All about My Mom: Episode 1 Clips

All about My Mom (2015)

It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *dances the Happy Snoopy Dance*

Our beloved turtle has officially returned to the small screen in another series as the leading man. 😀 KBS World TV on YouTube will be releasing fully subbed videos starting August 22, 2015, so I’ll probably follow that schedule when I blog about this series.

However, you all know me by now, and I just couldn’t wait until then to at least show you a tiny bit of the series, so…enjoy! 😉 Oh! You can also check out some very lovely pictures of the series here. Many thanks to riotrio2 for the link! 

Clip 1: (click here) The daughter, Lee Jin Ae (Eugene Kim), secretly plans her independence from the family homestead when her mother, Im San Ok (Go Doo Shim), calls her to remind her of her big brother’s birthday. Jin Ae “graciously” agrees to come home for dinner that night to celebrate the birthday of her mother’s “golden” boy, a concession that surprises her mother who is used to fighting with her willful daughter. Unbeknownst to the mother, though, Jin Ae has agreed to the dinner as a last gesture to her parents before she moves out of the house.

Clip 2: (click here) Jin Ae mentally prepares herself to win the heart of someone when she notices someone peering at her from one of the bathroom stalls. Suspecting the peeper to be a man, she investigates while Kang Hoon Jae (Lee Sang Woo) unsuccessfully tries to avoid discovery. However, when Jin Ae tells him to stay inside the stall since he’s “obviously” a pervert, Hoon Jae comes out to defend himself. He’s not a pervert as she suspects, but since she seems scared, he’ll stay put as she asks. At the insinuation that she’s afraid of him, Jin Ae hotly denies it…before she “attacks” him with a mop and attempts her escape. Ha~! Sure she’s not afraid. *chuckles* Comically, though, in her sheer panic, Jin Ae struggles with the door and slips as Hoon Jae steps forward to help her…right into his arms.


Hee~! We’re going to have a lot of fun watching these two fall for each other, aren’t we? 😉

Clip 3: (here) The youngest of the siblings, Lee Hyung Soon (Choi Tae Joon), works as a part-time parking attendance and meets his “obvious” love interest. However, it’s not the rosiest of meetings as the spoiled “VIP” guest rudely leaves her car, telling him to move the car once he’s confirmed that she is, indeed, a VIP guest and well within her rights to use the VIP parking lot. Of course, she purposely leaves without giving him her keys, creating quite a traffic jam and his subsequent dismissal from the post for not recognizing a VVIP guest. Ouch~! These two are going to be interesting to watch as well. 😛

Anyhow, I hope some of you will be joining me for this little adventure! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “All about My Mom: Episode 1 Clips”

  1. Am so excited for this drama. I have been looking all over the interwebs for the subbed version. One site has the raw version, KBS is usually quick with their english subs on youtube now I have to wait! 🙁 Well, I can keep myself busy with Oh My Ghostess, last 2 episodes coming up. Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

  2. Thank you for posting the clips and what a hoot they are! Eagerly anticipating this drama, and watching Kim Kap-soo (Daddy Lee) as this character should be interesting too. I know Viki’s site is hoping for licensing, if not KBS World’s Youtube channel has stated the drama will air on August 22. I’ll be tuning in!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention in my first post that the first episode ranked about 15.5% viewership, which I believe is pretty good for the first episode. Also, if you are a Viki viewer the drama’s fan channel is listed as “San-ok’s Three Children”.

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