Bulletin Board: August 2, 2015


Happy Sunday, Twinkles!

This summer’s definitely been an interesting one, huh? I usually revive and post a number of fun corners like “Romps in PseudoKorea,” but Real Life waylaid me this year from indulging in my annual summer blogging festivities. *sigh* Ah well, at least we’re still together to enjoy the end of the summer, right? 😉

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some announcements in our little Kdramaland niche…

1. I finally got around to selecting the winners to the July-Birthday giveaway. You can take a look at the winners here and their comments here. Hopefully, you enjoyed the giveaway as much as I enjoyed hosting it. 🙂

2. My filming plans for the little corner called “Tea Time” is still on my list of to-do, so stay tuned!

3. On the horizon are a slew of fun shows for us to watch. The big question on my mind? “How will I be able to fit them all into my viewing schedule?” Whuh? Don’t tell me that you weren’t asking yourself this very question as you’ve been inundated with news of upcoming shows? 😉

First on my radar is Let’s Eat with My Friend, a tvN variety show set to air this August 5, 2015, with main stars Seo Hyun Jin and Yoon Doo Joon from Let’s Eat Season 2 pairing together to travel and eat with four other friends. Since I enjoyed the second helping of the Let’s Eat franchise, I’m game for a third helping, albeit in variety format. 🙂

You can check out the preview below, compliments of tvN via YouTube:

Second on my radar is Joo Won‘s latest series–and a highly anticipated one at that–called Yong Pal, a medical thriller that pairs our South Korean golden boy with veteran Kim Tae Hee. It’s a Wednesday-Thursday show, set to air this August 5, 2015, on SBS. It replaces Mask, which aired its final two episodes this past week.

You can check out the long highlight clip below, compliments of SBSNOW via YouTube:

Hmmm…I think Joo Won’s going to win over more hearts in this latest project of his if the preview is an accurate glimpse of the series. 🙂

3. For all you Lee Sang Woo fans, I hope you’re ready to block out a hefty part of your weekends again! Starting August 15, 2015, he and co-star Eugene will be returning to the small screen with another family drama (Saturday-Sunday) titled All about My Mom. The number of episodes hasn’t been disclosed yet–at least, not to my knowledge–but my suspicion is that we’re looking at about 50 episodes. *takes deep breath before committing to another “long” journey* Who’s planning on going on this adventure with me? *anticipates numerous hands in the air* 😉 You can be sure that I’ll be updating you as soon as I see the preview for the series. 🙂

4. In the meanwhile, I’ve added a few dramas to my must-watch list: High Society, Oh My Ghost, and What Happens to My Family. I’m hoping to blog about them in some form or another, so stay tuned!

5. Please don’t hesitate to send me suggestions for future blog posts–songs, pictures, etc. I appreciate any feedback and suggestions you give. After all, this is as much a fun romping place for you as it is for me, right? 😉

That’s all for this week’s bulletin announcements…Here’s our weekly dose of eye candies to launch us into another week:

LJW 20

Anyone else find his eye/smile wrinkles charming? 🙂

KSG 19

And for those of you dreading Mondays–and I know some of you do!–may Kim Seul Gi’s “Fighting!” picture pump you up for another week of school/work. 🙂

On this energized note, I wish you all a glorious week, Twinkles~! *Fighting!*

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