A Thousand Kisses Episode 21 Recap

The episode starts with the usual recap of previous episodes. The 21st episode resumes with the wedding as Joo Mi takes photos with her friends, and Yuna playfully asks the photographer to make the friends look better than Joo Mi. Joo Young looks on as her younger sister enjoys the pre-wedding ceremony time with her friends.

At the waiting line, an old friend of the Woo family comes to the wedding, much to the dismay of the grandmother and the aunt grandmother. Apparently, the aunt grandmother mentioned Joo Mi’s wedding in passing and the woman self-invited herself, wanting to see Joo Mi’s husband and the wedding. She sees Woo Jin’s mother and gasps, wondering if that’s Joo Young’s mother, but before she can say anything out loud, the aunt grandmother drags her away from the waiting line.

Joo Young goes to the restroom and meets Hye Bin, who tells her that she has some gall to show up at a family event. Just then Woo Bin’s mother exits the bathroom and greets Joo Young as an in-law. In disbelief, Hye Bin mutters, “In-law?” As she starts to lay into Joo Young, calling her a con-artist for deceiving the entire family, Woo Bin stops her, reminding her that this is a wedding. She asks Woo Bin if he knows, too. Woo Bin warns her that if she continues, he won’t be held accountable for what he may do. Taking Hye Bin’s hand, he drags her away from Joo Young, who then goes into the bathroom to wash her hands and regain her composure.

At Tae Kyung’s house, Tae Kyung gets dressed to attend Joo Mi’s wedding. Joon Hee gets upset that he’s going to his ex-wife’s sister’s wedding. However, Tae Kyung insists on going, claiming that he has a duty to his ex-sister-in-law since Joo Mi was dating Woo Jin while Tae Kyung was still her brother-in-law (interesting line of reasoning). As Joon Hee rants, Tae Kyung makes his narrow escape to attend the wedding.

At the wedding, Woo Jin and Joo Mi say their wedding vows to each other as Tae Kyung sneaks into the wedding ceremony, although no one at the table is thrilled to see him there except Chan Ho. As Joo Mi and Woo Jin pay their respects to their elders, Tae Kyung spots Woo Bin and asks Joo Young what Woo Bin is doing there. Meanwhile, Woo Bin sees Tae Kyung and Hye Bin glaringly takes in the entire scene.

Inside their wedding limosine, Joo Mi and Woo Jin share a celebratory glass of wine and cheese platter, toasting their new life together.

Back at the Jang residence, the mother enters the newlyweds’ empty bedroom and reminisces over the day’s events, particularly over meeting her only grandchild Chan Ho. The flashback shows her tenderly holding Chan Ho’s hands as Joo Young looks on.

Returning back from the wedding, the grandmother asks the aunt grandmother why she called their relative. The aunt grandmother defends herself by saying that she called the woman before she knew the truth about Woo Jin’s stepmother. She reminds the grandmother that this would have never happened if the grandmother had told her earlier.

At the airport, as Woo Jin gets up to board the plane, Joo Mi starts to feel the beginnings of a stomach ache and excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

Woo Jin’s mother calls Woo Bin’s mother to thank her for her help with the wedding. After the phone call, Woo Bin’s mother comments to her husband that Woo Jin is so odd to choose a poor girl like Joo Mi over so many other more suitable choices. The father chuckles and says that Joo Mi was quite pretty, though. (O-M-G LOL as if a woman’s prettiness is all that matters)

Seated at their usual park bench, Woo Bin tells Joo Young that he would like to go see their elders together today–his parents and her grandmother. Joo Young tells him that she’d like to go visit them after Joo Mi returns from her honeymoon. She doesn’t want anything to possibly ruin Joo Mi’s happiness. He agrees, and they simply clasp their hands together.

