Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 14

I couldn’t resist. Although I haven’t seen Ep. 12 or 13 (only three little scenes), I just had to watch Ep. 14, and oh my goodness! So many secrets reveals…yet again. I absolutely LOVED this episode. Not only do we learn more of our two men’s growing attachment for Arang, but we also learn the identity of Eun Oh’s mysterious teacher. Yup, my wild speculation that Jade taught Eun Oh is true. LOL. Read on, twinkles! Episode 14 is full of lovely surprises. 


The episode picks up from Episode 13 as Joo Wal asks Arang to go with him somewhere and Eun Oh refuses to let her go. His tersely tells Joo Wal to “get lost.” Then he drags her away from Joo Wal and then leaves her alone to continue his investigation. Aw…the music and the scene are so poignantly painful. Poor Eun Oh and Arang.

Later that night, Arang goes outside and talks with Eun Oh, telling him that it’s no use. They cannot be together. Eun Oh responds by telling her that this time is different; he won’t simply accept her answer as he did last time. As she turns to return home, he embraces her from behind and tells her that this is what he’ll do with the time remaining to them: He’ll see her as much as he wants, talk with her as much as he wants, etc. Arang slowly disengages herself from him and returns to her room, not wanting to leave him with just memories.

Early the next morning, Arang goes to the Choi estate to try to figure out what happened to those ghosts she asked to help her investigate. When Joo Wal sees her outside, he quickly takes her away from the house and away from Moo Yeon.

Atop one of the public gazebos, Joo Wal asks Arang if she’ll give him her heart. With her by his side, he may be able to live differently. Unfortunately for him, Arang declines his proposal. After all, she has no room for Joo Wal, especially after she’s refused Eun Oh. Walking back, Arang comments to herself that Seo Rim has no luck. She finally gets the man of her dreams to confess his love to her, but she is no longer able to accept that heart.

Meanwhile, Bang Wool searches through her entire possessions for that elusive book of spell to open the jar when she’s interrupted by Dol Swe who comes to visit. He tells her situation with Eun Oh and Arang, that Arang refuses to accept his master’s heart because she’s only been allowed 2 months on earth as a human. Dol Swe laments that a man’s first love is a mighty powerful thing. This time restriction is a surprise to Bang Wool but explains to her why Eun Oh mentioned they didn’t have much time.

Arang comes to visit Bang Wool, and Bang Wool advises Arang to take advantage of whatever time she and Eun Oh have left. Someone is always going to be left behind. Arang shouldn’t reject Eun Oh just because she only has a couple of months on this earth. Bang Wool tells her that leaving him memories so that he has no regrets will still give him the strength to carry on after Arang is gone. What Eun Oh won’t be able to live with is the regret that he did nothing, that he wasn’t able to love her the way he wished.

Meanwhile, Moo Yeon discovers the missing ceramic jar and calls Joo Wal. When Joo Wal comments that it might have had something to do with the new magistrate because of Lord Choi, Moo Yeon goes to see Lord Choi and demands to know what’s going on. Lord Choi tells her that he knows the secret of Arang, that she’s immortal.

Determined to recover her ceramic/soul, Moo Yeon summons her reapers and commands them to recover the jar quietly.

As the reapers search the magistrate grounds, Eun Oh awakens and looks in on Arang to make sure that she’s safe. Thankfully, Arang is safely asleep in her room.

Up in the celestial realm, Moo Young and Jade discuss the situation on earth, and Jade reaffirms how Moo Yeon must be stopped at all cost, and he trusts Eun Oh to do the job.

The next morning, Arang tries to leave her room and finds it stuck. She pushes with all her might and ends up pushing Eun Oh from the door. He had fallen asleep against her door in an attempt to keep her safe and to talk with her since she had been avoiding him all day yesterday.

The two discuss the current situation with them and the investigation. During this conversation, Eun Oh learns that Joo Wal confessed his feelings for Arang but that Arang refused Joo Wal’s affections as well. They then brainstorm to see if there might be some other person responsible besides Lord Choi and Joo Wal. They wonder if Choi is dabbling in black magic.

Determined to learn what he can about Choi, Eun Oh finds out from Lee Bang that only Lord Choi and his son live in the house. All of their servants leave after doing their duties at night.

