Birthday Giveaway Challenge: Entry #4

Giveaway Challenge - Sevilla

Woohoo~! We have our fourth entry to my inaugural Birthday Postcard Challenge! This one comes from Mawiie who was in Sevilla, Spain, during the time of the giveaway announcement and decided to send a postcard from there. Hee~! I don’t have a postcard from Sevilla in my collection, so this is quite the welcomed postcard! 🙂

Besides traveling and visiting with good friends, Mawiie’s favorite things are creating clay creations when she has some free time, fangirling over Lee Seung Gi and The King 2 Hearts, spending quality time with her little kitty, and tasting delicious cuisines from various cultures.

Many thanks for the postcard, Mawiie! I can’t wait to see what new “favorite” things I discover about you this upcoming year! 😉

Stay tuned for entries #5 and 6! 😉 The details of the original post can be found here. The winner will be announced on August 15th! 🙂

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