Answer Me 1988 (aka Reply 1988): Trailers Galore

AM 1988

For the past week or so, tvN has been slowly releasing trailers of its third installment of the Answer Me (aka Reply) series that’s set to begin airing on November 6, 2015.

Although I found the first three trailers featuring Hyeri (of Girl’s Day) adorable, it wasn’t until I saw Ko Kyung Pyo‘s trailer that I was inspired to blog a post about the show. 🙂 In it, he flawlessly mimics the famed Lee Jong Won CF. I’m curious to see if you were equally stunned–in a good way–by the trailer.

Video trailers: Compliments of tvN DRAMA via YouTube

Hyeri’s Trailer #1: I almost choked laughing at the make-up application. LOL

Hyeri’s Trailer #2: Aw man! How could we ever forget those “forgettable” bangs from the 80s? LOL.

Hyeri’s Trailer #3: Ack~! The denim on denim fashion trend! LOL

Ko Kyung Pyo’s Trailer #4: Did the slow motion and back arch with flopping of the hair impress you as it did me? LOL. Yes, people parodied commercials even back then. 😉

So…who’s joining me on this adventure? You know what they say about the third time? 😉 However, in this case, I loved Answer Me 1994 very much and don’t need much encourage to convince me to give Answer Me 1988 a first impression’s viewing. Seriously, just having Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa back for the third series is enough to get me on board…LOVE those two!!!

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2 thoughts on “Answer Me 1988 (aka Reply 1988): Trailers Galore”

  1. Looking forward to seeing Reply 1988. Really enjoyed the first two, the first was my favorite however.

    Ko Kyung-po has such good [and I’m not sure if this is the right term] comedic timing. I’ve watched several of his dramas and must say I’ve really enjoyed his acting. Loved him in “Potato Star” and “Flower Boy Next Door”. Hard to believe he was born just five months before my daughter ~ feeling old right now, somewhere between Ajumoni and Halmeoni LOL!

    1. Your comment reminds me that I have yet to watch the first series. *resolves to watch during winter break*

      Ko Kyung Pyo is definitely one of those solid actors; I’m looking forward to seeing his new character in a few weeks! 🙂 So glad you’ll be watching this one as well! As for age, I say it’s just a number, and we make our own “age.” Heh. How else would we be able to justify our K-drama luxury. 😀 In Kdramaland, I’ll be forever the 18-year-old viewer who marathon the occasional series and still lives to tell about it…albeit with panda eyes. 😉

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