A Thousand Kisses Episode 47 Teaser

Episode 47 Teaser Translation:

Aunt Grandmother: I don’t feel good knowing that their mother is so sick.

Woo Jin: (standing up from his chair) A matching donor has been found?

Ji Sun: I must be one blessed person. (loose translation)

Grandmother: Everything must go well.

Yoo Kyung: (to Woo Bin) Can we really marry in March?

Joo Young: The doctors say the bone marrow transplant was a success!

Chairman: Do not be sick anymore, dear.

Woo Bin’s father: We can breathe easy now.

Housekeeper: You are now completely cured, right?

Ji Sun: (over the phone barely able to suppress her tears of joy) I’m happy. (to Joo Mi regarding her marriage to Woo Jin) You two are doing well, right?

Yoo Kyung: (passing out wedding invitations) This is my wedding invitation.

Luni Employee: You are marrying CEO Jang Woo Bin….?

Yoo Kyung: Then who did you think I would be marrying?

Doctor: It seems like the transplant was a success.

Doctor: (as Ji Sun is in the bathroom washing her bloody nose) Unfortunately, it seems as though her condition has progressed to leukemia.

Woo Jin: (in horror) How could this happen?!

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7 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 47 Teaser”

  1. I have a feeling the next 4 eps are going to be moving really fast since this writer couldn’t stop with the agnst and get back to the story she started out with. The only one happy in this drama right now is YK. The preview for this weekends eps are out on the MBC site but it wouldn’t play. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the written preview.

  2. Yes, JS should DIE for her past mistakes. (according to this writer) ALL the women should be punished for their horrible mistakes – JY for being divorced, JS for cheating and so on. And all the men are just – stupid and weak? (except for WJ) *sigh* Why am I still watching when it’s beyond enjoyable anymore?
    WB is still wandering around in a fog and I’m still angry!
    Thanks so much for the translations!

  3. Well I cannot share the link because I am on my bbm but the last episode of ATK has wrapped today. It feels so bittersweet. For anyone interested on the A Thousand Kisses Baidu bar Seo Young Hee spoiled the ending a little. It shows a man outside standing. I couldn’t make out if it was Ji Hyun Woo though but keeps your fingers crossed. Let’s hope they redeem themselved with all those horrible episodes and put Woojoo back together. So scared but excited too.

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