Woo Bin drives Joo Young home. As Woo Bin leaves, Joo Young receives a phone call from Hye Bin, who waits to meet her at a cafe. When Joo Young arrives, Hye Bin gets up from her seat and slaps Joo Young across the face, telling her viciously that what she can’t stand more than Joo Young’s divorced state is her audacity to still date Woo Bin after having met their mother as an in-law.

Woo Jin waits outside the bathroom and tells Joo Mi to hurry or they will miss their plane. However, Joo Mi stumbles out bathroom, doubled over in pain. He takes her to the hospital and discovers that she’s suffering from food poisoning. (My guess is the cheese they ate.) When Woo Bin suggests calling their respective houses to notify them that they couldn’t leave for Jeju Island, Joo Mi rejects that idea, saying that their families will only worry. As they talk, Woo Jin gets up to go to the restroom himself due to stomach pains. Coming out of the bathroom, he clutches his butt (LOL) as another wave of the food poisoning hits. (Yup, it was the cheese.)

Joo Mi and Woo Jin rest side by side in the emergency room from food poisoning. The doctor arrives and tells them that since the hospital doesn’t have any private rooms, they are going to have to go to separate rooms, one for the men and the other for the women. Woo Jin tries to explain that tonight is their first night together as a couple, but the doctor tells them he can’t help them.

Seated on her hospital bed, Joo Mi calls Woo Jin to meet her outside in the hospital waiting room and to wear his couple sweatshirt. Woo Jin asks if he really has to, and Joo Mi sternly tells him to wear it outside.

Wearing the loud obnoxious couple sweatshirts (I hope this shirt doesn’t become a hit item for couples in Korea…so obnoxious LOL), they happily greet each other and sit down to call their families, telling them that they arrived in Jeju Island safely. (*sigh* As much as I appreciate their desire to not worry their families, is this lying really necessary?) Woo Jin’s mother asks after Joo Mi, who tells her that she totally loves Jeju Island and that she’s not at all tired. She then wishes a goodnight to her new parents and hang up, much to Woo Jin’s surprise that his parents didn’t want to speak with him. When they call the grandmother, the same thing happens; the grandmother doesn’t want to speak that much with Joo Mi and instead asks to speak with Woo Jin. She tells him to have a wonderful time and to look after Joo Mi, who may look healthy enough but can be weaker than she appears. He promises to take good care of her and then hangs up. Joo Mi comments that she’s feeling fine now and wonders if they can get discharged. Woo Jin tells her that’s unlikely so late at night. He tells her that had they arrived in Jeju Island as planned, he would be at a wine bar right now singing her a song. At Joo Mi’s surprise, he tells her that he’s been practicing a song to sing to her. Squealing with delight, Joo Mi hugs him and asks him to sing the song for her then and there. Woo Jin hesitates and says that his singing won’t sound as nice without music, but Joo Mi doesn’t care. However, before he can start, Joo Mi gasps as she remembers something that she wanted to do on their honeymoon as well. She asks Woo Jin to carry her all the way back to her hospital bed once he’s done singing for her since she had planned on asking Woo Jin to carry her to their hotel room from the hotel lobby had they actually been at the Jeju hotel. Squeezing his upper arms gently, he asks if she really wants him to carry her all that way. Joo Mi warns him that he can’t drop her even if his arms hurt. Woo Jin stammers that if his arms tire, he may put her down, but Joo Mi warns him that their marriage will become unstable if he does. (LOL) She then adoringly bats her lashes at him, and he begins to sing his long-practiced song for her.

As the soundtrack picks up the rest of Woo Jin’s song, Woo Jin carries Joo Mi through the hospital halls to her hospital bed, closing the drapes and joining her for their first night together. (sweet, they’ll definitely have a first night they will never forget)

Back at Joo Young’s bedroom, Joo Young watches Chan Ho sleep as she reflects upon the events of her relationship with Woo Bin.

