Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 9

Oh my stinkin’ goodness! If I could, I would bottle this show up and carry it around with me. How can one little episode pack in so much? On multiple fronts, the episode furthers both the earthly and heavenly stories. Oh, and yeah, it takes time to develop the burgeoning love triangle. 😉 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! And yes, I admit it: I squealed a few fangirl squeals of delight while watching this episode tonight, albeit silently since the rest of the house had retired for the night. Heh…I’m just glad there weren’t any truly freaky scenes, or those squeals could have easily turned into blood-curdling screams of terror. Heh. That would have been interesting, waking up the entire house because I got scared over a Korean drama. LOL

Recap: *It’s already 2AM, but I still wanted to recap before I went to bed…so please be aware that I am sadly leaving a lot of delicious details like Arang’s awesome scolding of Lord Choi. I would encourage you to watch the episode, which is already subtitled in English. Yeah, there are some very dedicated Kdrama lovers out there who are devoting some serious effort into the subtitling/translating effort.  

Lord Choi reveals the truth about Eun Oh’s illegitimate birth to all and sundry, even adding in that Eun Oh’s mother is a slave and the daughter of a traitor. Arang, leaving for her first date with Joo Wal, quickly returns to defend Eun Oh, demanding to know what the big deal is; humans are all the same, especially when they die.

The two men square off as Eun Oh restrains Lord Choi’s hand from striking Arang for her impertinence while Joo Wal pulls her away from his father’s reach. Joo Wal asks for Eun Oh to release his father’s hand and allow them to return home.

At home, Joo Wal is preoccupied with remembrances of Arang as she boldly fought with his “father,” demanding to know what difference one’s birth makes. Aw…he’s moved by her words, especially since this means that she may love him even if she discovers his humble/low origins.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh retires to his room to soothe his raging emotions, and Arang waits outside. Unbeknownst to her, though, Eun Oh falls asleep in that sitting position. Unfortunately, Arang thinks that Eun Oh is still sulking and thinking. She wonders how long he’s going to be in his room, sulking. LOL

Determined to figure out Arang’s “identity” so that he can separate her from his master, Dol Swe contacts Bang Wool. But before she can do her “magic,” Bang Wool gets chased out of the magistrate’s residence by the Bang duo, and Dol Swe runs after them to protect his Bang Wool from the two bad Bangs. Aw…

Late that night, Eun Oh finally emerges from his room, surprised to find Arang waiting outside his room. To cheer him up, she invites him out for a walk through the flower lane, the very one that Joo Wal was going to take her to before she broke off the date to come defend Eun Oh.

And the two go off on their first date together…Aw…it’s their first date, and she asked him. 🙂

In a completely unexpected move, Arang tells Eun Oh that she’s seen these flowers a myriad of times, but she’s never seen them with him. Because he’s with her, she feels as though she’s seeing the flowers for the first time. Aw…Eun Oh backs away from Arang’s approach, afraid of this new development…until Arang asks for a peach. Pffft. She’s hungry and didn’t get anything to eat since he was sulking all day.

On their walk back home, Eun Oh tells Arang how he pitied his mother and hated the world…except for this one time that he lost control of his mind and raged at his mother. That was when he realized that he hated his mother and had hated her for a while. He’s now trying to find his mother because she disappeared because of him. Arang astutely asks if he shouldn’t be relieved that the person he hated has disappeared, but Eun Oh just walks away, muttering that he can’t hold a decent conversation with her.

On their way back, though, they are accosted by a group of villagers who demand some of Eun Oh’s money. These men were sent by Lord Choi to “teach” Eun Oh a lesson or two.

Telling Arang to go watch by a boulder while he dispenses with these men, Eun Oh proceeds to do exactly that, fighting six men all by himself.

He  even runs over to where Arang is to stop a man from potentially hurting Arang. He’s definitely good at fighting, especially with that fan of his.

When one of the Choi henchmen gets stabbed with a knife and dies, the evil reapers come to claim his soul…all the while, Moo Young watches the events unfold from his perch on top of a roof.

However, when Arang leaves her boulder to ask where the reapers are taking the soul–she senses that these are no ordinary reapers–the evil reapers turn on her.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh finally finishes his fight and then looks around desperately as he notices Arang’s disappearance. He yells for her, frantic with worry.

He arrives on the scene just in time to help Moo Young fend off the two evil reapers. Moo Young dispenses with one while Eun Oh takes care of the second, slashing the evil reaper with his fan. Whoa~His fan is a magic fan!

Grabbing Arang by the arms, he yells at her for not staying put as he told her. She corrects him and tells him that he only told her to move away from the fight and wait for him. Still trembling from the fright she gave him–he thought that he had lost her again–he tells her to not worry him…that he doesn’t want to be concerned about her…but she keeps making him concern himself with her and her welfare.

While Eun Oh deals with his tumultuous emotions, the soul-sucker laments the loss of her two souls, whose ceramic jars shattered when Moo Young and Eun Oh killed them.

Looking at a clouded mirror, she mutters to an absent Moo Young if he’s really planning on tracking her down and disrupting her plans. Oh no…why do I suspect that the soul-sucker is Moo Young’s sister, Moo Yeon?

