Birthday Giveaway Challenge: Entry #5

Giveaway Challenge - Singapore

Woohoo~! You ready for the fifth entry to the inaugural Birthday Postcard Challenge? This one comes from shl who lives in Singapore and sent me two postcards, but for the purposes of the giveaway, I’ll be only sharing with you one. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂 It’s a special book-themed postcard pamphlet that was produced by the National Library Board in Singapore. 🙂

Now, she wrote that she just wanted to share a bit of Singpore and her love of books and doesn’t want to be included in the giveaway, but I thought that I’d still include her and then give her the option to regift the prize to someone of her choice if she ends up winning. 🙂

So…some of her favorite things besides watching Kdrama? She loves “reading, going for walks, baking, kissing and hugging my children, and surprising my friends…In the world of kdramas, I love ‘bad boys who need love or reform’ and ‘good boys next door’…Oh dear, what a conflict! I also love well-written stories over grandly romantic plots (I’m looking at you, Descendants of the Sun!)”

Awww…glad that you shared some of your favorite things with us, shl! And many thanks for the two postcards!

I have one last postcard to share with you tomorrow before I announce the winner, so stay tuned! 😉 The details of the original post can be found here.

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    1. Me, too…just as soon as I get around to picking/filming the winning selection. 😛 Can’t wait to notify the winner, whoever she will be…LOL

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