Bulletin Board: April 29 – May 5

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post.

In addition, I have a few announcements of my own:

1. I wanted to announce the start of my May giveaway this week, so be on the lookout for that. It will start May 1st and end May 7th. AND…because May is the month of celebrating our mothers–at least it is here in the United States whereas in Korea, May is a celebration of both fathers and mothers–I thought I’d make the May giveaway just a little bit–OK, perhaps a lot–special, so I hope you’ll comment for a chance to win on that post once it gets uploaded on May 1st at midnight.

2. As for the Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts recaps, I do plan on continuing in my recap of those shows, even though I’m now two weeks behind. I’m hoping to just take one or two days and do a mini-marathon-catch-up-drama-watching day. LOL.

3. Standby recaps will definitely continue…just give me time to eek them out. 🙂

That’s all the announcements from me. I wish you all a great week with lots of “twinklings”! 😉

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17 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: April 29 – May 5”

  1. Hi Twinkie

    Just had to share, I just marathoned Don’t Hesitate – my first morning drama, all 96 episodes over the weekend, had to stop at 96 even though I was just 2 episodes away to the ending, my eyes just couldn’t stay open and had a 3 hours sleep only before heading in to work!
    Well, for a morning drama, I liked it though my sis says its just mild compared to other morning dramas. Apparently I’m told morning dramas tend to have more angst, birth secrets and plenty of plots that makes your blood pressure rise
    Haha might go scout for a few more morning dramas to try out
    I came across Loving you a thousand times, storyline seems interesting so might check it out.
    Oh by the way I watched Don’t hesitste bcos of Lee Sang Woo!
    Will be catching him in Feast of the Gods too
    Nope, I haven’t started on Rooftop yet:)

    1. Wow~that is, indeed, a marathon. =O.o= I may be joining you in crazy kdrama-marathon land soon in order to catch up on Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts.
      Speaking of marathon dramas, I need to post a marathon drama soon, huh?

        1. No. Unfortunately, I could only watch one drama and opted to watch something lighter, but I hear that one was a good one. 🙂

    2. Ohhh, you watched DH? I did marathon the drama, but couldnt remember when i did that. LOL, to be honest that was the first drama that i got to know LSW. He is, heheheh, hot, hot (trust this ahjuhma) Anyway, after that i tried to watch others that had him in such as First Housewife Club, The Road Home and of course Thousand Promises.( You have to excuse me if i got the title wrong 🙂 ) But it is a pity that he always got 2nd lead role. If you happen to know any other title please let us share.
      Loving you a thousand Time? It is playing right now in my country, but as i watched it earlier, i opt for a different drama. Hope you enjoy it.

      1. Hi Wanzhaf,
        The Road Home was not a good drama for LSW, try Life Is Beautiful, he acts as a gay couple with Son Chang Ui and I love this drama, so much about life, so true.

        His latest drama, now showing is Feast of the Gods and I think he’s the lead here, lol
        Well I have downloaded the drama up to ep 24, and read the recaps but apparently noone knows which guy is the lead, lol he’s acting with Joo Sang Wook so the main male lead seems to be going back and forth
        Yes, I gave up the idea of watching Loving you a thousand times and started on Smile, You instead
        Decided not to go for melo and went for comedy, nice
        Which part of the world are you at?

  2. So YAY I was able to find Haunters and I just love me some Kang Dong Won, he is amazing!!!

    And I wish I could watch Standby during the day but for now the recaps are enough, so keep it coming!!!

  3. Ok I’m dead, sneaked a peak while downloading Rooftop Prince and now I want that pendant Yoochun is wearing!
    So anyone knows where I can get it??

  4. Just in case you are wondering what’s been happening with the recaps…got swamped but am planning on “revising” my recapping strategy to accommodate recaps of Standby (ep. 10 is almost done) and Rooftop Prince (ep. 14 will upload tonight in the newly “revised” format). I’m hoping to get The King 2 Hearts episodes recapped using the new format soon, too!
    Thanks for all your patience!

  5. Hello my Twinklings ( lol I thought of Dr. Evil when typing that)

    So I was able yo find Queen In Hyun’s Man, thank you IOnTV.
    Tis show is so awesome that I need more people to watch it and then blog about it.
    It is my duty as a fellow Kdrama addict to inform all other addicts about the newest and latest Kdrama drugs as well as treasure finds.

    K thats it.
    Have a great workday!!!


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