A Thousand Kisses Episode 45 Link / Ending Recap and Episode 46 Teaser

Episode 45 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/G4taIXY9tv0

Ending Recap:

Tae Kyung’s mother invites the man who tried to con Tae Kyung (when did this happen?) into coming to visit them when she hears that he might be the son of the man who once helped her save Tae Kyung’s life when he was only 3 years old and sick.

Meanwhile, Chan Ho says goodbye to his grandmothers, excited to be going on a ski trip with his school. Without knowing the ski resort location, Joo Young agrees to accompany him as a chaperone.

Once they arrive at the ski resort, Chan Ho makes a comment to Joo Young that this is the same place they came to with their grandmothers. Joo Young, lost in thought regarding that trip during which she met Woo Bin, nods that it is indeed the same place.

Bubbling with excitement, Chan Ho joins the rest of the his classmates to learn how to ski while Joo Young observes his fun from inside the resort while she and the rest of the mothers drink coffee.

At the Jang residence, the Chairman has ordered a new bed in preparation for Ji Sun’s return. Joo Mi shows the delivery men the room as the housekeeper comments that she hopes the mother will return.

Yoo Kyung comes to visit Woo Bin at his office, coyly asking him why he didn’t answer his phone last night. Woo Bin comments that he went to bed early that night. He then asks Yoo Kyung why Joo Young quit her job. Stiffening, she asks if Woo Bin is still curious about Joo Young’s well-being. The manager clarifies that he had gone to Luni yesterday and noticed that Joo Young was no longer working there and had mentioned it to Woo Bin. Slightly mollified, Yoo Kyung breezily replies that Joo Young made too many mistakes and had to resign. Woo Bin comments that he just wondered if Joo Young quit under bad conditions. Trying not to be offended, Yoo Kyung asks if Woo Bin thinks she had something to do with Joo Young’s quitting.  

Then continuing in her efforts to play the doting girlfriend, she asks in what she probably thinks is a cute voice if Woo Bin will buy her dinner. (oy~even watching the last ten minutes of this show is painful when I have to see Yoo Kyung tormenting Woob like this…ugh~)

Meanwhile, the con-artist comes to visit as Tae Kyung’s mother asked and gives her a big bow of respect. She then tells him the story of how his father helped her save her sick 3-year-old when he was sick by giving her money for treatment when she had none. She asks after his father’s whereabouts and is stunned to learn that his father has already died. (Uh-oh, why do I sense that she’s going to try to take care of this man?)

Just has she learns of this sad news, Tae Kyung returns home and demands to know why this con-artist is in his home. When his mother tells him what she’s learned, Tae Kyung asks her if she is absolutely certain this man is the son of the man who helped save him. They have only his word and no actual proof. (Good point!)

Meanwhile, Woo Jin and his father discuss plans to convince Ji Sun to return home today. Woo Jin tells his father that he and Joo Mi are taking their mother for her treatment and will try to bring her home afterwards.

As she undergoes treatment, Ji Sun tells Woo Jin that he should return to work. She will be fine with Joo Mi. Woo Jin, however, tells her that he’s discussed things with his father and that he would like to take her back to their house after the treatment. Ji Sun protests, saying that since she is now weak, she won’t feel comfortable back at home when she will be bedridden most of the time. Joo Mi and Woo Jin tell her that the Chairman has resolved to take care of her now in much the same way that she’s taken care of him during their marriage. Joo Mi adds that their father has even purchased a new bed to make the mother feel more comfortable.

Despite her children’s urgings, Ji Sun refuses to return to the house and instead goes back to her place. Once there, she does some knitting, sitting quietly in her bedroom.  In the midst of this solitary moment, someone knocks at the door. When she goes to ask who is there, she is shocked to hear her ex-husband’s voice on the other side telling her to open the door.

Episode 46 Teaser

Chairman: (to Ji Sun) I’m not returning home by myself!

Woo Bin’s Mother: She’s returned home then?

Grandmother: You made a wise decision.

Yoo Kyung: (linking arms with Woo Bin) Woo Bin, let’s marry in the spring.

Woo Bin’s Father: Are you really going to marry her?

Woo Jin: (to Woo Bin) Do you by any chance have any resentment  towards my mother about what happened?

Woo Bin: I just don’t have the confidence to love someone else.

Yoo Kyung: (to Woo Bin with tears and anger) Why is there still so much hurt in your eyes when you see that woman?! When will I become your woman?

Chairman: (to Ji Sun) I told you that I wouldn’t live like that anymore. From now on, I’m going to take care of you.  (It’s so cute how the Chairman and Ji Sun sleep holding hands.)

Aunt Grandmother: The Chairman has done it! He’s brought her home. (very loose translation)

Woo Jin: Father seems really different now.

Joo Mi: From now on, nothing will go wrong. (I couldn’t quite catch what she said…this is my best guess.)

Woo Bin: I’m getting married.

Yoo Kyung: (to Joo Young) We’re getting married in March.

