Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 17

Ack!!! It’s happened!!! The confession we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened!!! Heh…about time, Arang!

Today’s episode was a bit…interesting. It’s definitely not the same quality of writing that I’ve come to expect from this show, but it still packs enough punch for me to have enjoyed the past few hours watching and recapping. 🙂 Without further ado, I give you the recap to Episode 17. 

Recap: Episode 17 picks up with Arang’s flashback of how Lee Seo Rim died. As Moo Yeon reaches for Arang, Eun Oh stops her and demands the return of his mother. However, when he advances and tries to attack Moo Yeon’s spirit with Jade’s fan, he and Moo Yeon learn that Jade’s magical fan is of no use. 

Sensing victory, Moo Yeon asks Arang for her body. If she relinquishes her body to Moo Yeon, then Moo Yeon will return Eun Oh’s mother’s body to Eun Oh. When Eun Oh rejects the offer, demanding to know what kind of ludicrous offer this is, Moo Yeon grabs one of her metal hairpins and attempts to stab Eun Oh with it, causing waves of magic to float around the fan. Uh-oh, did she just nullify Jade’s magical fan? Commenting that Jade must be losing his touch, Moo Yeon continues in her attempt to stab Eun Oh, only Arang runs in front of Eun Oh to block the stab. Oh dear…I guess my prediction of Joo Wal and Seo Rim’s scene replaying itself with Eun Oh and Arang came true. Now, Jules, no commenting on my “clairvoyance.” LOL

As Arang slumps to the ground, Moo Yeon backs away with a gleeful laugh and tells Eun Oh to take good care of Arang while Arang recovers from the stab wound.

Unfortunately, when Eun Oh takes Arang back to her room to rest, Arang hesitatingly reveals the awful truth of Lee Seo Rim’s death to Eun Oh–that his mother killed Lee Seo Rim. Staggered by the news, Eun Oh stumbles to his room in agony, crying out why this is happening.

Meanwhile, Joo Wal is just as much tormented by the return of his memories, the memories that Moo Yeon had erased but are now tumbling into his consciousness. As he tries to grapple with the return of the numerous murders, his faithful servant comes and tells him that Moo Yeon is asking for him.

Dressed neatly and fully recovered, Arang enters Seo Rim’s old room and reflects on the new developments. She realizes that Eun Oh’s mother didn’t kill her on purpose and wonders if this is the full extent of her “truth.” However, she remembers that Jade had told her that when she discovers the truth of who killed her, he will ring the bell, indicating to her that she had discovered everything there was to learn. As she wonders if she was sent to learn about Eun Oh’s mother’s part in Seo Rim’s death, Eun Oh comes to see how she’s doing.

She replies that she’s well and asks how he’s doing. Eun Oh answers that it is, indeed, difficult to face her, given what his mother’s done to her. Arang stops him short and tells him there’s nothing to say. She’s decided that there must be something more to this truth. There’s no way that the Jade Emperor would allow her to learn the complete truth when they still have so much time left before the full moon. Eun Oh accepts her decision and confirms that Joo Wal was with his mother in Arang’s memory. He decides to investigate Joo Wal.

Hopping over the wall into the Choi’s estate–he’s surprised by the presence of guards all over the Choi estate–he searches Joo Wal’s room, discovering and taking Joo Wal’s picture of Arang in her guard outfit. Heh…jealous, Eun Oh? It’s so cute how he doesn’t even want to let Joo Wal have a picture of Arang, a picture that Joo Wal drew! In his search of the estate, Eun Oh discovers that Lord Choi is not only amassing a secret private army, but he’s also stockpiling weapons.

As Eun Oh continues his search of the weapons warehouse, he is discovered and wounded in a fight against the group of guards who come rushing into the shed. Although wounded, Eun Oh makes his escape without capture.

Meanwhile, Arang goes to see Bang Wool and fills her in on all the latest events. When Bang Wool can provide no answers, Arang suggests that Bang Wool contact her great-great-great-etc. grandmother, the one who had the greatest mystical powers in the family.

The two cutely call the great+grandmother and learn a few things. Arang learns that she’s already famous throughout the underworld as the ghost reincarnated into a human being and that when she goes to either heaven or hell, all of her memories will be lost. As for Bang Wool, she gets smacked hard on the face/ears and receives the gift of hearing spirits. Aw…her great+grandmother gave her the completeness of the gift; she can now see and hear. 🙂

The wise grandmother asks why Arang called her from the underworld, and Arang asks if there’s any possible way to separate a spirit from the body. The grandmother tells her there is one way: Find something that Eun Oh’s mother treasured greatly and when she tries to push Moo Yeon’s spirit out of the body, then Moo Yeon’s spirit can be killed using Jade’s knife. Having imparted that piece of information, the grandmother bids the two girls farewell.