Meanwhile, our little Arang and the magistrate return home, both of them obviously awkward with each other over what Eun Oh just revealed. Arang goes inside her room and tries to convince herself that she’s misread the whole situation. But she can’t help the fact that Eun Oh’s words have her thinking of him as a man. She covers her face in her blanket and tries to get forget his words. Heh…

When she wakes up the next morning, she’s surprised to see Eun Oh in his white clothes/pajamas. With dark bags under his eyes–obviously, he didn’t get much sleep–he tries to explain his words from last night, but Arang negates any need for explanations. She assumes–erroneously–that he was concerned for her welfare because of his mother. If something happens to her, he won’t be able to find his mother.

Accepting the excuse she’s provided him, Eun Oh then drags Arang to a secluded part of the residence for some lessons in self-defense. Oh dear…Despite Arang’s insistence that she knows all about defending herself–she’s had to since life as a ghost is all about survival–Eun Oh attempts to teach her what to do when a man approaches her and tries to hug her. Pffft. Is this a subtle way to hug her?

But before he can even properly hug her, Arang instinctively reacts and teaches Eun Oh a lesson or two. Heh.

Of course, our glutton-for-punishment magistrate tries a second time, this time simulating a situation in which a man approaches her from behind. However, when Arang turns around at the last moment to tell him that she already knows how to defend herself, Eun Oh ends up with his arms around her. Eun Oh’s pathetic attempts to teach Arang self-defense and his obvious reaction to her are observed by none other than his trusty servant, Dol Swe, who mutters that he’s completely embarrassed by his young master. LOL

At Lord Choi’s house, Choi sees Joo Wal and wonders why the booin (Korean word for “wife” but also for “madame”) hasn’t killed Joo Wal yet, especially since Choi tattled on Joo Wal earlier, telling the soul-sucker that Joo Wal is doing things behind her back like protecting Arang.

Joo Wal, on the other hand, can’t seem to get Arang out of his mind and approaches the soul-sucker while she’s in her room to ask her what exactly Arang is. He didn’t think such an immortal being was a possibility. She tells him to focus on just carrying out her commands and tells him to leave. With him gone, she utters that such a being wasn’t possible until “those two” (the two kings) created her. Flashing her evil eyes, she asks if they dare to now try to capture her. *shudder at her creepiness*

Eun Oh goes to see Arang but unexpectedly finds Joo Wal waiting for Arang in front of her room. When Joo Wal asks after Arang’s whereabouts, Eun Oh comments that Joo Wal seems to be taking an uncommonly high interest in her and that Joo Wal is breaking the code of proper etiquette by seeking Arang out so much, especially in front of her bedroom.

When Arang arrives, the two men turn to look at her…*SQUEALLLLLLLL* It’s happening! The triangle is now forming…

When Arang agrees to accompany Joo Wal on a date, against Eun Oh’s emphatic protests, she explains to Eun Oh that there are things that she wants to ask Joo Wal. What, you ask? Questions like why Joo Wal doesn’t seem that affected by the death of Lee Seo Rim. Did she mean so little to him?

Arang agrees to Joo Wal’s request for that walk along the flower lane and leaves before Eun Oh can properly stop them. However, when he finally regains his wits to follow after them, he’s stopped by a little boy who throws himself at Eun Oh’s mercy, begging Eun Oh to please, please, please save his father. He’s being held at Lord Choi’s house, and if the magistrate doesn’t help him, his father is sure to die with no one the wiser.

Eun Oh tells the little boy that he’s going to have to ask someone else for help and walks away. The episode ends with Eun Oh looking back at the crying, desperate boy.

Musings: Oh my stinkin’ goodness!!! Oh wait, I already said that. Well…it bears restating…again…and…again. Oh my stinkin’ goodness!!!! 

So many new developments: Eun Oh is falling for Arang in a noticeable way, Joo Wal is falling for Arang, we learn that the two kings definitely know the identity of the soul-sucker and aren’t telling Moo Young for a reason, Moo Young is secretly investigating things on his end WITHOUT informing the Great Jade Emperor, Eun Oh has a magical fan that can vanquish evil reapers, etc.

I would love to gush and rave over today’s episode, but it’s already past 3AM, and I need to sleep. Poor Bentley (my little Pomeranian)…he’s fallen asleep at my feet, waiting for me to finish blogging. So, without further ado, I’m going to bid you goodnight so that I can sleep and wake up tomorrow for episode 10, which promises to be an even greater episode if the preview can be believed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this recap. Thankfully, tonight’s recap didn’t turn out as badly as I feared, huh? OK, off to bed! Good night!

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  1. I was reading this in study hall and i had to stop myself from breathing so i wouldnt laugh at ur *squeal* lol

    Im so excited for this love triangle!! When Eun Oh was like “Dont go!” i was like *heart attack* hahaha and of course, Arang is her cute naive self xD definitely interesting to watch these two.

    I like Ju Wal but….rooting for Magistrate Eun Oh all the way! This has got to be the first time I DONT want to stab the third wheel’s eyes out….lol Ju Wal is so pitful, thats why 🙁 and Arang is a breath of fresh air to him, i think 🙂 they can be friends. Id like that lol

    As for Eun Oh’s fan…that was a definite plot twister. He can vanquish demons! I wonder where he got his fan….

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