A Thousand Kisses Episode 50 Teaser (Finale)

Episode 50 Teaser:

Physician: As time goes on, her symptoms will become more severe.

Chairman: I cannot stand to see her suffering any further.

Grandmother: I feel like she’s my friend, and my heart aches for her.

Hye Bin: Woo Bin won’t change.

Woo Bin: The hurt that I gave you, I’m sorry. (Did Yoo Kyung ever apologize for all the mess she created in his life?!)

Grandmother: Make sure you get well. Make sure!

Joo Mi: She’s gotten better. (Not sure because I couldn’t hear very well)

Chairman: What might make your mother happiest?

Ji Sun: I’m the happiest just spending time with the two of you like this. (ugh…kill me now with the sadness, and I haven’t even seen the episode yet)

Chairman: Whatever you like, I’m going to do them all for you.

Soo Ah: What will happen to mom? What will happen?

Chairman: Dear! Dear!

Ji Sun: I…am a happy woman.

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21 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 50 Teaser (Finale)”

  1. Thanks for the teaser. YK got away with everything she did. In the end she became the sad, hurt crying victim of WB’s betrayal of still loving JY.

  2. You are right she (YK)got away with what she did to JY but she didnt get what she really long for (WB) thats enough punishment for her. I guess the writer got afraid of the consequences when ATK got a warning from KCC. After that both WB and JY didnt have any screen time together anymore. Its up to us(viewers)what kind of ending we would like for the 2 main characters,happy or sad?Thanks again for the recap of episode 50 teaser. Hope the total recap of 50 will be coming soon. Take care and dont work to hard.

    1. Hoping to get it recapped by this weekend, but who knows right now with finals. 🙁
      What’s the latest episode to be subtitled in English?

      1. Well,i started watching Feast of the Gods and looks promising. Have you heard about a movie Late Autumn? I think Hyun Bin is the main actor and the leading lady is a chinese actress. This is the last movie of Hyun Bin before he entered the military. Thanks again and will be very happy if you’ll be able to get this for us. Take care

          1. I wouldn’t call it a tearjerker… it’s a slowish, reflective film, but it has surprisingly many comic moments, given that the subject matter overall is quite serious. I was lucky to see the film at the London Korean Film Festival in October, and reviewed it:


            If you look at the two trailers I linked at the top, you’ll get a sense both of the serious and that funny that are part of the movie (the two trailers give off a very different vibe.)

    2. I had that thought too… that after the warning from KCC the drama just went off rails and avoided giving the ‘bad bad divorcee’ anything that might seem like she deserves a better life. *sigh*

      I get depressed when I sum up what ATK is telling us overall: evil, selfish creatures like YK get away with everything (even if they don’t get what they want the most – but does it matter? She really, really got away with everything, and she wasn’t just a mean person in her private life, she was also totally unprofessional at work!) and decent persons like JY don’t get anything definite. Even if it’s up to us to make up the ending… but JY always put herself second, so why would she now restart a relationship? And WB… he was so lovely at first, and then they altered his character in a way that didn’t make sense. Yeah, maybe they end up together but with everything that happened between eps. 33-50 I just can’t convince myself anymore.


  3. I have a feeling that ending will be rushed. How many eps were spent on W & K and only 1 eps will be spent on them getting back (they are getting back..right?) Up until eps 49 I was really loving this drama but I don’t think I will like the ending. I know the older women-younger man relationship is a hard one to handle be it in Korea or US Talk about double standard..but gosh the gap was not that big. And how but the age gap between mom and dad???? I think the bigger issue of JY was that she was married and had a child. With that said, I’ll give this drama 4 of 5 stars..

    Thank you so much for the recap. I look forward to reading because sometimes the translation is not what is being said, so the recap really helps.

    You are awesome for doing this and still cramming to your finals…WISHING YOU LOTS OF LUCK WITH YOUR FINALS!!!!!!

  4. I really dont know if its a tear-jeaker but the trailer was the woman just got out of prison for killing her husband and from there they met. Wow, i too dont want to much crying because my eyes hurt and gets swollen and i cant sleep after. Anyway, thanks if you can find it.Goodnite!!!

  5. I still don’t think the reason for JY/WB not getting together until the end had anything to do with the warning from KCC. (that was about making a “daughter into a daughter-in-law” and about product placement.) It didn’t have anything to do with an age gap. Think about how many dramas and movies have this exact same issue?

    I think it was just the writer herself, this was her script and this is what she planned all along. It’s identical to her other drama “I love you, don’t cry” – even the same type of ending.

    I’m not happy about it but I did continue to watch to support the actors. I adore Ji Hyun Woo and think he did his best with this crap script. Same for Seo Young Hee, Kim So Eun and Ryu Jin.
    Thanks for all your recaps!

    1. I thought the issue was not the age gap, but the fact that they were too closely related (although not by blood) and the fact that JY was a divorcee.

      1. Yes, it actually says “a daughter being in a relationship with a nephew” so you’re right. It has nothing to do with her age or that’s she’s a divorcee.
        It’s because WB is JS’s nephew and JS is her mother.

        Stupid KCC, ruined a great promising show.

    1. Although I would love to recap Ep. 50 now, I really don’t know when I will get to it. Perhaps this Wednesday…? 🙁

  6. i thought that it would be an happy ending but this is just messed up……..but i am happy they out all their support in this reckless drama/.

    1. Yeah. It was a tough drama to finish.
      First comment here, right? Welcome to our “Musings” community!

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