Birthday wishes

This is a stealth post (sneaky, like a ninja!) to wish Snoopy’s Twinkie a Happy Birthday! *blows noisemaker*

Thank you, ST, for providing us all with this wonderful community, for feeding our kdrama addiction and for being pretty much awesome all-round. I hope you’re having a fantastic day! 😀


17 thoughts on “Birthday wishes”

  1. Stealth post, indeed! 🙂 I didn’t even notice this post until I checked the site a few minutes ago to see how the AGD Ep. 17 Nutshell had uploaded.

    Aw…thanks, Jules! You are definitely a blessing to not just me but also to this website. 🙂

    Thank you for all your birthday wishes! And happy birthday to my fellow July-birthday twinkles!

    This is, indeed, a wonderful birthday surprise/present! I am thankful to be part of such a loving community of women! 🙂

  2. Hi Snoopy Twinkie just wishing you a very happy, happy birthday!!!! Havent wrote any comments but always logging in to read your recapped and people’s comments. Thanks so much for all your hardwork. Take care!!!

    1. Merci! It was, indeed, a blessed birthday weekend. 🙂 My church kids completely surprised me with extravagant gifts that they had chipped in to buy and even invited kids from old times who were no longer at my church…definitely felt more than blessed.

    1. Thank you! And amen to another year! 😉 Wouldn’t it be fabulous if our little blogging community lasted the test of time and celebrated its 50th anniversary? LOL. Can you imagine me hunched over a computer typing at the age of close to 90? Hmmm…by then, we would have better technology, so who knows what the blogging world would look like. eh?

  3. Happy (Belated?) Birthday, Snoopy’s Twinkie! Thank you for all you do and I hope you have (had) a great day!

  4. This is so late 🙁 I’m sorry >.< Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day! Thank you for all your effort and kind words 🙂

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