Best Love (aka The Greatest Love) Episodes 9 and 10

Episode 9:
Very quick recap (sorry I’m leaving out so many good details): Do Ko-Jin’s heart monitor breaks and causes him to think that he’s completely over Ae-Jung. This leads to a series of moments (Jin inviting her nephew over to his house, him trying to get Ae-Jung to sleep with him, him bringing her the bottle of wine that he previously gave to Director Peter J to finish what was “started” by the wine bottle, etc.) In the process, he learns from Jennie that Ae-Jung had gone to his house and fed his fish while he was away and that Pil-Joo cared so much for her that he bought a replacement pen to make her feel better…unlike Jin who’s only caused her grief. At this, Jin realizes Ae-Jung hadn’t lied, and hence, the misunderstanding is finally cleared up.
Suffering from the hangover (from the wine bottle she drank in one shot) Ae-Jung asks Jin to take her out to breakfast when he shows up at her place the next morning, right before her Couple Making shoot. They share a comfortable time together finally eating a meal without any interruptions or outbursts. Ae-Jung then arrives at the Couple Making Season 3 set with Jin (he gives her a ride) to make her decision to accept/reject Pil-Joo’s heart. However, Jin senses something’s off about his watch and heart and initiates a kiss, one that unsettles Ae-Jung but supposedly has no effect on Jin’s heart as indicated by a consistent pulse rate on his watch. As Ae-Jung finally accepts that Jin’s heart is no longer engaged and walks over to meet Pil-Joo, who’s waiting up on the bridge, Jin starts to manually count his pulse rate and realizes that his watch is malfunctioning; his pulse rate is up to 130!
Meanwhile, as Pil-Joo waits anxiously for Ae-Jung to show up (he doesn’t know what her answer will be), Saeri confesses her feelings for Pil-Joo and asks him to remember what his earlier reaction to Ae-Jung had been because that’s exactly how she feels–overwhelmed and angry. Shocked, Pil-Joo has no time to react to her startling news because Ae-Jung shows up and, despite a moment of pause, accepts his hand by stepping into the heart of flowers…just as Jin stumbles onto the scene and clutches his heart in pain, “Gu Ae-Jung, I hurt so much. I feel like I’m dying.”

Episode 10:

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