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Episode 46 Link: http://www.joykdrama.com/drama/A-Thousand-Kisses/EP-46/

Pre-Recap Thoughts:

I’m going to recap the full episode but only insert the pictures I screencaptured yesterday before wordpress ATE UP MY words…but I’m not bitter, as you can tell from my C-A-L-M tone of voice, right? 😉 Seriously though, yesterday’s mishap may have been a blessing in disguise since I alleviated my frustrations by watching the entire episode. Yup, I think the last full episode I saw was back in Episode 21, so this recap, although not as complete as I would like, should still be better than my previous ones, covering the entire episode instead of just the last ten minutes. 🙂

Without further ado, I give you my humble little recap….


The episode resumes with the Chairman barging into his ex-wife’s apartment. He tells her that she should return home and be taken care of by him and the children. She protests and claims that she has committed too many sins for her to receive such care from the family and that she doesn’t want to be a burden. He counters by asking if she found him a burden all those years. Of course, she denies ever having felt that way and explains that taking care of one’s spouse is never a burden. Having resolved that issue then, the Chairman threatens to move into her apartment if she doesn’t return home with him, causing her to finally and reluctantly relent. She goes to pack her bag while he waits.

Meanwhile, Woo Bin’s father gathers the family around and suggests that their family go to the hospital to get themselves tested. Given the dire situation with Woo Jin’s mother, he explains that one of them might be a bone marrow match for her. When Woo Bin’s mother protests, wondering why their family has to do this when Ji Sun has her own family, Woo Bin’s father explains that the highest match percentage is among siblings and the lowest is among the offspring since they only receive half of the genes from the mother. Besides, he reminds them that this is the least they can do, and everyone in the family agrees to get their blood tested.

Woo Jin and Joo Mi are surprised to hear that their father has gone to Ji Sun’s house to bring her back. Woo Jin comments that it really does seem as though their father has changed. As they continue to talk in the livingroom, the Chairman and Ji Sun return to the house, and the entire family is overjoyed to see her back at home. Soo Ah particularly rejoices over her mother’s returned, looking at her father with new eyes after all the hate that she had been pouring out on him. When Ji Sun is taken to her bedroom, she is stunned by the changes she sees–two full-size beds instead of the single king-size one she and the Chairman had shared during their marriage. The Chairman tells her that she is no longer to take care of him and that he is instead going to take care of her. He then shoos everyone out as he changes his clothes, refusing help from Ji Sun when she offers to help.

The next morning as the Jang family breakfast together, the Chairman tells the family that Ji Sun is not to get up from the table to get things. The task of doing the kitchen work will be Joo Mi’s job now. When Ji Sun protests that she’s still able to do things around the house and that they shouldn’t treat her like a patient yet, Woo Jin adds that Joo Mi will be quitting her job this month to help take care of her. At this, Ji Sun tells Joo Mi that she shouldn’t quit her job, especially since it’s something that she can do mainly from home. However, Joo Mi reassures her mother that she wants to quit so that she can spend more time with her mother and have a bit more free time for herself as well. Not to be left out, Soo Ah jumps in and wonders if she should take some time off from school. The Chairman chuckles and says that that’s not a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Hye Bin complains to her mother that she has to go to an art gallery. When the mother asks her why she who has no interest in art is going there, Hye tells her it is to meet Im Jun Ho (I think that’s his name). She then complains that if nothing changes, she is simply going to stop meeting him. He has nothing to recommend him except his family name. Fearing a lost opportunity, the mother quickly tells Hye Bin to stick it out a bit since Jun Ho comes from a very respectable and rich family.

Arriving at the art gallery still in a pique, Hye Bin is further irritated when an administrative staff member approaches her and asks her to relinquish her cup of coffee as a basic courtesy to the other people at the gallery. As Hye Bin rants and raves in offense that the woman has basically accused her of not having even basic manners, Jun Ho’s mother approaches them to deal with the situation. Unaware that she is meeting Jun Ho’s mother for the first time, Hye Bin shrilly continues her ranting and stomps out, calling Jun Ho and demanding to meet at a coffee shop rather than at the art gallery as planned.

