Best Love (aka The Greatest Love) Episodes 15 and 16

As I officially started my summer schedule this week, I wanted to warn some of you who may be used to my posting links and recaps earlier in the day that I’m working a crazy summer schedule this year (12+ hours each day!) from 8AM – 11PM so my posts are hitting the web way later than I’d like.  Sorry…anyhow, without further ado, below are the links.  I personally won’t be able to watch the episodes until the weekend, but I hope you guys can enjoy them!  🙂

Episode 15:
Episode 16:

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2 thoughts on “Best Love (aka The Greatest Love) Episodes 15 and 16”

  1. I have to say, this drama had the BEST ending I’ve ever watched. I know there are others but being a new junkie, this is the one to watch! Cha Seung-Won is my favorite comedic actor (and the greatest bad guy ever in movies), loved him! I find I like Kong Hyo-Jin more than Yoon Eun-Hye as she has picked better roles (so far). This was a very entertaining drama. Look forward to more in the future with them in it.

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