Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 11

Now we’re talking! With one episode past the halfway mark, the show is boldly forging forward in the romance department…or is it? Heh. This show is definitely all about the push-and-pull as it coyly pulls us in with new developments and then pushes us back with others. I know you’re all anxious to read on, so I’ll stop musing and present you with the recap. Enjoy! I know I did! 😉 

Recap: The episode resumes with Arang and Eun Oh returning from their walk. When Arang asks if Eun Oh will be accompanying her to pick up her new hanbok, Eun Oh breezily tells her that going to the dressmaker’s with her once was enough. He doesn’t have the time to go with her again. 

As Eun Oh goes inside his room, Arang looks up at the moon and tells the two kings that they conned her out of an entire month. Two months is all they really gave her!

Up in the celestial sphere, those very two kings in question fish and debate the merits of form over bait. Jade asks if his form is fabulous while Underworld counters that it’s really the bait that counts. Their discussion, of course, is a thinly veiled discussion of using Arang as bait for our soul sucker. Jade then asks if Underworld will keep his promise to let Arang come up to heaven after her job is done. When Underworld asks if Jade is interested, Jade replies that he is naturally. After all, Arang is pretty. LOL

Meanwhile, our soul sucker figures out that Arang is the bait fashioned by the two kings…just for her. She laughs at their efforts, though, since 1) they can’t touch her as long as she inhabits a human body and 2) the only one who can vanquish her is Moo Young, and she seriously doubts that her dear brother will be able to kill her.

As if on cue, that older brother sneaks into Eun Oh’s room to investigate his suspicions. Using his magic, he locates the fan and examines the design. He then notices the hairpin and picks it up…just as Eun Oh grabs his hand, demanding to know what the grim reaper is doing in his room when Eun Oh is obviously alive and not headed for the afterlife any time soon.

The two fight for possession of the hairpin, taking the fight outside. Eun Oh actually had no choice since Moo Young thrust him out of his bedroom, right through his bedroom door. Aw, man…a perfectly fine door gone poof! Despite Moo Young’s prowess at fighting, Eun Oh matches him punch for punch. Before they are interrupted by Arang, who wakes up from the ruckus, Moo Young learns from Eun Oh that the hairpin was the last thing Arang touched as a human; she had it as a ghost when he met her. At this piece of information, Moo Young recalls that Arang had a hairpin in her hair when he tried to catch her the last time. Eun Oh asks him who or what was around Arang’s body when Moo Young went that first time to collect Lee Seo Rim’s soul, and Moo Young replies that there was no one and nothing near Lee Seo Rim before he poofs away.

Once back inside his now “open” bedroom (because he no longer has a door…love the camera angle of this scene), Eun Oh explains to Arang that his teacher (Arang’s “father”) gave him the fan, telling him that it has the power to vanquish ghosts. Interesting….

After Arang returns to her room, Eun Oh goes to sleep, clutching the hairpin, his only physical link to his mother. Meanwhile, Moo Young tries to process what he’s learned about the fan and the hairpin, still puzzled by who or what Kim Eun Oh is.

The next morning, Joo Wal receives a small pouch of money from one of his men, saying that the dressmaker dropped off his payment, saying that she simply couldn’t refuse a request from the magistrate. Aw…Eun Oh used his position to cancel Joo Wal’s order. Hmm…I know I should be appalled by his use–or in this case, abuse–of power, but this is too cute! His jealousy has him doing all sorts of crazy things. LOL.

Determined to get to the bottom of this whole mystery, Eun Oh realizes that the first and important place to continue his investigation is to start with Lee Seo Rim’s room, that according to the maid servant was everything to the young maiden.

Arang, on the other hand, gets up early in the morning to pick up her lovely little dress from the dressmaker’s. Unfortunately, in an awkward meeting, Arang runs right into Joo Wal as he comes out of the same dressmaker’s.

Searching through Seo Rim’s room, Eun Oh discovers her journal (aka diary) and flips through it.