When Hye Bin arrives at the coffee shop, she is further aggravated by the lack of parking spaces. Fortunately, she spots a car leaving and backs up to move into that spot but ends up getting rear-ended by another car that was trying to take that spot as well. She and the driver of the other car start to argue over whose fault it is when the male driver attempts to strike her in anger. Shrinking away from the impending blow, Hye Bin is surprised to see Jun Ho firmly grasping the driver’s wrist, preventing him from doing any physical harm to her. Unexpectedly rescued by Jun Ho, Hye Bin starts to see him in a different, more assertive light.

Back at the Jang residence, Ji Sun prepares one of the Chairman’s favorite dishes when Woo Bin’s mother comes to visit. Shocked, Woo Bin’s mother demands how Ji Sun can be so normal when the entire household is upside down with worry. As she expresses concern over Ji Sun’s health, Woo Bin’s mother is shocked when Ji Sun’s nose starts to bleed and Ji Sun is ushered back into her bedroom to rest. Woo Bin’s mother, noting the bedroom change, comments that the Chairman seems to have indeed changed.

Hearing the news of Ji Sun’s return, the grandmother is relieved. The aunt grandmother praises the Chairman’s ability to bring Ji Sun home and then suggests that they all go to the hospital to get tested. However, when she hears that she’s too old and the girls have an even lower chance of being a match, the aunt grandmother voices her frustration at not being able to help Ji Sun.

On a lighter note, Tae Kyung and his family sit around the dinner table, and Tae Kyung begins to eat his fill of kalbi when he is rudely informed that Ki Yoon, the con-artist who scammed the family of $20,000, is coming for dinner. After hearing that Ki Yoon’s father was sprinkled over the Han River due to bankruptcy/lack of funds for a funeral, the mother tells Ki Yoon to eat more kalbi, much to Tae Kyung’s dismay. In growing frustration, Tae Kyung asks Joon Hee if Ki Yoon liked kalbi when they were dating back in the day. LOL

Meanwhile, Yoo Kyung takes Woo Bin to a jewelers and tries on several rings. Blatantly ignoring/unaware of Woo Bin’s wooden response, she tries on ring after ring and then demands that Woo Bin buy her at least flowers since he doesn’t have any event planned for her. As they drink wine over dinner, she cajoles him into agreeing to get married in March or April. Woo Bin suggests that they move to the U.S., claiming that he wants to study a bit more. Yoo Kyung, surprised at first, tells Woo Bin that she would love to move back to the States since all her family and friends are there.

Outside the Jang residence, Hye Bin and Jun Ho are locked in a passionate embrace. Breaking apart, Jun Ho tells Hye Bin that he can’t stand this anymore and barges into the Jang household to ask Hye Bin’s parents for Hye Bin’s hand in marriage. (I guess seeing Jun Ho as the protector got Hye Bin to see him as a man.)

Inside the house, Woo Bin’s father asks Woo Bin if he’s really serious about marrying Yoo Kyung. Woo Bin tells him that he is and that he plans to live abroad in the States as well. When his parents ask him what he will do there for a living, Woo Bin remains silent, unable to give him an answer simply because he himself doesn’t know. All he knows is that he needs to get as far away from Joo Young as possible if he has any chance at forgetting her. (Fat chance, WB!) Thankfully, Hye Bin and Jun Ho enter the house, giving WB an excuse not to answer the question. The parents tell Jun Ho that he may have their permission for Hye Bin’s hand in marriage once he is able to obtain his parents’ permission. Then Hye Bin insists on getting married before Woo Bin, and Woo Bin goes upstairs after promising that they can marry before he and Yoo Kyung marry.

Meanwhile, at the other Jang residence, Woo Jin returns home to discover from Joo Mi that Ji Sun had a bleeding incident earlier that day. He tells Joo Mi that he will have to insist on taking their mother to the hospital tomorrow. He then bids his father goodnight.

Back at Tae Kyung’s house, Tae Kyung rudely asks Ki Yoon when he’s going to leave. Ki Yoon simply continues to stuff his mouth with fruit and tells his “aunt” that he’s been living in PC rooms or bathhouses because his financial situation is pretty bad. The mother warmly invites him to stay at their house until he can get back on his feet. At Tae Kyung’s incensed protests, the mother reminds him that Tae Kyung is alive because of Ki Yoon’s father. Sick of hearing about their debt to Ki Yoon’s father, Tae Kyung asks her to not mention that again and instead to remember that Ki Yoon robbed them of $20,000. Ki Yoon meekly asks the mother which room he should use and retires for the night.

