Bulletin Board: April 27 – May 3


Hi, Twinkles!

I hope you’ve been well since the last bulletin board post. I don’t know about you, but this week was a packed and exhausting one for me. 😛

Thankfully, the weekend has helped to recharge me quite a bit. In particular, a certain drama that just started yesterday is responsible for a good share of the endorphins that are coursing through me right now. *hums happily*

First, let’s just get the gushing out of the way.

Glorious Day

I. LOVE. GLORIOUS DAY. ALREADY. *blows noisemaker*

*exhales deeply*

There, I’ve gotten that out of my system. And I think it’s only fair to warn you that you’ll probably read a lot of random fangirling interspersed in the Glorious Day recaps. 😉

This brings me to my second announcement which is closely associated with my first: I have officially changed my Eye Candy.

I know. *hangs head* Some of you are going to tell me that I can have more than one eye candy, but as I explained to some of you before, I can only have one eye candy at a time. Something about loyalty or something. I dunno. *shrugs*

In any case, you may be interested to know that Lee Sang Woo has officially replaced So Ji Sub as my eye candy. *chuckles* I can hear some of you mock-gasping in mock-shock while others of you applaud this decision with a “It’s about time!” comment. LOL Now, don’t confuse So Ji Sub with his portrayal of Lee Jang Woo from Road No. 1. That character is still my all-time number one favorite male character, followed closely by Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice. 🙂 

And…I’m just now noticing the similarity in the two names: Lee Sang Woo and Lee Jang Woo. LOL

Anyhow…enough talk of eye candies. This week starts the beginning of May and with it comes a brand new giveaway. I have a special post prepared for the giveaway since May is the month that Korea celebrates Children’s Day (May 5th) and Parents’ Day (May 8th), so I hope you’ll take a look at the post–even if you decide not to participate–because I’m hoping that many of you will find the post meaningful. And unlike the United States, which celebrates mothers and fathers on separate days, Korea celebrates both parents on the same day, so I’m trying to make sure to prepare a gender-neutral giveaway. 🙂 Personally, I think this Parents’ Day may be in part due to the community-based philosophy that is so pervasive in Korean culture still.

Also, I know that this site has been a bit lagging in content recently due to the bloggers’ Real Life obligations. However, I want to thank you for continuing to support this site with views…even when there are no new posts for several days at a time. I certainly appreciate the readership of this community and hope that you’ll visit/revisit some of the older posts until things start to pick back up again on this site. Unfortunately, Real Life can be quite demanding, but its needs must be met first. 🙁

For now, I’m hoping to recap Glorious Day regularly as well as finish up the unfinished Korea and Mawiie’s LA trip posts. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about my 2014 Labor of Love recapping project. 😉 Just hang in there with me. They will get done. Someday…within 2014. 😉

And who knows? The other bloggers may decide to jump in here with new corners and/or recaps of their own… 🙂

So from me to you, I wish you all a very relaxing and blessed Sunday as you start another week. Take care, Twinkles!

Oh, and just because I thought you should all see a picture of my new Eye Candy…thanks for humoring me!  😉

Glorious Day 1.17

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15 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: April 27 – May 3”

  1. Yay, I’m glad you’ve found a drama that you love – I’m still waiting for the new batch to air, in the hopes that something will catch my interest (something has to, right? right?!).


      1. Ugh! Thank you for the correction. 🙂 I can’t believe that I wrote Fitzgerald…and Darcy is supposed to be one of my favorite characters. *Sigh* Can I blame brain discomboblulation? Or at least my recent discussion of F. Scott Fitzgerald with a student? 😉

        *runs off to make correction*

  2. Ahh I caught the first episode of Glorious Day, and I think it’s promising! 😀 So thank you thank you for deciding to recap it!

  3. Grace I completely support your love of Lee Sang Woo. I watched him in Life is Beautiful and I adored him. So happy to see that he is getting the love and recognition that he deserves. I hope the show continues to make you as happy as the beginning has. I have been taking a wait and see approach with many shows lately because I have been burned by the ending of too many this year. So I will hold off watching GD but I will follow your posts and if they continue to be as glowing as the last two maybe I will take the plunge.

    1. LOL. I think that there must be a number of us Lee Sang Woo supporters out here. 🙂 I just came back from church where I learned that my little hoobae absolutely adores Lee Sang Woo. This totally made me laugh because my minions are already saying she and I have way too many things in common; now, we share the same eye candy. LOL

      I’ll try to continue to post and look forward to the day that you start watching the series…assuming it stays true to my hopes. 😉

  4. Grace!! I have an essay that I was wondering you could look at? It’s 11:10 AM right now and it’s due 2:44 PM today. I was trying to get my English teacher to look it over, but she never replied to my email >.> are you available? Please get back to me A.S.A.P.

    It’s okay if you don’t see this in time though lol so don’t feel bad

    1. Uh-oh. Just saw this…I can do a cursory check of your essay if that’s what you’re looking for. Send it to my email address.

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