Joo Wal and Arang relocate to a little tea shop–Joseon style, of course–and Joo Wal asks her what she wanted to ask him before. When Arang asks about his relationship with Lee Seo Rim, Joo Wal honestly tells her that he barely saw her. Their wedding night would have been the first time he would have really seen her. He then explains that the engagement was arranged by the fathers and that Seo Rim’s father was the one who initiated it, probably to enhance his family’s standing through the political and social liaison. Joo Wal dismisses Arang’s suggestion that perhaps Seo Rim asked her father for the engagement because she fell in love with Joo Wal. He asks why she should want to marry a man she barely saw, much less knew.

As Arang leaves, she wonders what this says about her reaction to Joo Wa and her for feeling this way. Is it all fake as Eun Oh suggests since ghosts don’t really have feelings? Bang Wool sees her walking by and decides to follow her.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh continues to read Seo Rim’s journal and something in the journal causes him some concern.

When he goes outside to see if Arang’s returned from her trip to the dressmaker’s, he’s rudely surprised by an arrow with a message…or shall I say ransom note?

Without a second thought for reinforcements or such, Eun Oh takes off for the designated location.

Meanwhile, Joo Wal continues to contemplate his next move and looks toward the path leading to the soul sucker/Moo Yeon’s place. Deciding against visiting her, he simply walks around his house while debating how to woo Arang when he overhears a servant muttering about getting rid of Eun Oh and Arang.

By the time Eun Oh arrives at the location, Arang is being held at knife point while Bang Wool cowers in the back, petrified with fear.

Eun Oh screams for them to take care with Arang and calls out for Arang. Arang urges him to fight hard and not worry about her (since she can come back to life), but Eun Oh refuses to let them kill her and instead suffers a series of beatings from Choi’s men. Aw…it’s so sweet that, although Eun Oh knows Arang’s immortal, he still doesn’t want her to suffer the pain and fear of death. 🙂

Luckily, Joo Wal arrives at the scene undetected and throws a knife at one of the men. Arang uses this diversion to bite the hand of her assailant. That’s all the opening Eun Oh needs as he quickly dispenses with Arang’s kidnappers. Then telling her and Bang Wool to escape while they can so that he can fight these ruffians, Eun Oh proceeds to do exactly that. Of course, when Arang tries to stay and help him, Eun Oh tells her to leave since she and Bang Wool will only be a hindrance to him.

And so the two women run away, only to be chased by a handful of Choi’s men. When they attempt to kill Bang Wool, Arang intercedes and suffers the fatal blow herself. Shocked, Bang Wool screams and draws both Eun Oh, who had just finished fighting, and Joo Wal, who is still lurking around the forest.

Eun Oh rushes to them, only to find Arang “dead.” However, when he examines her fatal neck wound, he discovers it healing.

Overcome with emotion that Arang is going to live–he knew this, of course, but knowing and seeing are two different things when the heart’s engaged–Eun Oh leans down and kisses her. Ack!!!

By this time, Joo Wal arrives at the scene as well and stands rooted in place at the sight before his eyes, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. Just what does he see?

His poor little eyes behold this: Eun Oh kissing Arang while Arang’s head is cradled on Bang Wool’s lap.

Arang quickly regains consciousness and weakly demands to know what Eun Oh is doing. He tells her that he was merely speeding up her recovering by giving her some of his breath. Uh-huh…sure, Eun Oh. That look of emotion on your face before you kissed her was the look of a person about to administer CPR. Arang vows that she’ll get back at him for this breech of manners once she’s better.

When they arrive back at Arang’s room, Bang Wool finally pieces together the truth. Eun Oh fills her in on the fact that Arang is a ghost who’s been given a human body and immortality, news that completely boggles Bang Wool’s mind.

