About Snoopy’s Twinkie

The little canine who keeps me busy

Basic bio: female, Korean American, teaches English at a college in California, loves the character Snoopy, owned by a Pomeranian named Bentley, and lastly but most importantly a Christian who is committed to living life as a Christian.

History and purpose of this site:

This site is intended to chronicle and reflect my enjoyment of Korean dramas, one of my pleasures in life. I started blogging during the insane–I mean intense–Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal (Sept. 2010) craze and since then have continued to blog and recap other dramas. I never planned to spend extra time recapping kdramas–my schedule is crazy enough all on its own–until I realized that so many non-Korean-speaking viewers were left anxiously waiting for subs to come out, sometimes for weeks on end. I remembered the frustration waiting for my Taiwanese and Japanese dramas to be subbed since I don’t speak those languages. So…I started to blog recaps with the occasional “musings for today” of the kdramas I watch, and the result is this website, “Musings of a Twinkie” at koreandramareviews.com, a site that my “fairy god-brother-in-law” set up for me and a special place for Kdrama lovers to romp and frolic…away from the stresses of Real Life. 🙂


As I spend many hours writing up recaps and musings for your reading pleasure, please be considerate and do not repost anything from my blog without permission since the writing on this blog is the sole intellectual property of Snoopy’s Twinkie and cannot be used without permission from the author.

In addition, we have readers of ALL ages (pre-teens to adults) so I’d like to request that comments be written with this demographics in mind. 🙂

Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading and visiting my blog. Thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad that you found this blog!

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