His conversation with Lee Bang is interrupted by news that a number of villagers have answered the job call at the magistrate office. When Eun Oh sees the large crowd of men, he asked, “Just how many job announcements did you post around the village?” The stunned Bang replied that they only posted one. Aw…there’s such a lack of food and jobs in the village that the men all crowded into the magistrate for the opening.

When Lee Bang comments that all these men are pitiful and starved and can’t be of much use, Eun Oh casually tells them to feed the men well then. LOL

He addresses his new guards in a rousing pep talk, telling them that as long as they are faithful to their duties and guard the village against injustice, they and their families will be well taken care of, but as Eun Oh continues to tell them that Dol Swe will train them and such, the guards become distracted.

What’s the distraction? Arang. LOL.

Eun Oh yells at his men, “Don’t even look at that young lady! Think of her as a ghost!” LOL. Oh, Eun Oh…you are too adorable.

Meanwhile, Seo Rim’s old maid servant recognizes Arang coming out of the Magistrate’s office and is shocked at the resemblance. Later, when she’s called into Lord Choi’s house, Choi asks her if Arang and Seo Rim resemble each other. When the maid hesitates, Choi threatens her daughter and granddaughter’s welfare. She tells Choi that Arang does, indeed, resemble Seo Rim. Dismissing her, Choi has his servant accompany the maid servant and kill her quietly in the woods. *shivers* No one knows that the servant came to visit Choi, and no one knows that she’s dead now. Aw, man….

Choi reports his findings to Moo Yeon, who decides to keep Lord Choi alive for a while longer for his invaluable information. He discovered Arang’s mission. Moo Yeon then tells Joo Wal when she sees him that his services will no longer be needed now that Moo Yeon knows what Arang wants–to discover who killed Lee Seo Rim. This announcement leaves Joo Wal shocked since he’s no longer in the loop and in a position to protect Arang if needed.

Meanwhile, Bang Wool finally uncovers her great-great-great-etc grandmother’s book of spells and releases the soul within the jar.

Unfortunately, one of Moo Yeon’s reapers comes out of the jar and attempts to take Arang, demanding that she gives him her body. Oh dear, is Moo Yeon communicating via the reaper? Thankfully, Eun Oh finally gathers his wits and grabs his fan to vanquish the soul.

At this, Moo Yeon senses the loss as well as Eun Oh’s mom’s soul’s attempt to reclaim her body. Hurray! Eun Oh’s mom’s soul is still intact.

Arang and Eun Oh discuss the new developments, and Eun Oh tells her about his teacher.

One day, a man showed up and offered to teach him techniques to vanquish ghosts. At the conclusion of their training together, the teacher gave Eun Oh a magical fan and told him to only use it sparingly to fight ghosts when needed.

He then told him that there is no useless life on this earth. Aw…this is such a touching teacher-student/father-son moment.

The teacher also gives Eun Oh a magical hairpin (ah, so the pin belongs to Jade as well) when Eun Oh expresses a desire to gain his mother’s heart. The teacher tells Eun Oh that he’ll remember this moment when the time comes. When Eun Oh tries to convince the teacher to stay longer, the teacher tells him that he has much to do–take care of his goat, play “go,” take care of peaches, etc. Ha! I love that Jade is in disguise! 🙂 He tells Eun Oh to remember that all questions start with him.

Eun Oh ends his narrative by telling Arang that his mother disappeared the very next day after he gave her the hairpin. She goes outside to see if she can summon Moo Young but to no avail.

On the other side of the village, Moo Yeon discovers that someone has the power to open her secret lair and goes to see Choi, who hints that it may be the new magistrate.

Meanwhile, Eun Oh paces the grounds alone and waits for Moo Young to arrive.

In the cover of night, Eun Oh infiltrates the Choi’s estate once again and slashes the air before the bamboo writings. With one slash of the magical fan, the writings flash red and disappear. Eun Oh comments wryly that he should have done this before and then starts to wonder exactly who or what his teacher was.

Moo Young, too, arrives at the estate and starts to battle the reapers that Moo Yeon has released to carry out her nefarious mission. Eun Oh sees them and joins in the fight, vanquishing a reaper with his fan.

When they arrive at the entrance of the secret lair, Eun Oh dramatically whips his fan across, and the trap door slides open. As he again wonders at the identity of his teacher, Moo Young cautions him to speak respectfully; his teacher is the Great Jade Emperor himself, an announcement that has Eun Oh blustering with questions.

