A Thousand Kisses Episode 49 Recap

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*As we head into our last episode of the series, I thought it only fitting that I spend a bit more time and actually recap the entire last two episodes with pictures and text. Enjoy! 


Ji Sun begs the Chairman to let her come home, but he tells her that he can’t allow her to give up on herself and to just hang in there. She tells him that she just wants to be with him and the children and that she doesn’t think she can handle the second round of treatment, which is supposed to be much more difficult than the first round. and unclear in its results. She begs, her voice breaking, that she wants to be happy for at least a moment with her family around her. He quickly tells her to hang in there for the sake of long-term happiness and leaves the hospital, unable to see her begging for a reprieve from the treatment. Sigh…this is such a tough issue…hope and suffering vs. peace and accepting death.  

The Chairman asks his friend and Ji Sun’s physician what he should do.  The physician can’t make the decision for him but does tell him the harsh reality before Ji Sun: there’s no guarantee that after all the long suffering she will have to endure that she will even recover. And who knows when a new donor match will appear?

The Chairman tells his children that he cannot give up hope and will push for a second round of treatment/surgery. When Joo Mi asks if they can at least bring her home briefly, Woo Jin tells her that in her weakened, immune-compromised state, it could be more dangerous for Ji Sun to leave her isolation room.

Meanwhile, Hye Bin waits for her future mother-in-law, and when the mother-in-law finally shows up for their meeting, she gives Hye Bin a list of things that Hye Bin needs to do before she can marry into the family. She makes Hye Bin read out loud the list of accomplishments–various cuisines from different cultures, flower arrangement, and cultural education –Hye Bin needs to master before the wedding.

Hye Bin shows Jun Ho the list, thinking that he will take her side. Unfortunately for her, he tells her that this is the way of his family, and that they will be living with not only his parents but also his grandfather. Hye Bin freaks out and leaves, telling him that she won’t marry into such a family. Heh heh…is anyone else thinking payback time for Hye Bin?

Hye Bin returns home while her mother and Yoo Kyung are discussing dowry and wedding matters. She tells her mother that she’s not going to get married after all, an announcement that causes the mother to drag her into the kitchen to remind her that she’s pregnant. Of course, Yoo Kyung overhears this bit of news and congratulates Hye Bin, telling her that many people these days aren’t embarrassed to hide their pregnancy before the wedding ceremony.

Joon Hee asks Ki Hyun (I called him Ki Yoon in the previous recap because I couldn’t hear his name properly) if he’s found a place to live yet. When he says that he has, she tells him to hurry up and move out. However, he asks to have $500 (500,000 won) for the deposit on the place. Joon Hee eventually caves in and gives him the money because he promises to leave that very night if he can procure the deposit. Once he has the money in his hands, though, he tells her that he will stay only long enough to say goodbye to Tae Kyung’s mother…bad feeling about this.

Meanwhile, Tae Kyung’s mother runs into an old friend/neighbor from their old hometown and discovers that Kim Du Shik, the person who gave her the money to save Tae Kyung, is still alive and well and that his son is not Ki Hyun but Chang Hyun. The man tells her the obvious: someone is impersonating Mr. Kim’s son. Tae Kyung’s mother rushes back home, fearing the worst at the hands of that con-artist.

Joon Hee leaves Ki Hyun alone at the apartment while she goes out for an errand, and during that time, Ki Hyun ransacks the mother’s room, gathering anything of value to pawn. The mother hurries home in time to meet Ki Hyun at the door, but she’s unable to stop him from leaving. When she and Joon Hee enter the apartment, they find the evidence of his burglary.

Woo Bin meets up with three of his good buddies to celebrate his upcoming wedding as well as a friend’s return from military service. When Yoo Kyung calls and asks to meet his friends, Woo Bin pushes it off for another time, telling his friends that he refuses to show her his friends in a drunken state. Hmmm…more like he just doesn’t want her involved in his personal life.

Tae Kyung finds out about the scam and joins in on the misery. The mother laments the loss of the ring Tae Kyung’s father gave her as well as a necklace. Ugh…just watching them deal with the aftermath of the burglary and betrayal is enough to make me feel like I’ve been robbed. 🙁

Getting more drunk by the minute, the friends pester Woo Bin to call his fiancée out. Woo Bin refuses and then leaves to use the restroom. Taking advantage of his absence, the friends call who they think is his fiancée–speed dial #1–and reach Joo Young, who tells them that they’ve reached the wrong number when they call her Woo Bin’s fiancée. Soon after, Yoo Kyung calls claiming to be Woo Bin’s fiancée and gets invited by the friends to join them…all unbeknownst to Woo Bin because he is still in the bathroom.

