Bubblegum: Long Highlights Trailer

Bubblegum (2015)

If the long highlights trailer is any indication of the true contents of tvN‘s upcoming new series, Bubblegum, I think the studio may have another little hit on its hands.

The trailer reveals a smooth blend of the quirky, romantic, dramatic, etc. that plays out nicely in large part due to the four principal actors. Wanna take a look? 😉 

Video: Compliments of tvN DRAMA via YouTube

The show begins its broadcast this coming Monday (October 26, 2015) in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday time slot. Let me know if you’re planning on going on this little adventure! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bubblegum: Long Highlights Trailer”

  1. Looks promising. I may just add this up to my Mon-Tue drama list. Thoroughly enjoying Six Flying Dragons & Dazzling/ Glamorous Temptation. One more won’t hurt!! ^ ^TvN has been very consistent w/ doing quality rom-coms, recent ones I watched being Oh My Ghostess & She Was Twenty on the Fri-Sat timeslot. I may even check out Reply 1988. 🙂

    And did I say I am loving She Was Pretty, Siwon is killing his role as goofy & dorky Kim Shin-hyuk. Sad it’s ending soon & Siwon is heading for military duty.

  2. Ohhhhhh, you’re liking Six Flying Dragons and Glamorous Temptation? You’re going to have to keep me updated on these shows since I can’t watch them…not unless I want to jeopardize my sanity in RL. lol.

    She Was Pretty is killing me softly. I just wanted to cry for the things that happened in 11. *sniffles*

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