A Thousand Kisses Episodes 39 and 40 Links

Episode 39: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44766/5 or http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44766/11

Episode 40: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44815/5 or http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44815/11 or http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/44815/12

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3 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episodes 39 and 40 Links”

  1. Hi, Snoopy’s Twinkie, is it possible for you to sub the teaser of episode 41. Im curious why the B-exgf is so mad at JY. And the last portion the B-ex is showing to the sister and mom a sort of invitation. Thank you again!!!

  2. Pitiful! Pitiful! Ok, one of the following scenarios will have to happen for to ever watch anything from these again:

    1. WB dumps YK unceremoniously and goes back to JY (around epi 48 at least)
    2. JY is pregnant and they (WB family) finds out that YK is sterile so he goes back to WB
    3. WB tries to commit suicide and the family, distraught decides to let him have his way and marry JY
    4. Turns out YK is still married to the ex-boyfriend from the states so crazy momma canceled the wedding and dumps her like a hot potato and decides WB is better off with JY
    5. We do a Sorry, I Love You or A Love to Kill scenario and both WB and JY commit suicide (my least favorite scenario)

    I have obviously watched too many dramas now. I’m sorry. I’m stopping for awhile again as I wait for crunchyroll to upload the last 10 episodes. Ok folks, I’m crazy 😀

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