A Thousand Kisses Episode 48 Recap and Episode 49 Teaser

Episode 48 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/1nIMlx-oay8

Warp-Speed Recap:

-Ji Sun undergoes chemo therapy and radiation therapy in preparation for her bone marrow transplant.

-Hye Bin’s mother finds out about Jun Ho’s mother’s disapproval and then is further shocked that Hye Bin went to a hotel with Jun Ho in an attempt to sway his mother. Hye Bin’s mother is completely insulted that Jun Ho hasn’t been able to get his parents’ approval.

-Yoo Kyung’s family buy a house for Woo Bin and Yoo Kyung in the U.S. and air plane tickets are purchased for use after the upcoming wedding in March.

-Yoo Kyung passes out wedding invitations, and the Luni staff are amazed that she was able to manipulate her way into a marriage proposal. 

-Joo Young wins contracts with several shoe companies, demonstrating her talent.

-Hye Bin is pregnant! She’s 6 weeks along! Jun Ho is overjoyed when he learns of Hye Bin’s condition, especially since his mother refuses to believe that her son could have done such a thing. Once he and Hye Bin tell his mother the “good” news, the mother reluctantly relents to giving her approval and asks to meet with Hye Bin’s mother whenever it is convenient for Hye Bin’s mother.

-Woo Bin takes wedding photos with Yoo Kyung and forces a smile throughout the entire photo session.

-The bone marrow transplant is considered a success, an announcement that thrills the entire family.  Woo Jin promises Ji Sun that from here on out, the family will take care of her.

-Joo Young goes to visit Ji Sun but is unable to see her because Ji Sun is only allowed one visitor per day and Woo Jin has already seen Ji Sun for that day.

-The two mothers meet to discuss Hye Bin and Jun Ho’s wedding, both of them engaging in a battle of wills, and agree on a May wedding.

-Joo Young tells her grandmothers the good news that the operation seems to have been a success now that Ji Sun’s white blood cell count is increasing. The grandmothers are folding paper cranes as a way to aid in the effort to help Ji Sun get well. (old Korean myth of folding paper crane bringing good luck)

-Joo Mi is commissioned by Ji Sun to take over the household affairs completely now that Ji Sun is undergoing treatment. This means remembering and preparing all the important family events.

-Joo Mi calls Joo Young to tell her to go and see their mother the next day at the hospital. Joo Young and her mother reconcile as they both ask forgiveness from the other.

-Ki Hyun steals Tae Kyung’s mother’s ring with the intention to pawn the ring for his own use. Pretending to leave the house with Tae Kyung’s mother, he then returns to the apartment and attempts to burglarize the place. Joon Hee returns to the house and sees the burglary in action. Scared but intent on protecting her house, she sneaks into the kitchen, gets a frying pan, and then hits the burglar with the frying pan. Discovering that it’s Ki Hyun, she tries to kick him out but takes pity on him when he begs for four more days to find another place. Because his father saved her husband’s life as a child, she agrees against her better judgment.

-Woo Bin goes to visit Chan Ho but can’t get the courage to give the present (a school bag to commemorate Chan Ho’s start of school) and is about to leave when he runs into Joo Young.

OK…I need to translate their dialogue for you:

WB: Actually, I was just about to leave because I couldn’t gather the courage to go see him. I bought a school bag for him in honor of his starting school…but I didn’t have the courage…Please, give this to him for me.

JY: Is it all right if I refuse?

WB: You can receive this since this has nothing to do with you, Joo Young.

JY: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I hear that you’re going abroad to study after the wedding.

WB: (to himself) As long as I’m here, I can’t forget you, so that’s why I’m leaving. (tearing a bit but trying to hold back the tears) Yes…I’ll be going now. Please, convey my congratulations to Chan Ho.

-Chan Ho opens the gift and is excited by the wonderful gift.

-Woo Bin returns home and finds Yoo Kyung excited about selecting wedding photos for their upcoming wedding day. When Chan Ho calls to thank him for the gift, Yoo Kyung intercepts the phone call and then explodes at Woo Bin, demanding to know if this is what he was doing instead of helping her with the wedding. At the explosion, Woo Bin’s mother comes to find out what’s wrong. Yoo Kyung puts on a smile and tells the mother that she misunderstood something and that everything is all right. Woo Bin then apologizes to Yoo Kyung and promises her that this will never happen again. She tells him that she can’t wait to leave Korea for the U.S.

-Woo Jin is stunned to hear that the increased white blood cell count that they were rejoicing over is actually cancer cells. The doctor explains the medical situation and gives him the news that the transplant was too late. Ji Sun’s condition has now developed into leukemia. If the patient is willing to undergo the difficult and long treatment, chemo and radiation therapy can be started with a second round of transplant and such.

-Woo Jin tells his father and Woo Bin’s father the bad news, and all three men are left numb in shock. Ji Sun calls from the hospital asking to see the Chairman at the hospital. In a faltering voice, she voices her desire to go home.

Episode 49 Teaser Translation:

Ji Sun: I don’t want to spend this time here.

Chairman: I want to be able to make her remaining days happy ones….

