A Thousand Kisses Episode 42 Link and Episode 43 Teaser

A big thanks to Tess for providing a link for us!

Episode 42 Link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/hIy3RMLXV48

Conclusion of Episode 42:

Joo Mi goes into the Chairman’s bedroom to ask the Chairman to forgive the mother and that she will leave to bring order back into the house. She reminds him of how well her mother has taken care of the Chairman and this family. The Chairman acknowledges this but still refuses to forgive and tells her that he cannot accept her as well as her mother. The mother hid the awful truth that Joo Mi was her daughter and allowed Joo Mi to marry her sister Soo Ah’s brother. He cannot accept such a thing. The mother enters the room and  tells him that she will leave the house as she’s promised. She sends Joo Mi out of the bedroom while she finishes her conversation with a petulant Chairman. She tells him that she will sign the divorce papers, too, if he will just leave the kids (Joo Mi and Woo Jin) alone and not force them to separate.

Meanwhile, when Woo Jin returns home, he finds Joo Mi in tears and asks her what happened. Joo Mi tells him what she said to the Chairman, and Woo Jin is shocked that Joo Mi would offer to divorce him if that would mean that the Chairman would allow their mother to stay. He tells her to never think of such foolish things again, and Joo Mi explains that even Soo Ah wishes this and that this seems like the only thing to return the household back to some sort of normalcy. (Silly Joo Mi! The damage is already done.)  

The episode ends with the mother picking up the divorce papers and pausing as she prepares to sign a document that will again separate her from a family she has helped to create.

Episode 43 Teaser:

Woo Jin: (to his father) I don’t think it’s right that you are treating mother this way. (loose translation)

Joo Young puts away her necklace.

Aunt grandmother: (sympathetic to Joo Young’s pain) It looks like Joo Young’s heart is getting torn to pieces again.

Yoo Kyung: (vindicatively to herself but addressing Joo Young) I’ll sever your ability to appear before us within a month.

Joo Mi helps her mother rest on the couch.

Woo Bin’s Father: Big Brother! Do you really think that you can live well on your own without your wife?!

Joo Young’s Friend: (to Joo Young) Do you think that Yoo Kyung will simply leave you alone when you are Woo Bin’s ex-fiance? She’ll probably want to get rid of you somehow.

Aunt Grandmother: (lamenting Joo Mi’s misfortune) Oh, what kind of bad luck is this?! You poor pitiful child!

Woo Jin’s Mother: I’ll leave. I won’t look for you again. Please, just don’t force Woo Jin and Joo Mi to separate.

Grandmother: (to Joo Young as she drinks with tears in her eyes) If I had only forgiven her…this is a thought that I have these days.

Joo Mi: (to the Chairman) Mother is very sick. She might die.

Chairman: What are you talking about?

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14 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 42 Link and Episode 43 Teaser”

  1. Thank you! It sounds like Grandma is finally feeling guilty about keeping JY/JM from their mom all these years. (as she should) When is YK going to be caught for her nasty deeds at work? *scowl* I’m SO over her. (HAHAHA! I sound like a bratty teenager)
    Hope things are going good for you! (how’s Bentley?)

    1. Yup, I think this may be the start of the many resolutions that need to take place before this show ends. And Bentley’s doing well! Thank you for asking…I may put up a picture of his little fluffiness sometime in the near future. 🙂

      1. YES! Please post one when you have time! I’ve been in such a grumpy mood because of this stupid drama so his little furry face will help cheer me up! *heehee*

  2. Aww you have a dog how cute. I agree with Tess finally grandmother feels remorsé because honestly the girls lives would not be the same if she did not kick their mom out.I am praying Yookyung does something so stupid it wakes Woobin up and makes Jooyoung open her own business or work for another company.I pray we get not more boring episodes too because the last 9 have been torture to watch so I skip through most of it. Thank you so much and have a wondrful week.

    1. We can only hope that the writer does Joo Young justice by having Yoo Kyung suffer a bit for her scheming. Have a great week, too!

  3. Thank you! so very much for your continued preview recaps. Do you think Wb will marry Yk? I just can’t understand why he has changed so much and just listens to what everyone says.I’m hoping that he won’t show up for the engagement party. I want to see Yk humilated and on the next plane to America with her mom.That woul make my day yes!!

    1. Oh no! He’s already engaged to YK?! He’s probably being passive about his life now because he sees no point in it with Joo Young out of his life. So sad…
      I like your predictions for the future episodes…Yes, he should doing something like that to take back his life! 🙂

  4. WB’s not engaged to YK yet. YK her cousin and mother and his mother are trying to push him towards it. WB’s just brain dead over the breakup. He went from hating YK to dating her. Can’t stand for her to touch him. Pushes her away when she tried to kiss him. Acts like she disgust him but he’s going along as her boyfriend.

  5. Don’t it’s just agony to watch. When progress happens they always take a step back the next episode. Woobin only is dating Yookyung because Jooyoung keeps rejecting him when she actually is running away from dealing with the situation.She does not want him to choose between her and his family. I don’t know why though.Everytime she runs he thinks it’s because she is over him and not missing him. While he sends signals that he is over her by dating Yookyung and Yookyung rubs it in by speaking loud when he calls and talking about plans she has with Woobin in front of Jooyoung to rub it in even though it’s a lie.Since Jooyoung is putting away the necklace what does that mean?The new ost is out if you want it and it fits the situation perfectly. It’s at the ATk thread. Everyone worked hard getting this I see a Woojoo reunion soon.

    1. Thanks for the advice! 🙂
      As for the OST, I’ll look into it. I’ve been wanting to purchase the OST for my music collection. 🙂
      Perhaps, I’ll get a second one and offer it in a giveaway some time in the future. 😉

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