The next morning, the nurse opens the drapes to Joo Mi’s bed and is shocked to find Woo Jin sleeping next to Joo Mi. She reprimands them on how a man can be found in a woman’s hospital room. Both Joo Mi and Woo Jin get up and try to explain that they’re newlyweds from yesterday’s ceremony. The nurse doesn’t care and shoos him out. Joo Mi and Woo Jin share a sweet wave goodbye.

Meanwhile, Woo Bin bikes with his father along the Han River. As they take a break and sit on the grass, taking in the view, the father explains to Woo Bin his position. Although he doesn’t approve of Woo Bin dating a divorced woman with a son, he will at least agree to meet her because he doesn’t want to have any regrets in the future wondering if he had been unfair or premature in his objections. He then tells Woo Bin that no parent would ever welcome the news of his single son dating a divorced, single mother and that Woo Bin won’t understand until he becomes a father himself. Woo Bin confesses to his father that he’s actually dating Joo Mi’s older sister and that he only recently found out himself. At this piece of news, the father erupts in anger and tells Woo Bin to end his relationship. If his girlfriend is Joo Mi’s sister, there’s no need to even see Joo Young. The father then takes off on his bike. (So much for trying to understand….)

The father enters the house and asks Hye Bin for a tall glass of water. When his wife asks how the talk went, the father emphatically tells her to forget about looking for or meeting Woo Bin’s girlfriend. He has told their son to end the relationship. He’ll make sure they end the relationship. Woo Bin comes in, and the mother asks him for confirmation. Woo Bin says that he won’t break up with his girlfriend and goes upstairs to change while he father yells after him to end the relationship.

Discharged from the hospital, Joo Mi thinks they are still going to Jeju Island, but Woo Jin has different plans since they only have one day left of their honeymoon. He tells her to anticipate a change of plans and then takes her to his resort. Both of them are surprised, though, when the employees are lined up to greet them with flowers. Woo Jin tells Mr. Park, his right-hand man, that he had asked him to not  tell anyone they were coming. Park only looks sheepish and apologizes (LOL He doesn’t look too sorry.) Woo Jin reminds him to not tell his father anything as his family thinks that they are honeymooning at Jeju Island. As they walk through the lobby, Park apprises Woo Jin of a VIP guest who’s unexpectedly changed hotel accommodations from one hotel to theirs. Woo Jin, after finding out that his employees haven’t made sufficient VIP preparations, tells Joo Mi to go upstairs by herself without him while he takes care of this emergency. When Joo Mi reminds him that this is their honeyoon, Woo Jin tells her that work comes before their honeymoon. (Oh, bad move, Woo Jin!)

Joo Mi enters their honeymoon suite that’s been decorated with pink and red balloons on her own as Woo Jin takes care of the VIP plans.

Joon Hee and Tae Kyung’s mother go shopping. As Joon Hee keeps suggesting shopping items, Tae Kyung’s mother ignores her until Joon Hee falls on the ground after a slight collision with a man pushing a cart. Although Joon Hee refuses to go to the hospital, the mother insists because Joon Hee’s pregnant and the fall might have hurt the baby.

At the hospital, Joon Hee tries desperately to convince the mother that she’s all right, but the mother is not swayed and insists on getting her checked. Running out of options, Joon Hee then excuses herself to use the bathroom and leaves in a taxi once she has come up with a plan. From inside the taxi, she weepingly calls Tae Kyung’s mother to tell her that while she was in the bathroom, she received a phone call telling her that a relative just died and that she’s on her way to the terminal to try to attend the funeral. The mother tells her that a pregnant mother shouldn’t attend funerals, especially since it’s a distant relative and not her parent who has died. The mother tells Joon Hee to not go and just return home to rest. With the disaster averted, Joon Hee cleans up her fake tears and breathes a sigh of relief.

