Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 15

Hi, everyone! I wanted to post this recap before work, so I’m writing without very many pictures to speed up the process. I hope you enjoy! This was another great episode with lots of “reveals”! 

Recap: The episode picks up  from Moo Young and Eun Oh entering the secret lair and finding Moo Yeon there. When Moo Young tries to kill his sister, Eun Oh stops him and Moo Yeon learns that she is currently inhabiting Eun Oh’s mother’s body. 

As Eun Oh and Moo Young face off, Moo Yeon takes the opportunity to call forth her minions and makes her escape while the evil spirits keep Eun Oh and Moo Young busy. However, before she does, Moo Young attempts to kill her but finds that he can’t; she’s protected by something. (makes me wonder if Eun Oh will be the only one to vanquish her). In the struggle to protect his mother while Moo Young tries to kill her, Eun Oh’s mother’s spirit tries to surface and communicate with her son. Then Moo Yeon hurries out of the lair and runs into Joo Wal, who helps her get away.

Eun Oh runs after her but finds no trace of her. Moo Young finishes off the fight and then collects the rest of the souls in the ceramic jars before vanishing…just as Lord Choi comes in search of the soul-sucker. Stunned to see the underground lair, Choi rants and raves about what the soul-sucker must be up to, wondering when she had the time to build such an elaborate lair.

Meanwhile, Arang ponders what the evil spirit meant about wanting her body. She goes to see Eun Oh but finds his room empty. Undeterred, she enters his room to look for the fan, whose design she remembers seeing somewhere; she just can’t remember where. Instead of the fan, though, she discovers the hairpin and remembers that Eun Oh had told her the hairpin was given to him by his teacher.

As she contemplates the nature of the hairpin, Eun Oh stumbles into his room and tells her that he saw his mother. Without telling her anything else, he asks her to give him some privacy as he sorts out his thoughts. He slumps against the wall, his emotions in chaotic disarray.

Up in the celestial realm, Moo Young reports to Underworld, telling him that he tried to kill Moo Yeon but couldn’t. Underworld explains that as long as Moo Yeon is inhabiting a human body, Moo Young cannot kill her. The knife that Jade had given him was 1) to test his resolve to see if he would kill his sister and 2) to kill his sister’s soul once it leaves the body. Underworld elaborates that for this reason–since reapers can’t harm a living body–Jade had prepared Eun Oh. (Now Eun Oh’s training this makes sense. Eun Oh attacks from the living realm and Moo Young from the spiritual.)

Down on the earthly plane, Arang awakens to someone calling her and gets up to visit Seo Rim’s old room. There, she finds Seo Rim’s maid servant (in ghost form) and learns that Lord Choi had one of his men kill her and hide her body in the forest. Learning that Arang doesn’t remember much about being Seo Rim, the maid servant comments that perhaps it’s for the best since Seo Rim pined and suffered a great deal when the Choi family broke off the engagement. Completely shocked by this news, Arang promises to avenge her maid servant’s death and wishes her a safe journey to heaven, for her maid was a good woman. Before leaving, the maid gives Arang the identification wood (ancient Korea’s form of identification card) that she was able to snatch from Choi’s underling and tells Arang where she can find her body and the identification wood piece to implicate the murderer. The two women say their farewells, and Arang promises to avenge her and then follow her to heaven soon.

The next morning, Dol Swe trains the new recruits while the Bang trio complain about the noise and how they have nightmares of Dol Swe becoming the magistrate. LOL. Concerned for their futures, they debate whether to throw their lot in with Eun Oh, the new magistrate, or with Lord Choi.

Arang enters Eun Oh’s room and finds that he’s been slumped against his room wall all night long. She asks him what she meant when he said that “he met his mother.” Still having a difficult time processing the news, Eun Oh tells her that he’ll tell her everything later and walks away from her. As he walks away, Arang calls after him to take care; she’ll take care of her situation.

Lord Choi burns the health tonic/talisman that Moo Yeon gave him and drinks the cure. He then plans to get rid of Moo Yeon now that he’ll be cured of his illness. He reflects that thanks to her, he was able to advance in society and gain wealth, but it’s now time to part ways.

Hidden away still, Moo Yeon frantically plans to take care of this new situation with Eun Oh since she doesn’t know when Eun Oh’s mother’s spirit will appear again and try to regain the body.

Eun Oh arrives back at the secret lair, wondering what his mother was doing there, and runs into Lord Choi walking down the steps. Eun Oh demands to know where his mother is, and Choi denies knowing anything about Moo Yeon’s plans. He tells Eun Oh that he merely housed “that creature,” and Eun Oh-stunned by that moniker–realizes that his mother may not be his mother after all. He demands to know what Choi was doing, housing a person who can summon evil spirits. The two of them part ways having learned new things about each other and plan their next move.

On Choi’s agenda? To bury the underground lair completely and burn/level Moo Yeon’s house. He orders his servant to call the magistrate guards and tell them to protect his house.