In the middle of the night, Ki Yoon wakes up Joon Hee with their old code (sound of the cuckoo) and asks her for some medicine to settle his stomach. When she tells him that they don’t have medicine in their house, he suggests that she prick his finger (acupuncture) for indigestion relief. He also implores her to help him stay the winter at her house. Joon Hee indignantly refuses, claiming loyalty to her husband and having to side with Tae Kyung who dislikes Ki Yoon. Then mentioning that all the needles in the house are with the mother, Joon Hee improvises with a safety-pin. As she’s about to prick his finger, Tae Kyung surprises them and demands to know what they are doing together–sitting so closely–in the middle of the night. When Joon Hee explains the situation, Tae Kyung offers to prick the finger for Ki Yoon. (uh-oh) Grasping the finger firmly in his hands, Tae Kyung then proceeds to jab the safety-pin firmly and ruthlessly into Ki Yoon’s thumb. (O-M-G! The poor man!)

The next morning, Woo Bin’s father reiterates his stance that Hye Bin won’t be allowed to marry until Jun Ho receives permission from his side of the family. Woo Bin clearly states that he’s not in a rush since Hye Bin is now getting married. He can wait for her. The father still says that he doesn’t feel right about either of their marriages since Hye Bin hasn’t been approved by Jun Ho’s parents while Woo Bin seems to not have completely forgotten Joo Young. The father states that he just wants his children to be clear in their decisions. At that point, Jun Ho calls with news that his mother wants to meet Hye Bin today, throwing Hye Bin into a panic. The mother tells Hye Bin to dress demurely and NOT like her usual self when she meets her future mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, at Tae Kyung’s house, a battle over the bathroom ensures as Tae Kyung comically yet painfully dances around the house in an effort to prevent his bowel movement from spilling onto the floor and Ki Yoon struggles with a severe case of diarrhea. When the mother seems to look after Ki Yoon more, Joon Hee asks her who her real son is. LOL. Tae Kyung is in for some rude awakening. LOL

As promised, Woo Jin takes Ji Sun to the hospital and finds out that her blood count has dropped again despite her recent blood transfusion. Ji Sun then mentions that she has an onging fever, which the doctor explains is her body fighting an infection somewhere in her body. He prescribes some medication for her and suggests that she return to the hospital if her fever doesn’t drop.

Woo Jin reports the findings of the hospital visit to his father.

Once back home, Joo Mi tries to get her mother to eat something, but Ji Sun only wants to get some sleep. Joo Mi leaves her to take a short nap then.

Woo Bin meets Woo Jin for an unexpected visit at a coffee shop. Woo Bin tells Woo Jin that he was about to go to the hospital to see if he is a match for Ji Sun. Woo Jin suggests that they go together. Then broaching the subject carefully, Woo Jin asks if Woo Bin harbors any resentment towards Ji Sun. Even though Woo Bin’s mother’s objections played a larger part in Woo Bin’s separation from Joo Young, he wonders if Woo Bin resents Ji Sun for the part she played in his breakup with Joo Young. Woo Bin assures him that he doesn’t, but he did at one point wonder why the second generation had to suffer for the actions of the first generation. Woo Jin comments that Ji Sun was only about Woo Jin’s age when she made that mistake so many years ago, but she must have been so miserable as to try to commit suicide.

Shocked by this news, Woo Bin orders a beer and then tells Woo Jin that he’s getting married soon. Woo Jin asks if the woman is the one he met last time, and Woo Bin tells him that it is. When Woo Jin asks if Woo Bin loves her, Woo Bin answers that he doesn’t but that he is still going to marry her. Yoo Kyung is someone that he once loved, and perhaps if he tries hard, he can love her again. As things stand now, he doesn’t feel as though he can love another person. Woo Jin comments that this type of decision is not only cruel for Woo Bin but also for Yoo Kyung (Ha! This may be the “punishment” Yoo Kyung gets for her schemes…a loveless marriage.)

