A Thousand Kisses Episodes 27 and 28 Links

Episode 27: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/42945/12

Episode 28: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/42988/5

or http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/42988/7


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3 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episodes 27 and 28 Links”

  1. Hi Snoopy’s Twinkie i found out that the drama they previewed after ATK is for Mon-Tues slot which means ATK will have more episodes. Its not “OH NO!!” but “OH YES!!” So happy since Iam so addicted to this drama love it love it so much so i wake up at 3:30am california time just to watch the live feed from Seoul which is 8:40 in the evening there. Cant you believe it? I’m crazy isnt it?

  2. The preview of ep 29 JY was confronting her grandmother about something and i think she learned about her real mother.It was an engagement ceremony that took place in ep 28 and so happy for both WB &JY. I’m still waiting for your detailed recap of all the eps. Its hard work and appreciate all your effort just to pleased your reader. Cant thank you enough!!!! Advance Happy Thsnksgiving to you and your family.

  3. I find I skip the Woo Bin’s mother ranting and the ex girlfriend. I cannot even stand watching her on the screen!!

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