A Thousand Kisses Episode 43 Link and Episode 44 Teaser

Episode 43 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Crlo6nwwaYA

Summary of the Last Five or So Minutes:

I started watching the episode as  Ji Sun (Woo Jin’s mother) meets with her physician and learns that she has a form of leukemia that needs to be treated with a possible bone marrow transplant if she hopes to prevent a malignant progression of the disease. The doctor realistically tells her that if she doesn’t get treatment, she could die. 

Although she stoically listens to the physician in the office, once she leaves the hospital, Ji Sun breaks down and cries, unable to handle this final hardship in life after everything else.

Meanwhile, Joo Mi waits on her father-in-law as he exercises. Ji Sun returns home, a bit unsteady from her cry although no one else seems to notice the strain she’s trying to suppress, and takes over Joo Mi’s job of waiting on her soon-to-be ex-husband. The chairman coolly tells her that he plans to shower after the exercise and that they will be going to the courthouse Tuesday to file the paperwork for their divorce.

Ji Sun wheels the Chairman to the courthouse to file their divorce papers. (Dang! I can’t believe she’s still ministering to him AS they go to terminate their marriage!?!) Afterwards, they have a private conversation while looking out over the Han River. The Chairmas asks her why she so easily gave up her role of his wife when she is apparently less inclined to stop being his caretaker. He tells her that he despises being used. She answers that he should know very well that she didn’t use him and that her years with him as husband and wife were happy ones. However, since she deceived him, she doesn’t feel that she can possibly fight to stay in their marriage and, therefore, will abide by his wishes. She repeats for one final time that he allow Joo Mi and Woo Jin to stay married, but before she can finish her words, the Chairman sharply cuts her off and calls for the driver to take them back.

As the Chairman sleeps later that night, Ji Sun looks down upon the sleeping form of her now ex-husband and then slowly and reluctantly leaves the bedroom, turning off the lights, perhaps in a symbol of how the light in her life is now being extinguished.

The next morning, Woo Jin enters the house with the morning paper, and Joo Mi mentions how their mother must be sick since she hasn’t gotten up from bed yet. Suddenly, Soo Ah comes down the stairs, weeping that their mother has left the house, leaving only a note. She barges into her father’s bedroom, demanding if he’s kicked their mother out of the house again. At this outburst, the Chairman informs the entire family, who by then have all come into his bedroom, that he and Ji Sun finalized their divorce yesterday. Soo Ah yells at her father that she’s going to follow her mother and live with her; the Chairman can live all by his lonesome self! However, as she turns to leave, she lets out a cry of dismay as she discovers her mother’s cell phone. With no way to contact her mother, Soo Ah turns her hurt and anger on her father, who yells at her to leave his bedroom. Enraged with her father, Soo Ah stalks out. The father then tells Woo Jin and Joo Mi to leave as well. (Woo Jin’s expression was priceless…makes me wonder how much he can take before he explodes on his father.)

Once outside in the living room, as Woo Jin and Joo Mi try to deal with the new developments, the house phone rings. Woo Jin hurries to the phone, hoping perhaps that his mother is calling. He is surprised that the phone call is for Ji Sun, his mother, regarding a possible rescheduling of her doctor’s appointment. Startled, Woo Jin tells the nurse that he’s not certain since his mother’s currently away from home but then asks if the nurse can tell him what type of doctor his mother is seeing. The episode ends with Woo Jin discovering that she’s seeing a hematologist, a doctor specializing in blood diseases.

Episode 44 Teaser:

Woo Jin: (to Joo Mi) Do not be shocked and listen to this calmly.

Joo Mi: Why? Is it bad news?

Mystery Voice/Doctor?: I really don’t know how things have turned out like this.

Woo Bin’s Father: (getting up from his chair) What are you saying? Who is saying this?

Woo Bin’s Mother: (to Yoo Kyung) I told you…Do whatever you can. (OMG…Is the mother implying what I think she’s implying?)

Joo Young: (with tears) I told her that I would never forgive her…even if I heard bad news about her.

Yoo Kyung: He’s changed. I think he’s making an effort.  (later to Woo Bin) Can’t we get married?

Woo Jin: (to his father) If she doesn’t receive treatment immediately, her life may be in danger.

Chairman: What are you talking about?

Woo Jin: The reason why I’m searching for mother is so that I can save her!

Woo Bin’s Father: Her life is in danger. Of course, it’s natural that he would be urgent. How can you expect him to take things calmly?

Chairman: She’s spent a good deal of her life taking care of me and now she’s the one sick.

Woo Jin: (urgently) Please help! She’s an incredibly sick patient!

Chairman: (with emotion) Can she live? Can she live?!

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  1. thanks for d recap as i’m not korean, this is quite helpful. one question though, do you think juyoung and woobin will end up together @ the end of the episode? thanks for the reply.

  2. Finally one storyline we were waiting for. I hope this stops the annoying side stories and makes Yookyung go away.I already know Woojin will find Js or Woobin with him.Joomi cannot donate her transplant she is too weak.It will be between Jooyoung, Woojin,and Woobin.Finally JS can repent but also make those who held the sin over her head remorseful.Woojoo won’t get together until the last 4 or 2 episodes especially since the writer dragged out or forgot important plots.Now I am waiting for Woobin reaction in helping Jooyoung or is he seriously considering psycho?How will MAJ take the new about JS or will she continue being the heartless she is.Thank you appreciate the mini teaser.