At another coffee shop, Hye Bin meets Jun Ho, who is surprised by her demure outfit and low ballerina slippers. He sadly comments that he had bragged about her height to his mother and that his mother might be disappointed. (LOL) Hye Bin reassures him that she’s still taller than him. (I’m really liking this couple. LOL)

When his mother arrives and comments that she feels as though she’s met Hye Bin before, Hye Bin, in dawning horror, recalls that his mother was the curator/director of the art gallery when she threw that fit over the cup of coffee. As the mother compliments Hye Bin on her charm and asks after an artist she admires, the mother finally remembers where she met Hye Bin. Quickly making an excuse that she forgot an important appointment, she leaves.


Once outside, she tells Jun Ho that she saw Hye Bin yesterday at the gallery and that Hye Bin is not the woman for him. Surprised, Jun Ho goes back inside and asks Hye Bin if she went inside the gallery yesterday.

 Hye Bin is stunned that he knows and tries to explain what happened, especially after she learns that his mother is the curator/director of the art gallery. Astutely assessing the situation, Jun Ho assertively tells her that an immediate apology is necessary to salvage this situation.


He then takes her to see his mother at the art gallery where Hye Bin tries to apology and explain the situation. Unfazed, however, the mother simply compliments Hye Bin on her beauty and charm but firmly states that she is not suited for their family since they are old-fashioned and headed by a traditional grandfather. However, if Hye Bin likes art, she is more than welcome to visit their gallery often. Jun Ho futilely tries to argue that she suits him, and if she suits him, she will fit in with the family. The mother remains firm in her objection and leaves to meet an important visitor. Stunned by this unexpected turn of events, Jun Ho declares to Hye Bin that an apology is no longer sufficient. What they need is a strategy to win over his mother. (O-M-G…this man is so adorable!)

Whining, Hye Bin returns home and fills her mother on the recent developments.

 Meanwhile, Joo Young unexpectedly bumps into Woo Bin and Yoo Kyung at a local department store. Unable to avoid meeting them, Joo Young averts her gaze.

 Seeing Joo Young as well, Woo Bin stares blindly ahead, unable to keep the pain from his face or drink in the sight of her face.

Viciously noting this pained exchange between the two ex-lovers, Yoo Kyung clings even tighter to Woo Bin’s arms and coyly comments that Joo Young must not have been able to find another job yet. Then wishing to inflict further harm upon Joo Young, Yoo Kyung tells Joo Young as she walks away that Yoo Kyung and Woo Bin are planning on getting married in March. Joo Young is barely able to utter a quiet congratulations and leaves.

When Woo Bin asks Yoo Kyung why she was so cruel to Joo Young since it was neither the place nor time to tell her such news, Yoo Kyung spits back that she did it purposely for Woo Bin’s sake. She demands to know for how long she has to wait while he looks at Joo Young with such pain in his eyes. When will she ever become Woo Bin’s woman? With tears running down her face, she explains that she had been so happy, thinking that Woo Bin was close to loving her, but all of that was destroyed today when he saw Joo Young.

Reluctantly, knowing that it’s expected of him, Woo Bin slowly pulls Yoo Kyung into his arms in comfort.

Meanwhile, the woman he really wants to comfort is crying inside one of the bathroom stalls of the department store, unable to stem the hurt and shock from hearing the news.

Seated at her kitchen table, the grandmother finely grates dried fish (pollack, I think) with a spoon, recalling the youthful comment her ex-daughter-in-law had made so many years ago about how she loved her mother-in-law’s dried fish side dish and how she appreciated how the mother took the time and effort to grate the fish rather than strip it into pieces the way most people do.

The aunt grandmother walks in and expresses surprise that the grandmother is making this time-consuming side dish. The grandmother tersely answers that the side dish is for Joo Young’s mother, much to the aunt grandmother’s surprise. With even more resolved etched into her face, the grandmother continues to grate away at the fish, her effort in trying to make amends for not forgiving her daughter-in-law so many years ago when Ji Sun had begged for forgiveness.

Braving the frigid Korean winter, the grandmother goes to Joo Mi’s house and gives Joo Mi the homemade lotus porridge which is supposed to help Ji Sun with her nausea and the fish side dish, one of Ji Sun’s favorite dishes. When Joo Mi invites her inside, the grandmother declines, saying that it’ll be easier if she just leaves. Joo Mi watches as her grandmother walks away, alone and lost in her regret.

