Bulletin Board: Dec. 7 – 13


Hi, Twinkles!

Happy first Sunday of December! Has anyone started an official countdown yet? Hmmm…I guess I can start one…or NOT! 🙂 I’m still in finals mode, so fun things like countdowns will have to wait until next week. 😉

Seriously though, I can’t believe we’re in the last month of 2014. Wasn’t it just the other day when the three other bloggers and I were scrambling to post our year-end reviews? Where has all the time gone? Truly! *shakes head in confusion*

Time seems to speed up, especially for me with students clamoring for their essay grades, but there’s always time for some announcements, right? 😉

1. Travelogues will happen…probably starting Thursday. I’m hoping to start with video clips and pics of fun foods and such, so stay tuned!:)

2. The December/Christmas giveaways are underway and will end on December 10, 2014 (11:59PM California time). If you’re interested in a chance to win a So Ji Sub 2015-2016 desktop calendar or a Lee Jun Ki little notebook, enter!

3. The third and last Christmas giveaway will start today, so keep your eyes peeled for it! I think some of you might like it…I think. 😉

3. My coverage of Kpop Star Season 4 probably won’t start until the contestants have been selected and actually start competing. Hopefully, I’ll have a few weeks to ready myself for the onslaught of blogging that’s going to happen during my winter break. lol

4. I thought about waiting to share this news with you all, but I’m just so darn excited that I’m going to blurt it out now rather than wait until later: One of my favorite actresses, Choi Kang Hee, is returning to the small screen in a series called Heart to Heart in January 2015! Below is tvN’s teaser to the series:

5. During the many months away from vlogging on YouTube, I’ve had some time to consider and reconsider–time and time again, in fact–just how I feel about my past foray into the world of YouTube vlogging. I don’t know about you all, but when I watch myself on video, I experience distinctly cringe-worthy moments of mortification, especially as I’ve said and done some silly things…for all and sundry to see! (Mawiie knows what I’m talking about with my video recaps of The Master’s Sun last year.) There’s a part of me that’s still waiting for one of my college students to find me on YouTube and do a double-take. LOL. In any case, my recent visit to my grandmother (age 95) who now resides in Korea made me realize that I need to finish my Road No. 1 vlogging project in honor of her and my other grandparents who are now no longer with me. I hope that some of you will join me on this labor of love in 2015.

6. As the year draws rapidly to a close–about 4 weeks left (yes, I’m counting down, even though I said earlier that I wouldn’t LOL)–I’m slowly narrowing down candidates for my weekly bulletin board pics for 2015. So far, I’m leaning towards Lee Jin Wook and Kim Seul Gi, although there are a great number of celebrities who would be equally ideal for the weekly honor. lol Any thoughts or suggestions before I make my final decision on Dec. 31st?

I think that’s all for this post. I’ve got a slew of grading to do…unfortunately. 🙁 These are the times when I just want to say, “Phooey!” and curl up on my couch with my laptop and a hot cup of coffee/tea and just marathon Kdrama after Kdrama. Anyone else like this around this time of the year? I’m sure students anticipating their finals–if they are reading this on their study break–are probably with me, right?

In any case, as is our custom, I leave you with a lovely picture of our dear turtle, Lee Sang Woo! Happy Winter, Twinkles!

LSW 27

I wish you all a glorious week! Stay warm and healthy, everyone~!


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  1. I so love LSW with glasses. I cannot wait to read about your trip. 95 years – wow! I bet she is adorable are there any photos? I would love nothing more than to curl up and marathon drama after drama but this time of year I have two beauttiful girls that deserve to go out and have fun with all the holiday has to offer. Tofay we will be making gingerbread people and a gingerbread house. Hope you have a lovely week Grace.

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