Bulletin Board: April 22 – April 28

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. Hope you all have a great week!

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11 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: April 22 – April 28”

  1. Oh wow, am i the first? Hi ST, how was your weekend? I am a little bit bored today. Heheheh. Everyone is sleeping early today, so i am alone in front of my computer, after watching RTP ep 9 and 10 with eng sub.
    Just like to ask you: how do you go about distancing yourself emotionally when watching any kind of drama? I just cant, poor me. I will rant and complain and etc, etc so much so that my hubby will say, why dont you just dump the drama? or.., well, its the director’s order. One thing that i noticed: k-drama is so good at milking my tears. My kids will teased me: hey, it’s raining or look likes it flooding. Hehhehe? and i would dumbly say, oh is it? and run off somewhere.

    1. Hi Wanzhaf! =) I know you didn’t ask me but I wanted to comment on “how do you go about distancing yourself emotionally when watching any kind of drama?”: For me, I don’t. I enjoy when a show can pull at my emotions. That means it’s a great show (for me) to watch. My husband constantly picks on me as well but I ignore him, lol. He gets super excited over his stuff and I enjoy my stuff. I do feel sad that I don’t have anyone to talk to right at an awesome moment in a show. I will squeel and jump with my hands in the air and then feel sad because no one is around to share the moment. =)

    2. Good question…I just try not to get too emotionally involved. I hate crying while watching a movie or drama, so I try to avoid any of those that reduce me to tears. On a side note, I tend to not cry much, so…I can watch most dramas with only my eyes “glistening” with tears if it’s REALLY sad. LOL

    3. Hi Wanzhaf!, my daughters kid be mercilessly because I get so involved! My yelling at the TV moments involve Equator Man! My crying non-stop is King 2 Hearts! All the rest, I am pretty good at holding it in! Enjoy! Life is too short! Now that my cable is gone, I focus on dramas, dramas, dramas!

  2. Everyone here is an adult lol except for me…I am sixteen and I get this way too. This just comes to show that dramas can tug anyone’s heartstrings. Its a very beautiful thing, there really is no reason to be ashamed of this. I love when I can sympathize with characters ^.^ it leaves a bit of an empty feeling when the drama is over, because you finally realize how much your heart craved it.

  3. hello twinkles ^.^ next week im donating some blood, and i think i’ll ask for my blood type because apparently your blood type reveals your personality…so can anyone tell me these personalities? Please and thank you <3

    1. Not that I believe the blood-typing…but I will try to find a detailed breakdown of these personalities for you when I get a chance. Hope you are having a good week so far!

  4. I love music. So I have an idea. However your day is (or week) what song calms you or makes you feel like “THIS is the song that was about me this week”?

  5. Omg I feel like ive been away from my fellow Twinklings form far too long.
    Gosh I missed y’all.
    I’m trying to keep the spirit and the faith going while looking for a temp job, sheesh it’s so freaking hard nowadays. Oh well just two more months til Korea, can’t wait YAY!!!

    So I haven’t been watching King2Hearts latest episodes and I feel like a fake fangirl but I did read the recaps. I’ve been so absent, tear, but I will get better. I will reenter the addiction, I promise not to withdraw from my drug (it’s the best one to be hooked on).

    Hope everyone had a great and fabolous workweek and weekend!!!


    1. I was wondering about you since I had seen any comments from you recently. I’m glad to you that you are still with us. 🙂
      Can you remind me of how long you’ll be in Korea? I may be going to visit again in January 2013. 🙂
      Good luck with the job search!

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