A Thousand Kisses Episode 44 Link and Episode 45 Teaser

Episode 44 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rQUFg-Hz_n8

*After getting a number of comments from many of you in the previous post, I decided to add a few more pictures to today’s post for a fuller recap of the last ten minutes or so…just my small way of trying to ease the frustration of having to wait for English subs. Sorry, I can’t recap the entire episode right now. These recaps of the last part of the episodes and the teasers take enough time as is…I’ll try to recap fully the last few remaining episodes if time allows. 🙂

Recap of the Last Ten Minutes or So:

Ji Sun walks along the streets of Seoul on her way back home and starts to feel dizzy and increasingly sick. She barely crosses a sidewalk before she collapses against a rack of bicycles.

A woman passing by sees her and calls an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Once at the hosptial, she is given an infusion of blood.

Meanwhile, the Chairman sits at his office, sadly reflecting upon his prickly behavior towards his wife in the past. As his brother enters his office, the Chairman comments that Ji Sun is a foolish woman; she spent her life taking care of a sick man and now she’s the one sick with a disease that may even kill her. The brother tries to reassure the Chairman, saying that they are looking for her with newspaper ads and flyers. They’ll find her soon. He adds that with a bone marrow transplant, a complete recovery may even be possible. Unconsolable, the Chairman miserably states that this would never have happened if she hadn’t met him. “This is all my fault.”

Back at the hospital, the doctor on duty tells Ji Sun that it is crucial that she start treatment right away; her blood count is too low. Ji Sun explains that she just recently found out about the diagnosis. The doctor tells her that she shouldn’t delay in getting treatment.

After being discharged from the hospital, Ji Sun returns to a dark home and crawls onto her makeshift bed of blankets.

The next morning, Woo Jinn races to the Gospel Hospital after hearing news that Ji Sun had been admitted there the previous day. He urgently asks for information regarding her whereabouts, and the nurse on duty tells him that it’s against hospital policy/patient confidentiality. Grasping at straws, he asks if she can tell him where Ji Sun collapsed or how she got to the hospital, and the nurse politely tells him to contact 119 (the emergency number in Korea). Frustrated, Woo Jin raises his voice at her and urgently asks her to help him find his mother who is extremely ill. At her startled look, Woo Jin quickly apologizes.

Tae Kyung happily meets Joo Young in front of her work to report his news. Having taken his police friend for lunch, he wasn’t able to find out anything since an investigation can’t be started unless there’s been a crime. (Ha!) In disbelief, Joo Young tells him that she can find out that much as well. She only contacted him because she was hoping that he could find out more with his police contacts than she can with the police. Undaunted, he offers to look into those who can create crimes so an investigate can be started. Disgusted Joo Young leaves as Tae Kyung tells her that he’ll help whichever way he can, especially now that he has a mother-in-law.  He quotes an old Korean saying that the mother-in-law showers the son-in-law with love, and he never experienced that, but now that he has a mother-in-law, he wants to help find her. Joo Young shoots him down and reminds him that Ji Sun is NOT his mother-in-law. LOL

Back at the Jang residence, Woo Jin reports his findings to the rest of the family. He tells them that he was unable to discover anything other than that their mother collapsed on a sidewalk and was discharged from the hospital. The Chairman tells him to plaster the nearby streets of where she collapsed with flyers, and Soo Ah bursts out in frustration why they can’t seem to find her.

Joo Young calls Joo Mi to see if there’s been any update. When Joo Mi asks to meet her tomorrow, Joo Young tells her that she’s going volunteering with her Luni employees.

As she enters the school/orphanage (not certain because I haven’t been watching the episodes fully), she spots her mother going outside with a load of wet laundry. Excusing herself quickly, she hurries outside for fear that she may lose sight of her mother.

Spotting her mother calmly hanging the wet clothes to dry, Joo Young races over and angrily pushes aside the clothes. The episode ends with her facing her mother in confrontation.