Joo Wal visits Moo Yeon and asks her why his memories are returning. She tells him that it’s because her powers are weakening since she didn’t get her soul during the last leap moon. She tells him that unless he wants to live the rest of his live haunted by those nightmares, he needs to kill Eun Oh. Every time the mother sees Eun Oh, the mother’s spirit tries to push Moo Yeon out of the body, furthering weakening Moo Yeon. As it is, it takes tremendous strength to keep Eun Oh’s mother’s spirit suppressed. Bingo! We now know what the mother treasures most! Aw…now, if only Eun Oh knows this.

Meanwhile, Arang waits for Eun Oh to return and is shocked when he staggers into the magistrate, bleeding from his knife gash. Arang quickly goes to get some cloth with which to bind his wound and sees Jade’s fan. She puts it back in its place (for use in the future, perhaps?) and takes the cloths.

As she binds him, Eun Oh tells her that he’s so thankful to her for changing him into a caring person. In the past, he didn’t care about anyone other than himself. Arang tells him that it’s she who should be thankful. Relating to him what Bang Wool told her, Arang tells him–while fixing his clothes in much the same was as a wife would–that despite leaving him soon with painful memories and perhaps forgetting all about him once she leaves, she does love him. Dropping that bombshell on him, she bids him good night. LOL

It takes Eun Oh one second–I counted LOL–to regain his wits after hearing that bombshell and yank her back to face him.

He then tenderly kisses her. Hurray!

While our two lovebirds finally acknowledge their affections for each other, Joo Wal makes his decision.

Hurling the magical ring to the floor, shattering it to pieces, Joo Wal determines to do as Moo Yeon asked one last time. Once his memories of killing Arang are erased, Joo Wal resolves to do whatever he wishes from then on. Uh-Oh.

The next morning, Arang goes to see Eun Oh and tells him the news of how to separate his mother from Moo Yeon. After a cute scene in which Arang is a bit shy around Eun Oh, the two decide their course of investigation: Arang to ask Joo Wal of his involvement with Moo Yeon and Eun Oh’s mother and Eun Oh to capture the mother/Moo Yeon.

Eun Oh tells Dol Swe about his mother and has him take the guards to capture his “mother” before she can escape. Unfortunately, by the time Dol Swe and his men get to the shed, Moo Yeon has vacated the premise. Of course! According to Dol Swe, the place “doesn’t even have a single living ant.” He reports the news to Eun Oh.

So where is she? Being escorted into a deserted cave by Joo Wal, who promises to return shortly. As he leaves, Moo Yeon looks at his retreating back with malice and resentment. Oh dear. Joo Wal! Watch your back, please!

When he arrives at his home, he is surprised to find Arang there. She tells him that she was waiting for him because she wanted to ask him something: What is his involvement with the creature? Arang learns from Joo Wal that Moo Yeon is a heavenly maiden and that Moo Yeon can only enter a person’s body if the host is willing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what Eun Oh’s mother wanted in exchange for allow Moo Yeon possession of her body.

Meanwhile, Lord Choi learns that Eun Oh might have been searching his estate and schemes to break his criminal servant free from jail. Once free, the criminal returns to Choi and is sent into hiding until he’s needed.

The next morning, Eun Oh learns that not only has the criminal/murderer escaped, but Choi is forcefully taking a villager’s son into slavery.

As a villager finally gathers enough courage to help prevent the boy from being taken, Choi’s men overpower him and the mother and is only stopped when Eun Oh arrives with his men. Hurray! Eun Oh to the rescue. 🙂

After saving the boy, Eun Oh learns from the father that this kidnapping of the kids to pay off Lord Choi’s debt has been an ongoing occurrence while Lord Choi fumes that Eun Oh is interfering in his matters. However, Lord Choi comments that Eun Oh will soon be overwhelmed and out of his league with another worry. Uh-Oh.

As the two Bangs deal with the villagers, who are now coming forward with requests for help, they debate whether they should change their loyalties as Hyun Bang did. LOL. They decide to follow Arang nim’s (honorific form of addressing Arang) lead. Heh.

Meanwhile, Joo Wal learns that Arang is pursuing this matter regarding Moo Yeon because of Eun Oh and agrees to take Arang to see Moo Yeon. Uh-oh.