Meanwhile up in the celestial realm, Moo Young finally gathers the courage to ask Jade if the soul sucker is his sister, Moo Yeon. Jade confirms it, and Moo Young asks why he wasn’t told of this earlier. Jade replies that he couldn’t trust how Moo Young would react since she’s his sister after all. Moo Young struggles to tell Jade that he’s not human…not anymore. However, Jade explains the import of what this means: Moo Young is the only one capable of killing the soul sucker, but will he be able to kill his own sister? That very fact is what Moo Yeon is counting on–that her brother won’t be able to kill her due to his sibling attachment.

Now fully aware of the situation, Moo Young stands stunned by the task set before him.

On the earthly plane, Arang wakes up from her sleep/recovering and asks after Eun Oh, who pretends that he’s all right…despite bruises and aches. Assured that he’s fine, Arang punches him in the stomach, telling him that she did tell him that she would get back at him when she was better. LOL

Meanwhile, our two little sidekicks meet each other as Bang Wool leaves Arang’s room, and Dol Swe invites her for a late night repast. There are some cute moments with the owner of the “diner” grumbling about people coming to eat so late at night, interrupting Dol Swe and Bang Wool at some very awkward moments. LOL. Seated together in the quiet of the night, Dol Swe finally asks Bang Wool THE question: What does she think of him? He starts to explain about her lips…but at the mention of her lips, Bang Wool shuts him up with a slice of pork and then follows that up with a slice of kimchi. Pffft. Dol Swe asks if this is a new seduction tactic and then cajoles Bang Wool into having a bite of the food, too. Aw…their first date.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh goes to visit the dressmaker late at night and brings Arang’s new hanboks to her just as Arang is lamenting the sad state of her only dress. Aw…he went to get her dresses after all.

Eun Oh waits outside for Arang to change and then simply stares at her, completely enchanted by the vision before him.

Neatly dressed with a little bit of makeup, Arang looks like a beautiful young maiden about to meet her suitor. Aw….And since she’s nicely dressed, she suggests that they go for an evening stroll. LOL. Why are these two always walking at night? 😉

They take a nice leisurely stroll talking about this and that–her lagging memory, Joo Wal, etc.–and then just when things seem interesting, Eun Oh tells her they should return home since it’s getting late before turning back, leaving Arang trailing after him.

Now with the proverbial cat out of the bag, Jade asks his brother (who is actually supposed to be his younger brother LOL) if he prompted Moo Young’s discovering. Underworld admits that he may have since he was so tired of seeing his chief reaper moping around so much. Jade may borrow Moo Young from time to time, but Moo Young’s under Underworld’s care. A bit miffed, Jade tells him that he’ll be peeved for a while and then tells Underworld that fate is quite an important thing…

Flashback to Eun Oh as that little boy, deathly ill and about to die. He crawls out of his room to ask his mother for a drink of water, but his weak pleas go unheeded. His mother has eyes and ears only for her vengeance. She stands outside her house and watches as that “villain” who killed her family rides by on horseback. And who should it be but our evil Lord Choi! This makes so much sense now; I’ll explain in the musings. As she follows Choi, Jade appears in human form and takes in the scene. Entering the house, he sees young Eun Oh at death’s doorstep and dismisses the reaper from collecting Eun Oh’s soul.

Jade then does something with his hands that instills Eun Oh with some magical powers…one of which is to see ghosts. Hmm…I wonder…my musings on this will be in the comments section as well.

Back in the present time, Eun Oh looks for his clothes and finds the black talisman from that fateful day. He recalls Dol Swe mentioning finding a black talisman on him that day and leaving it with his clothes. Arang comes to see him just then and tells him that she saw that exact symbol on one of the bamboo trees on Lord Choi’s estate.

The two go to see their resident shaman, Bang Wool, who examines it but has no clue what the symbol means. Eun Oh decides to investigate by sneaking into Lord Choi’s place and refuses to take Arang along since she may become a liability for him in his covert operation. He does, however, receive specific details from her on how to reach that bamboo tree.

