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OK, so those of you who know me by now are probably not surprised to see me back again with another post. *shrugs* Whuh? *blinks innocent eyes* It’s the power of our dear Turtle. 😉

Below are the clips that I found on YouTube. Please be advised that my summaries of them are only based on those clips. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the full episode. :'(

Clip 1: (here) In a chance meeting, the youngest, Lee Hyung Soon, is mistaken by his troublesome VVIP guest as her blind date. Still stinging from all the trouble she caused him, he decides to humble the “high and mighty” princess by telling her that the end of her dress is caught on something and has ridden up on one side. Of course, Jang Chae Li freaks out and attempts to fix the “problem,” but Hyung Soon gallantly offers her three options: 1) He walks behind her to their table where she can fix it once she’s seated, 2) he walks her to the bathroom where she can fix it, or 3) he can fix it for her himself…right now.

AAMM 2.1

Completely mortified, she whispers her request for him to fix it, and Hyung Soon chivalrously reassures her that he won’t look and “fixes” her dress. Once outside, he pretends that he has to rush to the hospital and bids her farewell…without asking her for a second date. As he walks away in complete smugness, she’s utterly humiliated that she’s been “dumped” while he rejoices at his petty revenge. lol

Clip 2: (here) Jin Ae leaves in a huff while her mother chases after her, berating her for making matters worse. If Jin Ae can’t help her, she should at least not make things worse. With angry tears, Jin Ae asks why her mother even gave birth to her. Why didn’t she just raise her big brother? Had she not been born, her mother could have devote more resources to raising a healthier brother. Hmmm…I guess her blind date didn’t go well. 🙁 As Jin Ae dejectedly walks down the street, Hoon Jae sees the “gold digger” and drives up to receive his apology. Momentarily taken aback by the tears in her eyes, he asks for an apology since she scratched up his face back in the bathroom. In disbelief, Jin Ae asks why she should apology when she herself was shocked and wasn’t at fault. Hoon Jae reminds her that she mistook him for a pervert and scratched up his face; it’s only common courtesy to apology. Jin Ae insists that the assumption was an understandable one. What woman wouldn’t mistake him for a pervert when a strange man observes her from behind a bathroom stall? Hoon Jae tries to clarify that he went in there to do some maintenance repairs, but Jin Ae interrupts him, telling him that he should have put up a sign to indicate such then or at least have notified her of his presence when she first walked into the bathroom. He protests that he had intended to but that she was on the phone when she walked into the bathroom, and the nature of her conversation made it difficult for him to speak. At this, Jin Ae accuses him of also eavesdropping. Ha~!

AAMM 2.2

He tells her to forget the apology; he’ll pretend that she already apologized, but she retorts for him to do no such thing because she has no intentions of apologizing to him. OMG~! Her sass is killing me! lol. In utter disbelief, Hoon Jae can only gape at her back and then mutter to himself that her behavior shouldn’t surprise him; after all, she looks at the men’s bank accounts when she chooses her dates.

Clip 3: (here) When Jin Ae learns that her mother has run into some problems with her landlord and is about to be evicted from her store, she meets CEO Kim and reminds him of his past with her mother and her cooking by offering him a jar of her mother’s famous soy sauce-marinated beef (jangjorlim). She tells him that although she and he may not have worked out romantically–I guess he was her blind date–it doesn’t mean that his and her mother’s relationship should end, especially when he values her mother’s cooking skills. She refreshes his memory of how he had once told her that her cooking reminded him of his deceased mother’s. She then hands him an envelope of money to pay for her mother’s rent and security deposit. When he asks where this money came from when she told him previously that she didn’t have any, she tells him that she was able to procure it with great difficulty. As she leaves, we learn exactly where the money came from–it was her apartment money. Calling the real estate agent, she cancels her plans to move into her own place, fully knowing that she’ll have to pay a penalty for breaking the lease. Aw…she really does care for her mother. *warm fuzzies*

Well, I’ll be back with another post when KBS releases the full episode on YouTube this Saturday (August 22). Until then, have a wonderful Monday! 🙂

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  1. I will not get sucked into this one . . . Must. Stay. Strong. No time!

    On a side note, is Kim Mi-sook, Lee Sang-woo’s mother/ mother-in-law, again? So soon after Feel-Good Day? Wonder how they keep their characters straight.

    1. *whispers* Come to the “Turtle” side. 😉 You know you want to….
      Kim Mi Sook is Hoon Jae’s (Lee Sang Woo’s) mother in this series. 🙂

    2. Hold my hand, and let us try to step away from the light together. I, too, do not have time, but the brightness of Lee Sang Woo’s smile is tempting me . . .

      1. Oh, shl…you now you want to… 😉
        We’ll eventually reel her in, that’s for sure! The series is about 50 episodes. *chuckles*

        1. Argh! It’s on KBS World! That means subbed episodes will be available on YouTube every weekend! I’m doomed. . .

          Quick, Trotwood, blindfold me!

  2. Lim San-ok (Ko Do-shim) who will be Hoon Jae’s (Lee Sang-woo) mother-in-law also portrayed his mother in “High Society”, which I have yet to watch.

    The screenwriter for this drama penned “Medical Top Team”, “Brain”, and “Master of Study”. I’ve only seen “Medical Top Team” and really enjoyed it. Ratings wise “Master of Study” got great ratings, peaking at 27.4%, “Brain” did well, hitting a high of 20.6%, but ratings wise “Medical Top Team” stayed around 6%. All that to say I think the writer can give us a great story.

  3. Was excited to find a licensed version [this morning] of this drama (don’t know if it’s appropriate to drop site names, so I won’t). They upload it first without subs but are busily working on translations. Now I won’t have to wait until September to watch on KBS World’s YouTube channel.

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