Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 18 Preview

Since MBC was so kind as to provide us with a preview to tomorrow’s episode, I thought I would again post a brief recap of the preview. Enjoy! 

Episode 18 Preview Recap: As

1. Eun Oh sits in jail, taunted by Lord Choi, who tells him that Eun Oh can do nothing now…just like his mother before him.

2. Arang asks Joo Wal why he chooses to be in the company of such a creature.

3. Moo Yeon tells Joo Wal that Arang is not an easy girl.

4. Moo Yeon plaintively asks Moo Young for help.

5. Arang sits with Moo Yeon and asks what Eun Oh’s mother asked in exchange for allowing Moo Yeon possession. Moo Yeon responds by asking Arang what she needs/wants to allow her to enter her body. Would it be to protect the person she holds dearest to her?

That’s all for the preview! Until tomorrow then…have a blessed day, twinkles!

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