basically free, right? 😛

3. I am continuing to film and upload my Heart to Heart video reviews, so if you want to hear me chat about the series while you do dishes or check email, you know that there are video clips of me to keep you company. LOL. As I type this particular post, the review to episodes 5 and 6 is uploading. 🙂 If you end up watching it, I just want to warn you that I am apparently very disturbed by the whole doctor-dating-the-patient scenario. I happened to watch my Episode 5 portion during the editing process and realized just how long I talk about that. LOL. Dang…the things one learns from listening to oneself…In any case, I’m hoping to upload the review to episodes 7-8 (already filmed and awaiting upload once the eps. 5-6 finish) before Sunday on the YouTube channel. 🙂

4. Just a heads up on our second annual March 1 Movement Essay contest in case some of you wanted to start brainstorming/researching in advance. I’ll have the rules posted sometime this week in a separate post. In the meanwhile, you can check out last year’s winner (here).

5. Still no answer on Vi‘s question about an English-subtitled video to The Diary of a Resentful Woman…Anyone find it yet?

6. As this is the month of our dear beloved turtle’s birthday, I’m planning a little surprise for all you Mr. Turtle lovers sporadically throughout the entire month. Whuh? *blinks innocent eyes* Surely, you didn’t think that I would stop posting pictures of our Mr. Megawatt Smile Turtle after 2014…? 😉

7. If you’ve been wondering about the Seoul 2014 vlogs/blogs, I’m hoping to bring you the first of many sometime this week. 🙂

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all doing well and staying warm and healthy! Without further ado, I give you our dear Eye Candies as you look forward to another work/study week!


Lee Jin Wook sure likes to look scruffy, huh? But I can’t complain because he does the scruffy look so well. 😉


And in commemoration of my unexpected plunge into the Kill Me, Heal Me world, a little picture of our impish, incorrigible “Ms. Heo Sook Hee” who continues to confound her doctors in her repeated attempts at jailbreak hospitalbreak. Even her dark eyeliner underscores her zany impishness! 😉

I wish you all a glorious week, Twinkles!

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