Episode 45 Teaser:

Woo Jin: (to his mother) How could you do something like this? Didn’t you think that your children would be racing around heartbroken looking for you?

Chairman: (to Woo Jin) Are you saying that there is really nothing we can do for her?

Joo Mi: (to her mother) If you want to do all the things that you didn’t get to do for us, you have to get well.

Yoo Kyung: Woo Bin, are  you still curious about Joo Young? (His defeated look is so heartbreaking to see! There’s a part of me that’s glad I’m only catching the last 10 minutes of each episode to blog. Otherwise, I’d probably be howling louder than all of you. sniffles…)

Woo Jin: (to his father) Mother says that she’s not comfortable coming back to our house.

Chairman: Not comfortable?

Soo Ah: Mother! Why are you living in a place like this?! Let’s go home! Please?!

Joo Young: (to her mother) Are you planning on leaving/dying like this and leaving a bruise on the hearts of your children as well?!

Chairman: She’s the type of person who will return if we do our best. (with more conviction) She will return.

Woo Bin’s Mother: Is she really that sick?

Chairman: Bring her here immediately. Right this minute!

Woo Bin’s Mother: I thought you were going to make Yoo Kyung wait in frustration (have her heart burn in frustration), but why have you decided so quickly? (Geez, I hope this doesn’t mean that Woo Bin has finally given up and agreed to marry that schemer.)

Chairman: (to Ji Sun) Are you waiting for me to beg? Do you want me to kneel?

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39 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 44 Link and Episode 45 Teaser”

  1. Oh getting exciting!! But seriously is there really no progress with jooyoung and woobin? I’m soo sick of that other bit**!! Hahaha she annoys me so much! When I first watch this I thought she’s gna leave after a few eps.. But noooo..
    Anyways. THANKS AGAIN!

    1. Most WELCOME! 😉 I’m getting excited, too. I love how Woo Jin’s character has changed and just biding by time for Woo Bin to finally get his act together. Poor guy….He’s so hen-pecked by the women in his life.

    1. Hi, Serene! Always a pleasure to translate for you guys! Thank you for your “thank you”! 🙂 It’s nice to have one’s work appreciated.

  2. *sigh* Sorry to be the one to give you this news but yes, WB agreed to marry YK. (she asked him and he said YES) I’m beyond frustrated, I’m disgusted. WB is being a stupid, jerk. BLECH.
    I have a feeling that JY will the the one who is a match for her mother. That kinda forces forgiveness from JY in a cliche way, don’t ya think? LOL! I feel most sorry for WJ.
    Thanks for taking the time to do this! You’re really not missing much – EP’s 43 & 44 were the hardest to take. (As far as WB/JY goes)

    1. I think WB is so depressed he is suicidal which is why he agreed to marry YK. He decided to torture and kill himself very slowly.

      I agree with you the JY will be the donor. Narratively it makes the best sense.

      Unless it turns out WB’s Mother needs a liver transplant and then JY is the only match and donates a part of her liver and that will force WB’s Mother to approve the relationship between WB and JY. But knowing WB’s mother not even that would awaken her sense of humanity.

      If JM is the match then So-ah might get off her back. So-ah is the most spoilt rotten brat. All rich daughters are portrayed as being so morally bereft. WB’s sister, So-ah and YK are awful.

      It sometimes makes me wonder if all drama writers are women who grew up poor and were bullied by pretty rich girls. It seems like writing drama is a way of getting back at pretty rich girls by portraying them as venal and hateful.

    2. See, this is why I think I m going to skip to episode 45; I always mute anytime the biatch and the sister are on because I don’t like them; the mother’s screaming, I also mute. It gets too repetitive and annoying! The actor playing YK is in Time Between Dog and Wolf; looking at her annoyed me.

  3. Thanks so much!

    I loved that scene when Joo-Young ripped away the laundry to discover her mother. The look of fury on her face was so satisfying.

