Best Love (aka The Greatest Love) Episodes 5 and 6

Episode 5:
Episode 6:

@8:44pm: I liked the “Cow” mustache better!  I think it’s going to take me a while to get used to the clean-shaven face…loving the snappy dialogue!

Thoughts on Episode 6: I loved episode 5 and found many worthwhile moments, but episode 6 left me a bit cold. I’m still liking the comedy but finding Ae-Jung’s bad luck starting to annoy me: Dok Go-Jin idiotically putting the pen in the fish food for Ae-Jung to find, Ae-Jung stupidly refilling the fish food so Dok Go-Jin thinks she hasn’t been to his house to feed his fish, Dok Go-Jin thinking that she lied and bought a replacement pen for Yoon Pil-Joo, her former manager telling her new boss his twisted version of how she caused the KBSN breakup, etc. Then there’s her bumbling brother who hurts more than helps her in her showbiz comeback/climb.
I hope my annoyance is temporary and disappears by episode 7 because part of episode 6 was spent yelling in exasperation at the show as one or another character proceeded to do something stupid…and…I really want to like this drama!
And is it just me or are some of you starting to feel sorry for Pil-Joo, too? He’s got so much more potential but is so far relegated to playing the “comforter”…I’d love to see him as her Knight in Shining Armor who saves her from distress but episode 6 is making me feel sorry for him rather than relieved that he’s come to her rescue.  🙁

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