Excited to finally meet Woo Bin’s friends, Yoo Kyung arrives in high spirits only to find Woo Bin passed out from too much alcohol. His friends, their reason and inhibitions lowered by all the drinking, joking tells Yoo Kyung not to trust Woo Bin too much because Yoo Kyung is not #1 on Woo Bin’s speed dial.

Yoo Kyung drives Woo Bin, who is still asleep, later that night and takes out his cell phone to verify who is #1 on his speed dial. She slowly dials #1 and sees Joo Young’s number pop up on the screen. In shock that Woo Bin still hasn’t erased her number/gotten over Joo Young, Yoo Kyung sits stunned as her eyes well up with upset tears.

At precisely that moment, Woo Bin mutters Joo Young’s name in his sleep and a tear rolls down from his eyes. In disbelief, Yoo Kyung quickly gets out of her car and leaves home in a taxi, texting Hye Bin to get Woo Bin from the car since she left him still sleeping there.

Hye Bin wonders why Yoo Kyung didn’t just bring him inside herself as she goes outside in the cold to wake her brother. When he continues to sleep, she wakes up her father, and the two of them bring Woo Bin inside. The mother wonders how Yoo Kyung could just leave Woo Bin in the car by himself and simply text Hye Bin. What would have happened if Hye Bin had gotten the text much later? Woo Bin would have been sleeping outside in the dead of winter. She then wonders if the two of them had a fight.

Yoo Kyung returns home and throws down her engagement picture in a fit of rage. Once the initial anger is spent, she weeps in frustration as she bends down and touches the picture.

The next morning, Woo Bin drives Yoo Kyung’s car to her place and calls her, but Yoo Kyung tells him to just leave the keys with the guard and that she’ll talk to him later since she has to go to work. Woo Bin waits for her to come down and apologizes if he’s done anything wrong last night while inebriated. Yoo Kyung drives them to the Han River and tells him the two things she discovered last night: he still hasn’t forgotten Joo Young because he shed tears while he called out her name in his sleep, and he still hasn’t changed the #1 speed dial to Yoo Kyung’s number. She tells him to leave her alone for a while until she decides whether she can stand to wait for him a bit longer. Right now, she doesn’t know if she can handle this any more.

Still receiving treatment in isolation, Ji Sun asks the nurse for paper and pen and composes a letter to her husband. She writes that she knows the letter may anger him, but she pleads for him to help her preserve quality of life with whatever days are left to her. She wants to spend them with her loved ones and not in pain undergoing a treatment that may not even cure her. The Chairman goes to visit her, and when he sees her suffering through another treatment, he decides to bring her home.

She returns home and tells her family that being with them is like a dream. Woo Jin tells her to spend every day from now on as though she’s in a dream. Joo Mi then calls Joo Young to let her know that their mother has returned home. The grandmother appears shaken by the knowledge that Ji Sun returned home in such a sick condition and that a second surgery may be difficult to do until a second donor match has been found.

Woo Bin’s mother calls Yoo Kyung to scold her for leaving Woo Bin sleeping in her car in the middle of the winter. Woo Bin comes in and defends Yoo Kyung, telling his mother that it’s not her fault and that no hard was done. He then takes Yoo Kyung outside to talk privately and to see if she’s still mad.

Once at the cafe, she tells him that it felt good to have him take her side against his mother but that she’s decided to leave him.

WB: Please think about it once more.

YK: How many times do you think I’ve thought about this? Over a hundred times.

WB: I’ll…I’ll try harder.

YK: Woo Bin, this all started because of your sense of responsiblity…the responsibility of what happened that night at my place. You started a relationship with me out of obligation for your actions. I’ll be honest with you now. Nothing happened that night. Nothing happened.

WB: That wasn’t the only reason. I really thought it could work if I only tried hard enough.

YK: What…did you try?

WB: You may not believe me…but I did try to push that woman out of my heart.

YK: (holding back tears) That’s enough. I don’t want to prolong this conversation any longer.

Yoo Kyung then goes to her car and cries out her anguish…

…while Woo Bin goes to the Han River to think things through. (What a nice shot of this man! LOL. Great landscape, huh? ;))

The Chairman admits to his brother that Ji Sun seems very happy to be back at home with the family. He may regret it later, but for now, he feels as thought he’s made the right decision. He didn’t realize how much pain she was enduring until he saw it with his own eyes. Woo Bin’s father reassures his brother of his right decision and tells him to make his wife happy.

Meanwhile, Joo Mi finds Ji sun on the floor of her bedroom and helps her back into bed.