    I heard the show got a warning in Korea for being morally questionable. i guess that is why the mother has to suffer so much so that the family and the Korean broadcasting regulators can agree she deserves some forgiveness.

    I guess what will follow is that all daughter have to be tested to see who can give the blood cell transfusion.

    If Joo-Mi is the donor then So-ah will have to get off her back and accept her.

    I’m kind of betting on Joo-Young being the donor to create a complete mother-daughter healing reconciliation.

    So-Ah, :\ man is that actress miscast! The role/character is an awful one made worse by an actor who lacks the skill to give it nuance. I know the character is necessary for the plot but I cannot bear to watch that actor/character combination on screen.

    Woo-Bin mother is a nasty character and I can’t stand her either, but at least she is well acted.

    1. You are most welcome! Yeah, I totally agree with you about Soo Ah. The actresss is inexperienced and unable to appropriately portray the character properly. Had this been a sitcom, her lack of acting experience might have been overlooked, but when she’s part of such a well-seasoned cast in a drama, it stands out like rotting kimchi at an American picnic–a very bad thing. heh heh…the imagery of that is hilarious. LOL

        1. I know. It makes me sad, though, because I’m sure the actress knows her acting is terrible and is trying so hard to improve, but really…she’s acting with SUCH seasoned actors that whatever improvements she makes isn’t going to be good enough in such a short time. Poor girl. 🙁

  4. Yes, i believe too, that JY will be a matched but wont push through because the doctors will confirm she’s pregnant. (Hoping only!!!) I just wish we could email the writers about the viewers opinion, likes and dislikes in their drama. At least they will have an immdediate feedback and i think it could affect a lot in their ratings which they value so much. Thank you so much for the subs of teasers 45. I find WB so stiffed with YK. Doesnt the girl notice that? Will it be ironic if the donor match would be WB mother? Take care and always stay healthy!!!

    1. Joo Young as the donor would be a cliched solution, although the pregnancy complication would be an interesting twist in the ability/inability to donate bone marrow. WB’s mother being a possible match would be quite a new twist, but I doubt the writer will go there. 🙁
      As for Yoo Kyung…*sigh*…that woman gives women in general such a bad name…why is she so incredibly desperate and bent on having her way? Can she NOT handle the fact that a man just finds her morally despicable and needs to have him adore her? Although in this case, WB doesn’t adore her and is merely being a passive lump of flesh.
      Thanks for the well wishes! I’m definitely back on the mend. I hope you’re staying healthy, too!

    2. JY pregnant? is that possibility being hinted at in the drama or is it just fan wishes. I have not picked up on that at all. I must admit I only find the JM-JW story interesting.

      The JY-WB story never caught fire for me because JY never goes after what she want. She only seems to allow people to abuse her. I don’t pay much attention to her ex-husband storyline or WB and the Harpy that won’t go away.

      A pregnancy would be an interesting development especially it it gets JY fighting. I think that why I enjoyed her discovering her mother scene. Her face as alive with passion.

      1. I think it’s just a possiblity since she and WB slept together before they officially broke off their relationship.

      2. There’s not even a hint of this as far as I can see – but I too had already wonder many espisodes back whether this might be the wrinkle in the story line that meant everyone would see WB and JY as being better off together than not regardless of family circumstances . . . grandchildren can smooth over many generational objections. Interesting that others of you are thinking the same thing!

        1. Yeah, saw the possibility of grandchildren work for 1% of Anything which I thought was pretty good. Yes for the pregnancy!!

  5. Hi Twinkie, isn’t it a shame WB has turned into a wimp, when the drama started I enjoyed that he was brave enough to go after a divorcee with a child and older than him to boot, ( understand this is taboo in Korean culture esp to a wealthy family with status ) pretty normal plot for KDramas
    He bravely defied his family, got beaten up and got engaged, yay
    Of course than they had to seperate since it was only episode 38
    haha, so when we had the hotel situation, my thoughts were going, okay she’s gonna get pregnant and so JY & WB gets together

    Well, so far hasn’t happen yet & we are going in circles sorting out the mom who was selfish enough to abandon her 2 little girls

    Yes Soo Ah can’t act and I wonder why they need to cast all these idols from girl groups and make them look like fools

    But the football in the early episodes, from Beast, he was good enough

    Can we see a happy ending soon??