Woo Bin and Joo Young stroll down a park lane holding hands. He explains to her that he told his father about them, so there’s no need to push meeting his parents any longer. Joo Young tells him that her family doesn’t know. It won’t be just his parents who don’t approve. Her grandmother won’t approve either. She confesses to him that for the first time, she hates herself. She’s not a bug or a disease, but she hates the fact that people hate who she is. Woo Bin hugs her and tells her that she’s more beautiful to him than flowers and the like. He asks her to take heart and have courage and go with him to meet his parents. Knowing what they’ll say, Joo Young tells Woo Bin that she doesn’t want to go. Woo Bin tells her that they’re not going there to gain permission but to just show them that Joo Young is the woman that Woo Bin loves. Woo Bin teases her that he’ll tell them this is the woman I love. Isn’t she beautfiul? Joo Young smiles and asks him when he’s going to take off his rose-colored glasses (English translation of the Korean phrase). Woo Bin says that he’ll never take them off. As he hugs her, the camera zooms out and shows someone spying on them.

As they pull up to Woo Bin’s house, Joo Young tells Woo Bin that she’s can’t go through with meeting his parents right now. She asks him to delay their meeting.

Joo Mi goes grocery shopping and returns to a still empty hotel suite. Upset, she vows to herself that she’ll fix him a dinner guaranteed to make his feel guilty for abandonning her like this on their honeymoon. After all the preparations are done, she calls Woo Jin to invite him to dinner, but he hurriedly tells her to eat by herself because he’s busy with resort business. In absolute disbelief, Joo Mi starts to drink.

At Tae Kyung’s apartment, the mother starts to piece things together and suspects that Joon Hee is really not pregnant. She voices her concern to Tae Kyung when he arrives home, but Tae Kyung tells her not to hate Joon Hee this much. Although Joon Hee may be a schemer, she’s not this bad. (Oh, little do you know, Tae Kyung!) Right on cue, Joon Hee rushes into the apartment, telling the mother that she’s late because she agreed with the mother and returned to the hospital to get herself checked out. Showing them a print of an ultrasound, she tells them the baby is fine.

Once the mother’s suspicions have been alleviated, Joon Hee goes inside Tae Kyung’s bedroom and calls her friend to thank her for allowing her the use of the friend’s recent ultrasound picture. She promises to treat her once her baby arrives.

Later that night, Woo Jin returns to the hotel suite but can’t find Joo Mi anywhere. He spots the now cold dinner and calls out for Joo Mi. He is surprised when Joo Mi dramatically reveals herself from behind the curtains completely drunk from all the wine she’s ingested. In her inebriated state, she drops the honorific form and tells Woo Jin that he shouldn’t look down on her because she’s short. (LOL) He apologizes and tells her that he couldn’t help things because of an emergency situation with the VIP guest. Joo Mi tells him he shouldn’t be like this and that she wants to say really mean things to him but that she’s refraining. When Woo Jin asks her what kind of things she wants to call him, she half-speaks/half-spells out “You mean jerk” in Korean. She tells him that she’ll never forgive Jang Woo Jin, who ruined her honeymoon. She tells him that he should have married his resort. As she throws pillows at Woo Jin, she collapses in Woo Jin’s arms as he apologizes to her. Unable to wake her, Woo Jin carries her to their bed and then walks outside to the living room and examines how much she drank (close to 2 bottles of wine) as he massages his poor aching arms (LOL). Returning to their bedroom, Woo Jin hesitates and finally gingerly undresses Joo Mi.

The next morning, Joo Mi wakes up in Woo Jin’s arms dressed in her pink silk pajamas. She shakes Woo Jin awake and demands why she’s in her pajamas. When he tells her that he undressed her because she looked so uncomfortable in her clothes, Joo Mi throws her hands over her face in embarrassment and cries that he must have seen everything. Woo Jin swears to the heavens that he didn’t see anything and simply changed her clothes. As Joo Mi cries, he asks why he can’t see anything, although he hadn’t, when they are now a married couple. Joo Mi demands how he can change her without seeing anything; isn’t he a man? All men are wolves! He asks her if all men are wolves. Joo Mi stands up on the bed and tells him that he should have woken her up to at least wash her face. As she rants at him, Woo Bin tackles her onto the bed and reminds her that it wasn’t he who fell asleep on their wedding night. He then kisses Joo Mi.

