Bulletin Board: April 15 – April 22

Here is this week’s bulletin board for any announcements, requests, questions, etc. that you just want to post. Hope you all have a great week!

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25 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: April 15 – April 22”

  1. Halfway done with K2H episode 7 recap. I will most likely have it uploaded by Sunday evening (PST). Thanks for your patience!

    1. *sits and waits patiently* =)

      I have waaaay too much time on my hands. Someone made a comment to me that they truly believe I don’t have the aptitude to learn a new language. That got me bummed out and I’ve not picked up my Hanguel books in awhile =( Is anyone else learning?

      1. Very newbie beginner here, I started at this blog:


        and the first problem I’m still working on is the order of sentences in Korean! I noticed this while watching dramas and reading subs, the word order seemed backward. (I mean compared to English – LOL) It also helps that she listed words that I recognize easily while watching. So for me right now I’m just working on recognizing certain words while I watch.

        1. Nice. I like the site =) I go to talktomeinkorean.com They help with sentence structure in the first lesson. I remember reading up on it and English is an SOV (Subject-object-verb) language while Korean is SVO (Subject-verb-object). So it can get confusing for me sometimes =(

          1. That’s been the biggest issue for me so far too, the word order! (LOL) But I get all excited when I actually understand words spoken in a drama and even MORE excited if I can put together a sentence. It’s been quite the challenge.
            Twinkie, that’s not my blog – it’s just one I started going to when she was recapping “Color of Woman”. You also work on written Korean? Yeeesh, I’m way behind.

          2. Since I’ve never been formally taught Korean, I try to learn whenever I can, but it’s difficult to be consistent in my studies when life happens. LOL

  2. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one struggling with Hangul, it’s even worst for me because FSU doesn’t offer Korean so it’s all self teaching.

    So I just took a long twenty-one hour ride down memory lane in the form of Secret Garden which is the show that totally turned me into a Kdrama addict.
    I know slots of people who just didn’t get this *amazing awesome great freaking funny romantic humorous and smexy* show but for me, it was and still is Magic.
    I totally didn’t watch it for the storyline since I didn’t know anything about it, I just wanted to watch something different and none of that US horse manure that people think is good programming ( I can’t even stomache more than half the shows on TV now, that’s why I don’t watch US anymore, overseas programming is so much better and original too).
    I watched it and will always watch it because of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, I mean good lawd their chemistry on that show had me thinking that they were a real couple which they so totally should be.
    I loved the acting, scenery ( can’t wait to visit some of those places) and some of the fashion cuz I wanted like almost everyone that Yoon Seul was wearing and some of Joo Won’s coats.
    I think that everyone should give this show a chance. Yes the storyline is half way crazy but that’s the beauty of Television, it’s not real so next time y’all weekly scheduled Kdrama programming is messed up by Kelections like mine was or some other real life situation, sit back and watch a funny romantic semi-insane show named Secret Garden.

    And I guess I’m glad in a small little way that K2H was postponed, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken this trip down memory lane.

    To all my Twinklings Have A Great Week!!!

    Saranghue ^.^

    1. Yeah, my college didn’t offer any Korean while I was a student there either. It’s only now that I’m no longer a student that I learn Wellesley offers Korean. Hmmm…better late than never, I guess. LOL

    1. Aw…In the immortal words of my youngest sister, typos are “naturelllll.” (Yeah, she tends to indulge quite a bit in neologisms. LOL) I make plenty of typos that somehow get pass my proofreading 😉

  3. I just wanted to pop in and say that K2H ep. 7 recap will probably get uploaded Monday night instead of Sunday as I had originally hoped. Sorry and thanks for your patience! I’m loving what I’ve seen so far but still about halfway through the ep. only. 🙁

  4. Hi, twinkie unnie. I miss you so muchie and all the other unnies here too. I have been busy dealing with some applications for college. And guess what at the same time, I was chosen to go for military service but the problem is it clashes with my college intake. Tsk tsk…. So I have been going around these few days, asking help for deferment letter to be sent to Ministry of Education and also ministry that in charge of military service.

    Sorry for reading my problem. But I am so happy today because I have received the package from you, twinkie unnie.dfhurhfguodhgoihgoihirrueyahdjahsfks I can’t stop smiling like a silly idiot. =) I replied your email regarding the package. I wrote more about the package in the email.


    1. So glad you like the prize. 🙂
      Wow, I didn’t know Malaysia has a military requirement. Best wishes on all f your college and military changes!

  5. Hey twinkles! I have to do a biography report on anyone from world history and I chose Korea’s Empress Myeongseong. If anyone can help me find info on her and some video clips (i heard there was a drama made in 2001) that would be much appreciated! I’m having a hard time finding reliable information >.<

    1. Annyeong, Wol. If I am not wrong, there’s quite a popular drama that related to Empress MyeongSeong. It’s called Dae Jang Geum(Jewel in the Palace). It’s a long drama, I watched only half of the drama. Hehe….

      Other twinkles here, please correct me if I am wrong.

      1. ” It is based on the true story of Jang-geum, the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty…” wrong woman 🙁 thanks anyways for taking some of your time to help me ^.^

        1. Wol, as the television dramatizations usually distort and fictionalize the lives of the historical figures, my suggestion would be to see if you can email some history professors in a few Korean universities like Seoul National, Yeonsei, or Ewha and ask for some help or advice. As a graduate student, I emailed some professors at other universities for help and was pleasantly surprised by how receptive and helpful they were. I’m sure some professors would be more than willing to help a non-Korean student who has dedicated herself to researching a Korean empress.
          Of course, this is all dependent on how much time you have. Good luck! I’m just not sure if there are reliable “scholarly” sources in English for you to use. Best wishes!

  6. I’m sorry for bothering you so much about this, but how do I type a formal email to a Korean professor? I’m sure there’s a cultural difference (naturally) and I don’t want to come off as rude >.<

    1. Oh my gosh I swear I am spamming you…I am so sorry, Twinkie, questions just keep popping up in my head. The report is an oral one and my teacher wants “visual” stuff and I was thinking of dressing up as the Empress and talk in first person. SO I need to make a hanbok, obviously. I’ve been searching around on how to do it but what I’m having trouble with are the details. Is anyone knowledgable on hanboks? And how to make one? I heard of a site called Folkwear but i dont know if they have that “royal” feel im going for…

      Once again, I am very very sorry for bothering you so much and abusing the bulletin board. lol

    2. A polite letter in which you introduce yourself and the assignment should suffice. There should be email addresses on any university website. Also, ask your teacher what type of sources you can use because you might be able to find some relevant information on the Internet either in English or in Korean by using google translate or a similar program. If the teacher is not limiting you to strictly scholarly sources, you might find good stuff on the Internet.
      You can also try reaching out to some professors here in the U.S. who teach Korean. Perhaps some of them might be willing to lend a hand after you do the initial research.
      I’m trying to think if there are some Korean groups around Ohio that may be able to help. Hmmm…..

  7. Just an update on the K2H recap. I’m going to try to work on that today (4/19). Thanks for your patience! Not to worry…I haven’t dropped the show. How can I when it’s just so well done?! 😉

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