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Hi everyone,
I’m almost done grading papers/posting finals grades for my students, but I’ll also be going out of town this weekend and won’t have access to the Internet until Sunday night.  Once I return, I’ll try to do the following:

1. Recap Secret Garden 11 and 12 by Monday…unless has already done so by the time I return
2. Upload photos to the last part of my Korea trip (Days 7-8)…Jeju Island! 😀

Stay warm, everyone! And thanks again for the kind comments…hope you’re all staying healthy, especially the students!  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Blog update”

  1. Miss twinkie, looking forward for your update, especially recap for ep 11 and 12. You havent seen skks 20? Even though there were so many complained about the rush ending, i am a afraid i am a sucker for happy ending, so i dont mind so much. And i am looking forward a happy ending for sg too. Heh, heh, my country is always warm :)You take care, too

  2. Hope you have a nice weekend. It's snowy and freezing cold in UK…. and YOO AH IN's in LONDON… Awwwwwh! too many exams plus too cold to go and looking for him.:((
    Thanks for recap, much appreciated. TAKE CARE & KEEP WARM XXX

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