Meanwhile, Joo Wal takes his leave of Moo Yeon, promising her that he’ll return. What he learned from her while helping her escape from Eun Oh is that she is not of this earth but instead used to be a heavenly maiden. Also, she’s using Eun Oh’s mother’s body.

Bang Wool wakes up from a nightmare and complains to her ancestors that they are quite unfair; she wants to be able to see spirits, too! And just like that, Bang Wool is able to see her mother’s ghost who tells her to give her some pork on her death’s anniversary. Arang arrives at that moment and congratulates Bang Wool on seeing ghosts now. The only problem is that Bang Wool can see but can’t hear now. LOL. Arang flips through Bang Wool’s book and discovers the symbol she was looking for. Bang Wool confirms that the sign is Jade’s sign.

After Arang leaves, Eun Oh comes to see Bang Wool and asks if a spirit can possess a body. Bang Wool comments that it must be one powerful spirit to do so and then researches Eun Oh’s question: Can a soul be trapped inside the body? Bang Wool replies yes and that the soul is in limbo, neither dead nor alive. When he asks if that spirit can reclaim the body, Bang Wool answers that it’s unlikely since her grandmother wrote it’s never been done. Yeah, but she didn’t have Jade’s power behind her. Let’s hope Eun Oh realizes this soon and takes heart.

Meanwhile, Joo Wal calls his trusted servant and asks him to secretly watch over a sick person. He’s the only person Joo Wal can trust with such a task. At this, the servant tells Joo Wal that he knows more about the family’s secrets than Joo Wal does and will do his best to protect his young master. Revealing that he remembers Joo Wal entering the house as the newly “adopted” young master, the servant then tells the story of how the woman used to inhabit a different body. Three years ago, a woman came desperately asking for work, and so she worked as a maid but was caught trying to poison Lord Choi. When she was about to be executed, Magistrate Lee stepped in and pardoned her. (Perhaps this was the reason behind the broken engagement) The next day, the servant was surprised to see the maid servant as that woman. And yes, the servant knows what Joo Wal does on every leap moon. Whoa~

What the servant didn’t know is that the maid servant is the new magistrate’s mother.

Walking through the streets of the village, Arang runs into Joo Wal and the two of them share a cup of tea. Arang politely and carefully tells Joo Wal that she can’t receive his heart. In return, Joo Wal asks her to promise him one thing: to never give up herself in order to obtain what she wants. She tells him not to worry since she’s very protective of herself. LOL. She then comments that he is a kind man and tells him that she has something for him.

What’s the “something”? Lee Seo Rim’s diary. Arang explains that although Joo Wal may not have thought anything of Seo Rim, his betrothed obviously loved him. Even though Arang can’t accept his heart, she wants him to know that someone else loved him. She comments that she’s glad he’s a good man.

Joo Wal walks away stunned by the news that Seo Rim loved him…so stunned that he walks right by Eun Oh without a word. Worried by Joo Wal’s presence there, Eun Oh seeks out Arang and asks her what Joo Wal was doing at their place. Arang explains that she gave him Seo Rim’s diary because she felt he needed to know her heart.

Talking quietly about how the moon seems to be toying with them, Eun Oh then rests his head on her shoulders and finally gets the rest that he needed. Arang comments to the sleeping Eun Oh that she had so much she wanted to tell him.

While the two share a quiet moment, Joo Wal reads the diary throughout the night.

The next morning, the new recruits rush to “protect” the Choi residence while Eun Oh renews his determination to investigate his mother’s whereabouts and Arang remembers where she last saw the hairpin–as Seo Rim watching Joo Wal go somewhere with Eun Oh’s mother. She wonders what Joo Wal was doing with Eun Oh’s mother.

On his investigation, Eun Oh learns that his mother did, in fact, go to Lord Choi’s house. He reprimands the villagers to report wrongdoings. How else is he able to right them if the villagers don’t tell him? Even if they are frightened of Lord Choi. If they come to him, Eun Oh promises to address their concerns. Returning to the magistrate, Eun Oh tells Dol Swe to contact his father; it seems as though his mother came to seek Lord Choi three years ago.

Arang goes to the bridge, the last place of her memory and runs into Joo Wal unexpectedly. He returns the diary to her, asking her to put it back in its original place since he can’t accept Seo Rim’s heart. At her question of whether Joo Wal isn’t curious as to how Seo Rim died, Joo Wal replies that he’s not, which is why he doesn’t deserve Seo Rim’s heart.

After Joo Wal leaves, Arang has another memory of her telling Eun Oh’s mother not to follow Joo Wal and then taking the hairpin from her. She’s left frozen on the bridge as she wonders why Joo Wal was there.

Musings: So many reveals!!!! No time for musings today, but I think the episode does a fabulous job of clearing up even more mysteries. Nicely told, show! I can’t wait for Episode 16…I’ll be posting a short preview of it soon. Hope you enjoyed the recap, albeit sans lots of pictures. 

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