Unaware of all of this, Eun Oh officially gives Dol Swe a position. And who should Dol Swe go to see and share this news? Yup! Bang Wool! Only Bang Wool doesn’t really like the fact that Dol Swe has a position now. LOL. When she attempts to leave, like his master, he yanks Bang Wool to him and the two find themselves in an awkward embrace. Heh. Unfortunately, this moment is ruined when Bang Wool sees ghosts watching her. With her gift in full place, Bang Wool is tormented by the ghosts, only to be saved by Moo Young, Arang’s reaper, who was told by Underworld to go about his business collecting souls again. Underworld’s anger has now subsided.

Moo Young goes to see Eun Oh and tells him how to save his mother. Revealing to him that his younger sister is inside Eun Oh’s mother’s body, Moo Young tells him that they must join forces to save both of the women. However, when Eun Oh realizes that Moo Young means to sacrifice/use Arang, he rejects the idea and tells him to find another way.

Alone in her cave, Moo Yeon reflects back on her past life and how she had loved Moo Young but couldn’t fulfill her love for him. When she had met him in heaven again, she was happy…until she learned that he wouldn’t and couldn’t love her as a celestial being there as well. Her request for Moo Young to return with her to the earth went unheeded, and all that remains now of her is a creature consumed with hatred, spite, etc.

Joo Wal takes Arang to Moo Yeon’s hideaway, cautioning her to NOT listen to anything Moo Yeon has to say. Aw…this scene is so heart-wrenching to watch. Joo Wal doesn’t want to let Arang go inside. Arang has to literally pull her hand away from his.

As Arang slowly makes her way into the dark cave, Eun Oh is at his office about to be arrested.

Musings: Uh-oh. Talk about a cliffhanger! 

Just a few thoughts since I have to get ready for work now: Arang needs to communicate with Eun Oh more. Where are cell phones when you need them, right? *Exasperated sigh* Why, oh why, would that girl go seeking Moo Yeon on her own?! Especially when she was so useless the last time Moo Yeon tried to touch her?! It was only because Eun Oh was there that Arang wasn’t touched by that creature. Ugh~

As for Eun Oh’s arrest, I’m intrigued. I just hope this isn’t a plot device to carry us into the last three episodes. Otherwise, I will be sorely disappointed. Thus far, the series has done a solid job of keeping a steady pacing, rife with mysteries and reveals.

That’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed this recap!

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  1. Thank you for the fast recap! I’m so tense now, we’re nearing the end of this drama and most of the mysteries had been wrapped up.
    So Moo-yeon and Moo-yung are not physically blodd related.
    Moo-yeon wanted to be human coz she wants to continue loving Moo-yung.hmmm I didnt know that, I thought they come from the same mother and father. What a misery for her,I wonder if she has this immense human desire why did she ends up in heaven, she should have gone straight to hell. At least Arang accepts that she and Eun-ho are impossible to be together. oh wait… the great grand ++++ says memories will be erase once your in heavenmhow come moo-yeon still have this love feelings for moo-yung if she was already in heaven.

    I’n happy for bang-wol and dol-swe, i really hope they will have a happy ending together, perhaps a wedding, is that too much to ask! heheheh! then Eun-ho will become a grim reaper, best buddy of moo-yung, wow bromance!

    1. You are most welcome! And welcome to our community; I celebrate your first comment. 🙂
      As for the Moo Young and Moo Yeon question, they are, indeed, related, which is why Moo Young has never acted on his love for his sister…very sad.

  2. Twinkie!! *tears in eyes* more people are joining us!! I hope ur blog becomes very popular like dramabeans (i dont rlly go on there there anymore bc of you lol) or something 😀 hooray!

    Anyways, i fell asleep watching this epispde -_-;; so i stopped after…..the great grandmother scene. That was cute lol i havent watched the confession yet dang it!

    I swear the writer is talking to me o.o last comment, i was saying how if I was Eun Oh, Id swipe Moo Yeon and be done with it – but then this episode, he does just that and nothing happens haha xD its like theyre saying “In YER FACE, that aint gonna work!” to me -_- oh kdrama writers and ur cruel mocking….

    So Moo Yeon and Moo Young are related by blood….and hold incestuous feelings for each other?

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… o.o how did they get into heaven lol

    …..thats very tragic. So is Moo Young our tragic hero in here? Romeo and Juliet. Though Moo Yeon is crazy and i highly doubt shed kill herself since she tries so hard to survive. A twisted juliet and a tragic romeo 🙁

    As for Joo Wal – he still needs a hug. That poor guy. Wait until all of his memories come back, he’ll start having seizures or something D: that poor baby boy 🙁

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