Joo Young gets Chan Ho ready for school, and the grandmothers plan to prepare dinner for when Joo Mi returns from honeymoon that evening. (Korean tradition that the newlywed couple pay their respects to the bride’s family once they return from the honeymoon before entering the groom’s house.) As Joo Young enters her work, she runs into Yoo Kyung in front of the elevator. Yoo Kyung spitefully pours out veiled venom regardless of the other employees around them and tells Joo Young that it seems as though Joo Young is engaged in a great love but only time will tell how great that love actually is.

Taking a stroll through the resort while sporting their matching sweatshirts, Woo Jin asks Joo M if she is satisified now. At his exasperated tone, Joo Mi asks if it is so embarrassing to wear matching sweatshirts. They greet some resort employees and as the employees smile over their outfits, Woo Jin points out that the employees are laughing at them. Joo Mi brushes his concern aside, telling him that those employees will do exactly the same thing on their own honeymoons. Woo Jin reminds her that he’s an executive here at this resort, and Joo Mi retorts that he’s also here on his honeymoon.

Woo Jin’s mother returns home with her arms full of groceries. When her husband asks if the kids weren’t going to have dinner at Joo Mi’s relatives, the mother tells him that the groceries are for tomorrow’s breakfast. Seeing her enthusiasm, he asks if she’s that happy to have a daughter-in-law. Taken aback a bit, she answers, of course, and asks him if he isn’t happy to have a daughter-in-law since the love for a daughter-in-law usually comes from the father-in-law. The husband replies lukewarmly that he’s happy.

Joo Mi and Woo Jin go to Joo Mi’s grandmother to pay their respects and receive a bit of teasing from the aunt grandmother about their first night. They blush and then bow deeply (Korean tradition) to the grandmother and then to the aunt grandmother, who is overcome by their thoughtfulness to remember her. Chan Ho asks if Woo Jin likes soccer and breaks into a wide smile when Woo Jin tells him that although he doesn’t like soccer, he will play soccer with Chan Ho.

At the Champ office, Woo Bin looks over some soccer footage when he receives a phone call from Hye Bin, notifying him that their mother has hired a private investigator to trail him and discover the identity of his girlfriend. She advises him to break up with Joo Young before their mother finds out; she’s warning him to save him some grief. Stunned by his mother’s desperate measures, Woo Bin walks silently out of his office, ignoring the questions of his employees who ask where he’s going all of the sudden.

He meets Joo Young outside her building and takes her to his home, telling her that this is more important than dinner welcoming Joo Mi back home.

Unbeknownst to them, the mother has already received a package from the private investigator with photos of Woo Bin and Joo Young together. The mother’s eyes widen in surprise and shock at the knowledge that Woo Bin is not only dating a divorced single mother but also Joo Mi’s older sister.

Pulling up to his house, Woo Bin clasps Joo Young’s hands tightly for strength. They enter the house, only to have Woo Bin’s mother slap Woo Bin hard across the face, which he calmly accepts. However, when the mother tries to slap Joo Young’s face, Woo Bin prevents her from hitting his beloved and cautions his mother.

Whew~Finally finished. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks so much for the recapped and maybe tomorrow we can read the recap of ep.22. And i really like to know the conversation when WB and JY entered WB house and was slapped by the mon. The whole episode was so intensed and i wanted to know what grandma was telling WB when he told grandma about his love for JY. Again thank you!!!

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    1. *Sigh* I was afraid something like this might happen for the touchy issues the drama has been exploring. It’s always tough to be the pioneering drama series that pushes the envelope of what’s acceptable for viewing. Here’s hoping that the warning doesn’t ruin the writer’s vision of the drama.

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