Woo Jin: I pity you, and my heart aches for you.

Joo Mi: (to Ji Sun as she leans over the bathroom sink with a bloody nose) Mother! Mother!

Woo Bin’s Mother: Sister-in-law!

Chairman: Sweetheart! What’s happened?

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21 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 45 Link / Ending Recap and Episode 46 Teaser”

  1. Sad to see Woo Bin dating that evil woman! There is a reason Ive been avoiding this show for that reason. I see now I have a lot of sad episodes (for me) to watch 🙁

    1. Seriously, I’m only watching a few minutes of that woman, and my blood is about to boil…imagine if I were watching her fully in action?!

  2. Thank you for posting.

    I truly wish that Woo Bin’s mother discovers that Koo Kyung’s mother runs one of the biggest brothels in Nevada.

    I know it is unlikely to happen, but to thought of Woo Bin’s mother discovering the very suitable family that she so approves of is less than suitable would have me on the floor laughing.

    I do hope the Joo Young does very well in her business venture and Luna suffers and Koo Kyung’s part in pushing her out of the company is revealed to the chairman.

    The ridiculous thing I never understood is why Joo-Young never kept copies of whatever materials she turned over to Koo Kyung so that when KY did her tricks JY would have documentation of her correct work.

    1. Wow~Thanks for the comment. I feel like you just caught me up with so much that’s going on in the show. I can’t wait to see how the next few episodes conclude.

    2. Exactly, Yumi – and why didn’t JY just ask IT for the backup files and the record of who did what to her information. It’s supposed to be a huge company.

      I also seem to recall from a hint in an earlier episode that the little guy chasing Woo Bin’s sister knows something about The Witch Yoo Kyung . . . if that’s correct, I wonder when that will be revealed. Perhaps there is going to be another almost weeding where everyone realises who the other people are.

      I also wonder whether we will find out – when the daughters test to see whether they can help their mother – that Joo Young is pregnant with Woo Bin’s child. What do you think. Grandchildren on the horizon would be another way to drag the seniors out of the plot corner they are all backed into.

  3. Thanks so much for your recap of 46 and 4 more episodes and it will done. Hoping for a happy ending and YK is just an extended cast so you’ll know she be gone before it ends. Also what episode did it say the YK mother is running a brothel in Las Vegas? I’m sure that will be the cause for the wedding not to happen. Now, HB is experiencing the rejection of her future mother-in-law just what they did to YJ. Hope the MIL will splash some water into her face, that would be a good karma!!Thanks again and tcare!!

  4. What would be a better kicker to WB’s mother is if the guy YK cheated with shows up asking how could she run away and divorce him and also leave her child behind.

  5. UGH.. i seriously think the whole WB,YK,JY drama won’t end until the LAST episode.. seriously they can’t keep dragging with this until then.. -_- BUT yay for the chairman bringing the mom home! Honestly I’m a huge WJ&JM shipper so i’m REALLY glad they got together in the beginning of the drama :p anyways..

  6. I too have to somewhat force myself to watch right now, it’s disgusting to me to see WB with that THING. (and why is this actress getting so much screen time? Where is our leading lady?) Anyhoo, thanks so much for the recaps. As usual, you are completely awesome. *heehee*

    1. Ironically, I ended up watching the entire Episode 46…shocking, huh? It was my way to calming myself after the computer eat-up. Anyhow, I’m hoping to do a mini-recap of the entire episode today (since I finally know what’s going on now) in addition to the teaser for Ep. 47. 🙂 I’m going to try to make “lemonade out of my lemon” from yesterday’s debacle. LOL…hope you like! And yes, our leading lady needs more screen time; she seems to have the equivalent of a supporting role right now.

  7. I BROTHEL!! Please heaven, make that true!!!! OI can’t wait for Woo Bin’s evil mother to find that out!! I am convinced it was her not the affair that drove her brother to the states!!!

  8. Does anyone know how many episodes A Thousand Kisses has? I stopped after episode 33, hoping to catch up when all 50 episodes have been subbed, but now I’m hearing ATK may be extended to 55?

    I don’t think I can stomach Woo Bin’s evil fiance (barf) getting anymore screentime.

    Anyway, thank you so much for this! And sorry to hear about your computer

    1. It’s supposed to be only 50 episodes, but an extension might make sense to allow the writer more time to fix the mess with WB and JY. Where did you hear news of the extension? I’ve been swamped with lectures and grading today and haven’t checked any of the news outlets.

      1. Sorry, nowhere official, just comments from fans on the sites where ATK is uploaded. This is the first time i’ve ever been worried that the main couple won’t get their happy ending. I hope they didn’t change the script because of the warnings they received.
        Best of luck with your work!

      2. I haven’t seen anything on the news outlets about an extension. At the end of ATK they are advertising the next drama Soldier. Eps 45 went down in ratings and 46 went down even lower. Even if they do extend it would the writer start to clean this mess up. This writer is the angst queen. Once she gets started with the angst she can’t stop herself leaving the viewers with an open end.

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