    1. My pleasure! I think I get a good sense of the episodes through the comments you guys leave here since I don’t watch the full episodes. LOL. Thanks, and I agree that this is probably what the writer is angling toward! 🙂

  3. Both episodes this weekend (44 and 45) were horrible as far as WB goes. More of the same garbage only worse. I’m done defending his behavior. I might need yet another picture of Bentley because I’m beyond upset. 🙁 (LOL!)
    And JS being so sick makes my heart ache for WJ.

    1. Yikes! heh heh…I’ll work on somehow including him in a post in the near future, although I’m not sure if the other readers will appreciate our little fluffiness as much as we do. LOL

  4. You made my day! Is it weird that i look forward to your summary than the actual episodes? hahahhaa, I REALLY hope that its an happy ending and only then i’ll continue watching.. I’m not willing to spend all those time watching and find out that the ending is a depressing one..
    anyways, THANKS A LOT!!!

    1. Aw…You are most welcome! I’m glad that you enjoy this blog so much. 🙂
      And yes, I’m hoping for a happy ending. If I can swing it, I’ll try to recap the entire last episode or so…at least I hope I can! 🙂
      I’ll try to get the teaser for Ep. 45 up later tonight.

  5. Hi
    Just found your page as I was trying to find anywhere could read up on ATK and you just made my day! ( Your page bookmarked:)

    I enjoyed the first 20 episodes very much, just finished epi 40 last night and frankly, the writer is screwing up big time!
    The drama is getting boring and we are going in circles with the plot esp re Woo Jin’s mother.

    I will finish this drama just to find out what happens to Joo Young, hoping she will get stong and leave that shoe place, start her online business and really be successful

    If you ahve the time, try Sparkling, much more enjoyable drama, I laughed and cried so much, marathoned the whole drama in 4 days..

    Looking forward to your recaps

    1. Welcome to our little community of K-drama lovers! 🙂
      I’ll have to take a look at Sparkling, although I don’t know about the crying. LOL. You’ll find out from the type of dramas I follow that I try to stay away from dramas with a lot of crying and fighting…I had no idea ATK was going to be this frustrating or sad. 😛
      Anyhow, let’s hope all ends well for our two couples…and thanks for your kind words!

      1. My mistake not to read the About Me and start writing there and then, lol
        So you dont like melos I think most of the long dramas, like ATK will have a combination of tears, love & laughter
        After starting in 2007 on KDramas and owning 150 DVDS, I have come to prefer longer dramas, the 16 episode ones sometimes dont have a chance for the story to flow. Then again like ATK, I feel the writer either got confused and lost track of the story line, happens quite a lot I find:)

        The Cable Channels have come out with quite a few good dramas, different and refreshing for a change
        If you can, try out Vampire Prosecutor & I need Romance
        They both will grow on you:)

        1. I saw most of I Need Romance…cute drama. As for Vampire Prosecutor, heh heh…I just read about it from dramabeans.com since I was pressed for time. I can usually only watch one or two dramas at a time. The drama I will try to watch soon is Dream High 2. 🙂
          Ok, back to writing today’s post (ep. 44) before I go to sleep. G’night!

  6. Twinkie, I hope you don’t mind me calling you that if so I promise not to do it again. Thank you so very much for your recaps it helps us none korean speakers stay sane waiting on the eng subs. that takes far too long. My only wish for the remaining 6 eps. is for Wb to stop letting his family and Yk and her mother manipulate his life.He is someone we all don’t reconize it’s so sad to watch. Him being with Yk makes no sense and Jy letting Yk belittle her at every chance she can,and her not saying anything but just takes it, is just awful. I’m praying that Wb finds out how she has been treating Wb and breakup with her before he gets married.

    1. Hi, Ann! Of course, you can call me Twinkie. Most people online call me either Twinkie or Snoopy’s Twinkie. 🙂
      Yes, I think you’ve said exactly what many people in this community are hoping for, too. 🙂 We’ll have to see. My hope is that Ji Sun’s illness will make the Chairman loosen up and leave Joo Mi and Woo Jin alone. And then something will happen to let Woo Bin and Joo Young finally get back together again. Here’s hoping! Otherwise, I can already sense many of us will have some choice words to say about the writer. LOL

  7. Thank you for the recaps. Atleast the writer did get something right with WJ character. I love the way he has evolved and became a loving and caring son to JS. He’s not backing down and giving into his fathers demands. Maybe it’s the writers intention to show the maturity of both men. WJ being the older one is able to think and love for himself and not back down from the presure of the elders, but protecting those he loves. Then WB not mature enough yet to stand his ground to fight and to protect his love, but giving into the presure. I really hope this writer gives us some insight to this plot with WB that makes no sense to none of us right now.

    1. Yes, I love how Woo Jin’s character has matured and demonstrates a man full of love and concern for his family! 🙂 I’m hoping Woo Bin’s transformation happen soon, too.

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