However, those questions disappear from his mind as he climbs down into the secret room and spies the villain…who looks remarkably like his mother. The episode ends with his stunned look and question, “Mother?”

Musings: This was such a wonderful episode to watch. I love that this series simply doesn’t believe in wasting a single episode. Each episode has been full of hints and secrets, and as we move towards the inevitable end, the show continues to unravel the various mysteries. 

It’s incredibly satisfying for me to know that Jade came down to earth to teach Eun Oh and provide him with some fatherly/teacherly advice. I’m just curious to see when Eun Oh is going to remember what he’s supposed to remember and make whatever connection he’s supposed to make. This episode marks the second time that Jade’s mentioned Eun Oh “remembering” him in the future. Definitely intriguing….

As for the love triangle, the progress there is just as definite as Joo Wal lays out his heart for Arang, and Eun Oh steps up his efforts to win Arang’s heart. Since she won’t budge, Eun Oh will simply wait until she relents. *Happy sigh* I can’t wait for the moment when Arang lays aside her reasons why they can’t be together and instead just makes the most of their remaining time. Bang Woo has it right when she said that in any relationship, someone will always be left behind. It’s just that in Arang’s and Eun Oh’s case, they know the time and the who. And who knows? Jade may grant them a boon for vanquishing Moo Yeon.

The biggest thing that I loved about this episode, though, is the confirmation that Eun Oh’s mother is still alive. Hurray!!!! There’s a good chance now that Eun Oh will be able to recover his mother…I hope. The tricky question is the how. I’m hoping that when they vanquish Moo Yeon–and they will–that only Moo Yeon is vanquished, not the mother. On a side note, it’s such an interesting commentary that such evil resides in such an outwardly beautiful woman.

Another reveal in this episode was the reasoning behind Moo Yeon’s descent into black magic. Apparently, she had wanted to become human and had elicited her brother’s help, but he had refused. So, she did the only “logical” thing and devised a way to ensure herself the humanity she so desperately longed for. Hmm…the irony that a celestial being wants to become human when many humans would love to be a celestial being is not lost on this twinkie. Heh. It appears that Moo Yeon had asked Jade to make her human, and he had refused. With Arang’s humanity restored, Moo Yeon is understandably upset that Jade refused her request only to grant it to Arang ‘s comment to Moo Young that Moo Yeon will become even more powerful and even more evil with Arang’s immortal body is quite a chilling reminder of what’s at stake. Moo Yeon must be vanquished. My only concern now is whether Moo Young will be able to 1) stand by as his younger sister is slain and 2) kill her if he needs to.

I hope you were equally enthralled with this episode as I was. I’m glad I skipped ahead to episode 14 today. Not only did I learn so many new answers to these mysteries, but I was able to provide those of you who have been keeping up with the show a nice little recap. 😉 Hope you enjoyed!

Now, back to watching episode 12 and 13. LOL. Good night!

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  1. Hahahha Twinkie, its just like you to skip episode 12 and 13 to fully recap this amazing episode xD

    I was so shocked at the ending! I cant wait till next week 😀 FINALLYYY almost all the secrets have been revealed. How many episodes does this have? Its already been 14 episodes, wow. This drama is going by so quickly for me (unlike Nice Guy, that drama seems to take FOREVER to wait for….forever. And the cliffhangers make me want to tear my hair out along with those wily previews! Grrrr melodrama through and through) is this drama 16? 20? 24? Oh my gosh im wondering how its all going to end, now that Eun Oh knows :O what will he do what will he do!!

    I cant wait 🙁 it needs to be Wednesday again.

    1. LOL. You know me well.
      Don’t you love how this show just keeps on moving and moving and moving?
      I believe the series is set for 20 episodes, so we’ll have 6 more episodes for the good guys to figure out a solution.
      My only dilemma is whether to nutshell ep. 12 and 13 or do full recaps. Ah…decisions, decisions. 😉

      1. I think, since you already skipped them, just nutshell them lol because its Monday and 2 more episodes are coming Wednesday and Thursday!

  2. Hee! I love that you skipped 12 and 13 because 14 looked so good – that’s exactly what I’d do. 😀

    I haven’t caught up with Arang yet (I haven’t had a computer for about two weeks, so I’m behind on so many of my shows), but I
    still read the recaps. Ah, bad Jules! *wrist slap*

    Thanks for the recap, ST!

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