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AAMM 1.1

Woohoo~! Episode 1 of All about My Mom, starring Eugene Kim and Lee Sang Woo (aka Our Beloved Turtle), has finally been released by KBS World. *grins* I hope you’re all excited and ready to watch it…that is if you haven’t already seen it. I’m sure some of you have already seen parts of it–if not all of it–multiple times. 😉 

Video: Compliments of KBS World TV via YouTube

Summary: Lee Jin Ae (Eugene Kim), the middle child and only daughter of three children, plans to move out on her own and finally away from her mother. Unfortunately, she cancels her plans of financial and emotional independence when she learns of her father’s bad investment and her mother’s subsequent financial troubles. The episode also introduces the family dynamics as well as Jin Ae’s “fateful” meeting with her love interest, Kang Hoon Jae (Lee Sang Woo).

Musings: To be honest, I’ve been so swamped with faculty meetings and Real Life duties that I haven’t been able to watch this episode in full. In fact, I’ve only seen bits and pieces of it. 🙁 However, what I have seen leaves me chomping at the bit to make some time to watch MORE!!!!

The family dynamics seems to be firmly established in this first episode, and the various relationships seem intriguing enough for me to 1) want to watch the entire episode and 2) come back for Episode 2. 🙂 In addition, from what I’ve been hearing via the Kdrama grapevines, our turtle is too adorable to miss. Am I right, Twinkles? 😉

In any case, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Once my schedule settles down, I should be able to hunker down and give this episode a decent viewing. Stay tuned for more musings in the future. 😀 Until then, I hope you enjoy watching–and rewatching!–the episode. lol

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13 thoughts on “All about My Mom: Episode 1”

  1. Have been waiting for the subbed version since forever! I watched ep 1 and will definitely be here for the ride. I love Eugene in anything (tho her character in A Hundred Year Legacy drove me nuts as she let mean mom in law walk all over her!!). The mom here is also in The Eccentric Daughter in Law and in both dramas, I don’t like her- tho I know she’s a great actress. 🙁 She’s mean to her real daughter in law in the other drama & here, she plays favorites & obviously cares more for the older son than her daughter. And the father, arghhhh!!! I guess these actor/actress are doing a good job portraying their roles. haha BTW, The Eccentric Daughter in Law is a fun watch, too. Love Ryu Soo Young. 😉 Have you watched the last ep of Oh My Ghostess? Kim Seul Gi did a great / wonderful/ excellent job, I cried buckets in all her scenes in this last ep. Sorry for rambling… Happy, blessed Sunday.

    1. Kim Seul-gi is so cute, loved her short part as the webtoon manager in “Flower Boy Who Lived Next Door”. Oh no, now I’m missing Yoon Si-yoon, hope he’s doing well doing his military service.

  2. Haven’t started yet, trying to clear my “plate” before starting a new show. A wonderful cast has been lined up for “All About My Mom”; the story is not a new concept so I’m excited to see what our writer pulls out of her hat.

    Just finished “I Remember You” and “Oh, My Ghostess”. Liked them both but my favorite is “I Remember You”. Our ghost was just a bit too sex obsessed for my liking. The acting in both dramas was exceptional (in my opinion). Both shows had their little flaws, but overall I enjoyed watching. Must say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each of the four dramas I’ve seen Jo Jung-suk cast in.

    Looking forward to future posts. I hope you enjoy meeting your new students and trusting the new semester goes smoothly for you.

    1. Looking forward to your thoughts on this once you join us. 🙂
      I had a good first day of classes. Thank you for asking. 🙂 If memory serves me well, you teach, too, right? If so, I wish you a wonderful term, too!

      1. I will definitely be commenting once I start watching. I’ll wait until six or so episodes are up so I can get a better idea of the direction they’re going. Glad your classes are going well. Teaching is such a valuable position to have, mentoring young people can be a very rewarding experience!
        Actually was Administrative Assistant for our College president and retired after 20 years (cumulative — took 5 years off to raise our daughter before she began Kindergarten). Taught Sunday school for many years and proctored our daughter (now a college student) through online private high school.

          1. Got it! I wasn’t sure it you wanted me to use riotrio2. 🙂 I’ll use dramomama and Corky interchangeably then. 😉

  3. That’s just fine! Have a wonderful day.

    On a different topic, while waiting for more episodes of “All About My Mom” to air I decided to start watching “Mask”. After watching two episodes I think I’m going to like it. Obviously, it’s a melodrama but I don’t think drama takes itself too seriously. Su Ae is one of my favorite actresses so I try to watch all her dramas, and of course, Yeon Jung-hoon gets an honorable mention ; )

    1. I think you’ll like it, too. The clips that I saw were interesting and funny, especially the interactions between the two leads. 🙂
      As for YJH, he just gets better and better with each role he takes on. Such a versatile actor!

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