Jun Ho meets Hye Bin and tries to convince her to continue with the wedding. He’ll fight his mother on their living arrangements and only live with the family for two years until his older brother returns from the States. Hye Bin refuses, telling him that she can’t survive two years with a mother-in-law who is so picky and who obviously doesn’t like her. Jun Ho calls his mother to tell her that negotiations with Hye Bin has failed. The mother asks to see Hye Bin, and once Hye Bin arrives, the mother tells her to just forget about the wedding then. Since Hye Bin refuses to live with their family, she can only understand this to mean that Hye Bin doesn’t wish to be a part of their family. Hye Bin asks why a mother-in-law who doesn’t like her would wish to live with her. The mother-in-law replies that it is exactly for that reason that she wishes to live with her–they will learn to accept and love each other while living together. Hye Bin then asks the mother-in-law for the promise of two years in writing. OMG.

Once outside, Hye Bin tells Jun Ho that she lost to his mother and that she’s agreed to live with the family for two years rather than face the other choice, which is to forego the wedding. Jun Ho thanks her while Hye Bin pats his head in frustration while uttering, “You’re so hateful. You’re so hateful.” LOL

Yoo Kyung says her goodbyes to her co-workers as she will soon be quitting and end things on a friendly note with them, promising to arrange a farewell party. She leaves them all thinking that she and Woo Bin are still getting married.

Yoo Kyung then goes to break the news to Woo Bin’s mother and to tell her that she will be returning to America tomorrow. No matter how much she tries, she cannot marry Woo Bin because he hasn’t been able to forget Joo Young.

Incensed, the mother calls Woo Bin home from work, and once he is home, she rails at him to convince Yoo Kyung to continue with the wedding. What will people think if they cancel the wedding only days before the scheduled date? Not when all the invitations have been sent out. What will people think of her and his father? OMG, just like his mother to think of herself at a time like this. Woo Bin’s father more rationally says that what’s more important is Woo Bin’s happiness, not any momentary embarrassment from a broken engagement. Woo Bin tells his parents that he plans to not pursue this wedding any further as well. Woo Bin’s father accepts his decision while his mother still rants and raves.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun asks Joo Mi to help her apply some make-up so that she can look pretty for her husband. Aw…so sweet, but then again, this is one of the little but important things that can help such a sick person have some normalcy in life and still feel like a woman…poor woman.

As she greets her father-in-law at the door, Joo Mi tells him that her mother asked for her help with make-up because she wanted to look pretty for him. When both he and Woo Jin enter the bedroom to say their hellos, Woo Jin presents his mother with a CD of a singer that he remembered her listening to while he was in high school. This will help her pass the time while she’s in bed. (sweet gift) After the children go upstairs, the Chairman compliments her on how beautiful she looks today, which causes her to blush with pleasure. She comments that she wishes this was about as sick as she gets because it is bearable. He reassures her it will be.

Unfortunatel, later that night, she wakes up to excruciating pain.

As the pain becomes unbearable, she calls out for her husband, who in turns calls out for Woo Jin to help them. The episode ends as she continues to gasp in pain.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

I’ll keep this brief because it’s really late, and I still have a bunch of things to do for tomorrow. However, I just wanted to comment on how I appreciate this drama series trying to show its audience another way to deal with a terminal illness than staying in the hospital until the patient’s last breath. The fact that the show is advocating qualify of life for the last remaining days over quantity of days is a difficult one to apply but one that just may be infinitely better for the patient, allowing him or her the chance to do what needs to be done in order to prepare for as peaceful a death as possible.

I’ll try to get to Ep. 50–last one!–within the next few days. I’ll probably translate the Ep. 50 Teaser tomorrow night after church just so that you can get a taste of what’s to come. I’m heading into finals week for my winter session classes, so I’ll see what I can do in the next few days. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m am SO GLAD that YK FINALLY let WB go.. This may be the fist time she did something right. lol
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    THANK YOU for SUCH a detailed recap!

    1. Glad she let him go, but not convinced by it. In fact, it makes less makes for her to finally stop clinging to him (given all her behaviour and denial up to now) than for WB to beg her and tell her he’ll try harder.

      I’m still so frustrated about this drama. They messed it up so badly.

  2. Thanks again for the fast recap of 49. I have finished watching the last episode and woke up at 3:30am california time since i cant stand to wait for another 8hours to watch it on Dramacrazy . It was a nice ending and will let the viewers watch it without any comments from me. Thanks again and will wait for the recap of 50. Take care

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    My favorite moment when I watched the raw was Won Bin standing at the Han river after breaking with with Deluded She Devil and seeing the small smile come over his face like the sun coming over the horizon.

    It was the first time he has smiled spontaneously since breaking up with Joo Young.

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