A Thousand Kisses Episodes 25 and 26 Links

Episode 25: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/42649/11

Episode 26: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/42709/5

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7 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episodes 25 and 26 Links”

  1. I have watched the raw of ep 25 & 26 on live feed from Seoul and just wondering how come all the secrets are being revealed and its only on the 26 ep. Are they cutting it from 50 to 30 something just because of the ratings? Just wondering? I like this drama very much and just hope they will stretch it out to 50. Dont want it to end. Thank you again! Hey, i voted for your niece, cute baby!!

  2. Poor WJ, I ​​hope he does not reveal the secret until the wedding for JM WB and JY.
    Do not believe the drama is cut to 30 episodes because we would have only 3 episodes to all the revelations and this is no time.
    So I hope that does not separate WJ and JM and the two remain happily together, fighting everything that will happen in upcoming episodes.
    Sorry, but still dislike the whole core of the family of WB. The silence and passivity of JY WB deeply irritating.

  3. I just watched the live feed of ATK ep 27 and the preview for ep 28 is the WB & JY wedding. I think this is going to end at 30 eps since after the drama they are showing the next drama to be played on this time slot. Well, just what i thought another Creating Destiny- with poor ratings they just cut it off…

  4. Hi Snoopy’s Twinkie that was my reaction too “Oh No!!!” after they preview a new drama after ATK. Well,hoping its not the end!!

  5. I just watched the beginning of ep 26. It’s the family’s lunch meeting after giving permission for the wedding of Woo Bin and Joo Young. The background music is the German National Anthem! Hilarious!

    Likewise they had a goofy scene in ep 19 or so. The road to Joo Young’s house is very steep and the cars always have to go down backwards. In one scene they just played it backwards, resulting in a pedestrian in the background walking backwards, too. 😀

    I should have paid more attention to those Easter Eggs, but I guess I miss out a lot due to having to read the subs.

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