As Eun Oh climbs over the wall into Choi’s property, Moo Yeon senses something brewing and enters her secret lair.

Finding everything exactly as Arang told him, Eun Oh locates the tree and matches the symbol on the tree to the symbol on the talisman. Exact match!

Unaware of the degree of danger he’s courting, Eun Oh follows the path up to Moo Yeon’s secret lair…just as Moo Yeon climbs back up the stairs and pauses before the door. With mere inches separating them and mere seconds before Eun Oh opens the door…

Joo Wal interrupts this suspenseful moment by asking what Eun Oh is doing uninvited here.

Musings: Whew~I thought I was going to die. After all, how will Eun Oh react when he comes face to face with his mother? More importantly, how will that evil soul-sucker react when she sees Eun Oh? If Eun Oh blurts out, “Mother!” will she use that to her advantage and do more dastardly things? Ugh…so many questions.

Although there were so many mysteries explained in this episode, I found myself still wanting more. *Exasperated sigh* I cannot wait for everything to come out in the open. And yes, I’m enjoying the ride, although I wouldn’t mind finding out how this series ends now so that I can really enjoy the drama that’s unfolding before us. LOL

Episode 11 reveals an aspect of Eun Oh’s mother and ultimately his father that I had wondered about but now know. The betrayer and murderer of Eun Oh’s maternal male relatives was Lord Choi, which is why his mother appeared in the village. My speculation that Eun Oh’s father may have been that villain is no longer valid…thank goodness! I really didn’t want Eun Oh’s father to be such an evil guy. My hope and suspicion is that the mom somehow realized that she needed to get rid of her vengeance if she ever hoped for a normal life with Eun Oh. While Choi is still alive, her revenge precludes her from even seeing Eun Oh properly. This also leads me to Eun Oh’s father, who must have loved Eun Oh’s mother in some form. After all, Eun Oh’s father was instrumental in ousting Lord Choi from his government seat and chasing him out of the capital. He also legitimizes Eun Oh, which is highly unusual for the aristocracy to do during those days.  

As for our beloved little Jade, I have to wonder if he is the “crazy teacher from the mountain” who still gives Dol Swe nightmares. Wouldn’t that just be fabulous? After all, Eun Oh received the magical fan from that teacher, a design that Moo Young recognizes, AND he learns how to fight spirits. However, logic tells me it probably isn’t; Jade’s too pretty to fit Dol Swe’s description. If anything, Underworld fits the description of the crazy teacher better. LOL. The other thing, though, is that Jade mentioned that young Eun Oh will remember him in the future. Hmmm…I wonder if Eun Oh has been part of Jade’s plan to capture Moo Yeon from waaaay back then. He’s shown us that he’s a king of patience and planning as evident with his loosening of Arang’s red bonds on her journey to the afterlife some three years ago. There’s nothing to say that he wouldn’t plan for Eun Oh to take part in this “Plan” and equipped him with some special gifts from age 6 onward. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how things turn out.

In the meanwhile, I’m heartbroken for Joo Wal. Although I know he’s the villain–albeit reluctant villain–who’s killed Arang once (perhaps Seo Rim, t00) and will kill her again if Moo Yeon has her way, my heart goes out to him. The shock of seeing Eun Oh kiss Arang definitely registered with our boy, and he’s now aware of his love for her. Aw…

Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I recently discovered the reason for Joo Wal’s panic around the leap moon: There is a lack of young pure souls in the village since he’s been leading the ones that he can find to the soul-sucker. That’s why he was at the brothel, hoping that perhaps there might be an innocent soul there. He didn’t know where to look for another maiden with a pure soul. If you’re wondering about Bang Wool, apparently she doesn’t count since she’s a shaman. Interesting, huh?

Anyhow, thanks for your patience while I finalized Ep.11’s recap. Depending on my schedule tonight, I may be able to do a “nutshell” of Ep. 12 and 13. Have a great day, twinkles!

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