Bulletin Board: December 2 – December 8

OK, so the “definites” didn’t really happen as I had planned. LOL. Let’s just blame it on the Internet problems I’m currently having; seriously, it’s such a pain to access the Internet right now. 😛 Hopefully, this week will be better. 🙂

Just a quick reminder about the three Christmas giveaways I’m holding. If there are any particular Korean snacks you would like to try, leave them as comments on the giveaway posts, and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

And as usual, of course, you are encouraged/welcomed to post questions, ravings, gushes, etc. 🙂 

Without further ado, I present this week’s schedule:

Definites: Movie Monday, The King of Dramas Ep. 5 and 6, Jeon Woo Chi Ep. 1 and 2, The Thursday 3, Musing for Today, Giveaway Winners post for the December/Christmas giveaways.

Hopefuls: The Thousandth Man Ep. 8 (finale), The King of Dramas Ep. 7 and 8, Jeon Woo Chi Ep. 3 and 4, Marathon Drama, Mystery Post

I wish you a happy Sunday and a fabulous rest of the week!

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10 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: December 2 – December 8”

  1. Hi, ST, are you done with your grading? Did your arm survive? One of my friends graded papers till she developed a frozen shoulder and had to ice it every half an hour!

    I am really enjoying the ‘King of Dramas’ recaps (thank you, and Jules), but it’s strange – i find myself enjoying the recaps i am reading more than watching the actual dramas. Lack of stamina! I think the amazing dramas i watched earlier this year tuckered me out 🙂

    I am curious – is anyone watching ‘May Queen’ and ‘The Horse Healer’? I am wondering how those two are doing story-wise and ratings-wise.

    1. Oh gosh, Im the same way nowadays xD Im dying to catch up to the King of Dramas but I’m trying not to read recaps until I watch the episode first or ill stop watching the drama 🙁

    2. Surviving but still swamped with grading. 🙁
      Thanks for asking! 🙂
      King of Dramas WILL be continued…even if it kills me. LOL. I miss my Kdramas!

  2. Yes, i have been watching May Queen since the beginning. I love it and i guess it was extended for another 6 episodes. Its doing very well in the ratings in Seoul and Nationwide 2nd place overall. Whats also doing great its the number one in ratings is Seoyoung, My daughter ist in Seoul and Nationwide from the start of the drama and its holding up until now. Whats good too is My Love Madame Butterfly sort of family story. Five Fingers ended last weekend but it has a disappointing ending. Those endings were the writer gives the viewer the options what kind of ending they would like. I like positive endings not ?????

  3. Do you usually do year end reviews ST? I was procrastinating on school work today and ended up writing down all of the dramas that I’ve seen this year, ordered them into a timeline, wrote my first thoughts about them in retrospective and boy, I’m so wordy that I could probably fill up 10 pages on Microsoft Word LOL (no joke xD)

    1. Dang. You got some free time. Lol I don’t even remember half the dramas I’ve watched this year! Some stand out, and….some don’t, that’s why they are forgotten lol

      But a year end review is a good idea! 😀 I like it. You should upload your timeline to the FB page so I can read ittttt 😉

        1. Hi, Mawiie!
          Email me and attach your year-end drama review file for my perusal if you don’t mind. I’d love to have you contribute to the website by writing a year-end post since the chances of my doing one are unknown. LOL

          1. wow! This would be a great honor! Do you have a deadline though? I doubt that I’ll finish it anytime soon 😛

    2. 🙂 It really depends on whether I have time. Most years I don’t, so the extent of my year-end review is when I reflect on the major events of my life…Kdramas fall to the back burner, but who knows if I’ll get to do one this year since I’ll be going to visit my little niece for two weeks. 🙂

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