Once inside, Joo Mi prepares her mother a tray of the porridge and fish, only to find an empty bed. Thinking that her mother is in the bathroom, she sets the tray on the side table.

And that’s when she notices the large splotches of blood on her mother’s pillow and bed.

Shocked, she rushes to the bathroom and discovers her mother leaning over the bathroom sink, blood streaming from her nose and mouth.

She calls for the ambulance and notifies Woo Jin, who in turn notifies his father of Ji Sun’s situation. Both of them race to the hospital where Ji Sun is undergoing an emergency surgery.

Waiting, Joo Mi prays and then tells the Chairman and Woo Jin the details of Ji Sun’s medical condition when they join her.

She explains that a blood vessel from Ji Sun’s stomach ruptured, which is why she was coughing up blood. The doctors are in the operation room right now trying to fix the ruptured blood vessel.

At that moment, Ji Sun comes out of surgery, and the episode concludes with her opening her eyes to look at the Chairman as he reaches for her hand in concern.

Post-Recap Thoughts:

Wow~so this is what happens when I try to recap a full episode after being away from recapping ATK for so long. This post definitely took me a lot longer than I planned. Yikes!

However, I know that the effort I put into this post will be appreciated by this community, so I hope you all enjoy reading the recap.  🙂 Please keep in mind that it’s nearing 1AM, so the post is not the most polished piece of writing that I’ve uploaded. Nevertheless, episode 46 is now officially recapped! 🙂 Enjoy!

I shall endeavor to translate the Ep. 47 teaser sometime tomorrow night after work.

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  3. Woobin dad is such a hypocrite and coward. It’s been obvious since Ep 33 that Woobin does not want Yookyung or want to marry her but to please his mother he kept dating her. If his dad were a real man he would have told his wife to butt out his son personal life and gave him the blessing for him & Jooyoung to get back together. Now he contradicts himself and says he wants his kids to be happy.Where is the evidence showing this? I see where Woobin gets idiot syndrome from.And wow I so would have slapped him if I was jooyoung. It’s bad enough they only been broke up for 2 months now but you dare let her rub your engagement in my face. I would have cried my eyes and heart out too.After freaking out on both of them. Jooyoung has been the punching bag for everyone. I am so mad this writer never let her have happiness for more than 20 episodes. She just proves the theory that evil people do get away with everything in life.Only 4 episodes together and I know Woojoo might have had a bumpy ride but I don’t care I want them back together. No relationship is ever easy especially when the couple has to suffer for the sins of the past and their parents.No marriage to Yookyung but to Jooyoung and I hope Woobin is the match for Jisun or MAJ.

    Now as for Hyebin I hope she suffers for her insolent ignorance.She is a cruel, vain, and shallow person. It’s fun to watch her be dismissed like she degraded Jooyoung.Thank goodness I only have to tolerate her for 4 more episodes.

    1. Yeah, pay back is a b!tch! I look forward to watching Hye-Bin getting dissed! YK and her insecurities, loving it but still can’t stand her screen time!

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  6. Thanks so much for doing such a great job recapping a complete episode. Your efforts are so much appreciated. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

  7. Thanks Twinkie! A baby for WB and JY will certainly bring WB out of his fog and send YK on the next plane to America. I hate her with a passion.She knows that he doesn’t love her that’s why she clings on him like a fool.

  8. Thank you a thousand times for the recap. The moral of this drama is: “Be as evil, conniving, and horrible as you can and nothing bad will happen to you.” Honestly, does the writer think angst and broken hearts is what makes good entertainment? I’m still waiting for some joy…. some comedic relief….some smiles. There is no reason to continue watching this, but I need closure, even if the ending turns out really stupid. I especially want Woo Bin to suffer and not end up with JYoung because he doesn’t deserve her. He deserves the skanky YK to make him miserable for the rest of his life. And she deserves to be stuck with a guy who doesn’t and never will truly love her.

    1. You are very welcome! As for the story’s message, I’m going to wait until I see the end before I rant and rave. LOL. Seriously, I wonder what the writer is thinking…there’s only so much the viewers can take. It definitely says something about the show, though, to have so many people still stick it out to the very bitter end. But then again, it may just be people’s need for closure. I need closure, too! 🙂

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