    1. Agreed! I think everyone’s keeping their fingers crossed for a happy ending…but WB and JY’s characters seem to have changed a bit from the original…sad.

      1. Yes, it’s been SO very annoying how much those two brave and attractive characters have turned into such spineless wimps – although depression might account for some of it, only WB’s character had a couple of episodes showing those behaviours (and he did a good job). But no hint of anything like that in the JY chracter’s development – she just turned into a cardbaord cut-out.

    2. The mother didn’t abandon her daughters. As best I could understand it she was kick out of the family and forbidden to contact them. I think the girls were also forbidden to ask about her.–I may be a little confused on the second detail. I think that may be from another series I’m watching.

      But she was kicked out. The grandmother/former mother-in-law is also having regrets about the hardline she took against her former daughter-in-law.

      Joo-Young has proven time and again to be her mother’s daughter. Both she and Ji Sun embrace suffering as it is their lot in life.

  6. I’m curious about SA birth. Is she really the CM daughter since he’s paralyzed from the waist down. SA is suppose to be 20 or 21. My hope is that she was adopted. That should turn the brats world upside down and bring her down a peg. I think JY will be the only exact match for JS. As for WB’s mother she’s so stuck on social status, the only way she will be brought down from her high horse is through her son. Helping to push him into marrying a woman he does not love and who cheated on him. The way WB has been acting, who knows WB could be planning a little revenge of his own.

  7. Omo omo omo O M freaking G, ATK has me going crazy, I mean every time I think that things are heading towards the right direction then WHAM, here comes another ridiculous twist to the story.

    I have the perfect solution to this headache.

    Ok first of all, Harpy cuz she doesn’t deserve a real name, needs to get caught by her uncle or cousin, anyway that guy who owns Luni and she totally needs to get fired. It should be discovered at some big company function and have everyone witness her downfall. Just thinking about it, brings a huge smile to my face.

    WB’s mom needs to have a mental breakdown which causes her to become all humble and quiet, cuz I really can’t stand her.

    SA just needs to be shipped off to ” study abroad” for like five years.

    Btw I love the story line with WB’s sister. That’s some funny stuff considering the fact that she’s like her mom and the guy is like her dad. You know what they say, ” little girls end up with men like their fathers” which also means that JY’s dad was one awesome guy cuz WB clearly is.

    Thank you thank you thank you for your recaps. They help so much. I’m learning Krean but I’m so not at thelevel where I understand almost all of it without caption.

    Keep up the great work

  8. I am glad to see I am not the only one thinking Jooyoung finds out she is pregnant when she goes to give Jisun her bone marrow. It’s now been 4 weeks so she should have symptoms because the YK storyline is boring unless Woobin is doing it for revenge. We will see what this writer does. And everyone hates how dead Jooyoung character is but she lost the man she love, her mom is weak just like her, and her life just never goes the way she wants. What does she have to happy about but Chan Noh? I can see why she acts so dead because her destiny is being controlled by others. Thanks Twinkie you got me excited for sunday because I am skipping saturday I cannot take Woobin Family anymore. They annoy me.

  9. Well I’m crushed with the picture that was released in the news for Sunday’s ep 46. WB and YK trying on rings and WB still with the pained expression on his face. Made me sick to my stomach. Didn’t want to post the link here to the article without asking.

    1. Oh no! WB!!!
      By all means, post the link. I’m sure others will want to see the picture, even though it will produce anguish. We can be such gluttons for punishment. 🙁
      Besides, this site is just as much for you as it is for me. 😉

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