A Thousand Kisses Episode 47 Link and Episode 48 Teaser

Link to Episode 47: http://www.joykdrama.com/drama/A-Thousand-Kisses/Episode-47/

Warp-Speed Recap:

– None of the family members or Tae Kyung are a donor match.

-Yoo Kyung makes plans for a wedding by taking a very passive Woo Bin to do various wedding preparations.

-Ji Sun is discharged from the hospital but continues to have bleeding episodes.

-Joo Young submits her shoe samples to a shoe company her friend recommended and awaits the executives’ final decision.

-Hye Bin and her boyfriend are unable to get his mother’s approval. As a last resort, they enter a hotel and sleep together in the hopes that the mother will then insist that the son take responsibility for his irresponsible actions. (It would be ironic if Hye Bin is the one who gets pregnant and not Joo Young as many of you are hoping.)

-The episode ends with Woo Jin receiving a phone call that a donor match as been found.

Episode 48 Teaser Translation:

Chairman: Congratulations! You can rest easy now that a donor match as been found. I think the heavens have given you a blessing because you are such a good person.

Joo Young: (I think to Woo Bin) Congratulations.

Woo Bin: Because I cannot forget you, I am leaving Korea.

Chairman: You said that you’re starting treatment today, right?

Joo Mi/Joo Young?: She’s been admitted to the hospital.

Chairman: Brave woman! Thank you for hanging in there. Don’t make me wait too long.

Yoo Kyung: Rather than our wedding, you’re more concerned with a situation that is connected with that woman?! What did you want to do once you met her?!

Woo Bin’s Mother: You’re not by any chance meeting that woman…? What are you going to do?! What are you going to do now?!!

Doctor: The treatment that she will undergo is a difficult one.

Chairman: Let’s pray.

Soo Ah: Please let my mother get better soon.

Woo Jin: (over the phone) From now on, we will watch over our mother.

Chairman: I miss you, dear. How can there be so little that I can do for you?

Ji Sun: There’s nothing I regret. (? Couldn’t hear her properly.) I want to go home.

Joo Young: Please forgive me.

Ji Sun: I’m the one who needs to be forgiven. I’m sorry that you have to see me like this. 

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  1. Thank you! Wow, none of the family are a match. So the donor must be a complete stranger. Today’s episode was a little better – super cute Chan Noh scene getting a present from WB. (WOOOT!)
    For some reason, nothing the Chairman says at this point moves me at all. He’s been such a jerk to JS, I feel zero sympathy for him now.
    But poor JS. Also hate seeing JM cry. And WJ is awesome as usual!

  2. Thanks for the recap of 48 teasers. Done watching ep 48 and its so sad i wont comment anymore and will just wait until it ends. The teaser of 49 will wait for your recap. So,So Sad!! Thanks again and take care!!

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