WB’s Mother: You guys haven’t fought, have you? You’re not getting married?!

WB: I want to end things.

WB’s Mother: There’s nothing that doesn’t change.

Joo Young: Did you just say that she’s come home?

Aunt Grandmother: She’s gotten worse. Why has she come home?

Grandmother: I don’t know how she’s doing. (to Ji Sun) Get well and live good life to spite me…How can you die after everything you’ve had to suffer?! (aka How can you die such an unfair death?!)

Woo Jin: Live every day like a dream.

Chairman: Is there no way?…But that is the only hope we have. I cannot give up.

Ji Sun: I am so happy. I am happy.

*We’re in the final stretch before the last two episodes. I hope you enjoy this post, especially the dialogue translation between WB and JY. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this recap. I started watching it and loved it but I didn’t have the time (nor internet) to keep up. I only just found your recaps but I enjoy them.=)

  2. THANK YOU! So nice to wake up this morning to your amazing recap 😀 I hope Ji Sun recovers and gets to enjoy a happy family life, finally. It sounds like WB and YK break up in ep 49. Can’t wait!

  3. I can’t wait to see the next ep. I wonder what finally woke WB up. I really don’t care what it was as long as he ends this mess with YK. YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes i enjoyed your recap as always but sad since the writer is so cruel to us viewers since two more episodes left and both WB and JY are still in pain and suffering. I guess there will be ” after one or two years ” these events happened. Just like HOORAY FOR LOVE the drama after ATK, that ‘s the ending every viewers would like to see. Viewers are not left hanging what happened to every characters in the drama but showed us the “after 2 years”. Every Kdrama should end like that!!! Thanks again and take care!

  5. wow, i think they are seriously trying to kill jisun. SRSLY she can’t even have some hope in these last eps?! n YAY to WB FINALLY saying he wants to end things.. its about time! May be i’ll consider about watching all the eps that i’ve missed. hahaha

      1. Realistically, she would as once the bone marrow fails, your health deteriorates very quickly (know this from experience). Sad to see it happen.

  6. Thank you for posting.

    I’m sure they are going to kill Ji Sun as a sacrifice. I think it is kind of misogynistic, especially since I have no idea what her ‘crime’ is to deserve 25 years of unhappiness to be followed by an awful death.

    The person who my heart goes out to is Woo Jin. i feel like he was the only one in her second family who truly appreciated her. Also he must feel some sense of guilt because he knows Ji Sun’s marriage got in trouble because she acted as she did to secure his happiness.

    Next I feel for her two lost daughters.

    Have a good week.

    1. I agree with Yumi. I’ve loved the WJ-JM storyline from the start. Especially WJ’s transformation–he’s come such a long way. I hope that in the end, he and JM have their long awaited child too!

      As far as Ji Sun, I hope she survives. She’s made a lot of sacrifices and to end up as one would be truly heartbreaking.

      So for sure, there will only be two episodes left? Seems like a lot of loose ends to tie up in two remaining episodes.

  7. So there was a reason for a tiny bit of hope! (from the preview) Oh, I seriously hope this stupid wedding is called off and WB leaves on his own. Thank you, thank you, thank you – a million times! I don’t think I’ll be able to handle JM and WJ crying when JS dies. And I still want more scenes of WB with Chan Noh. *hee*

    1. What I don’t understand is Yoo Kyung…how can she be so delusional to think that she can force Woo Bin to love her? She just doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. Yoo Kyung things manipulating and hurting people can get her Woobin but all it did was make him hate her. He used her because of his dislike for her. I think what wakes Woobin up is what he will give up if he marries her. He can never see Jooyoung or Chan Noh again because she will have a fit. I hope if Woobin moves to the states he gets himself together but while there reunites with Jooyoung who still loves them. How amazing of a guy is he to give Chan Noh a lunchbox for school when he knows he might not be with him and especially the pain he is in from seeing Jooyoung.Jisun dying might wake Woobin and jooyoung up too and he comes back when he realizes he doesn’t want to forget her. MAJ will always be an obstacle but he loves Jooyoung so while she cannot accept her now she will in future if they get back together and stand together. Now everyone have hope we can get a beautiful ending. I am so anxious for this weekend. Thanks for the recaps.

  9. By reuniting he either has business in Korea or gets in touch with Chan Noh something and keeps in contact with him and soon works up the contracy to text Jooyoung as she becomes a career success. I hope it’s more than 30 mins too.


    I’ve been dying for a translation or recap and after days of searching I found you!
    *sigh* I love this series, but so sad that it’s ending. I just started last week and proud to say that I finally caught up 🙂

    You are a lifesaver! Gomawon! Saranghae!

    This was definitely a drama that got me thinking a lot. I love all of the characters especially YJ and WB, they just know how to tear my heart into pieces. Like I literally cry everytime they encounter each other after they’re depart. *sigh* Let’s see how this will all end, I’m not even going to come up with my own ending for them. 🙂 All the best!

  11. The text previews make no sense at all I give up on that.I am so going to continue with you through High Kick that how is hilarious nd I hope I do 20 percent less crying when ATK ends.Then I do a happy dance when Woojoo reunites.

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