A Thousand Kisses Episode 41 Teaser…My New Year’s Gift to You All :)

Episode 40 ends with the chairman returning home and asking why the housekeeper was in their house. As the housekeeper wishes him a speedy recovery, he looks toward the stairs and has a flashback of Joo Mi and Soo Ah struggling on the stairs as well as Joo Mi tumbling down, clutching her stomach.

Episode 41 Teaser:

Yoo Kyung: (to Woo Bin) Do you still have feelings left for that woman?

Woo Bin: (to Yoo Kyung) In the future, I’d like for you to not speak to me of Woo Joo Young. (ugh, this woman annoys, even in a short teaser)

Woo Bin’s dad: (commenting on the chairman’s condition) It seems as though he isn’t able to recover his memory.

Woo Bin’s mother: (in a shrill voice) She comes from a good family, and her ability is the best! Her ability!

Yoo Kyung: (to Woo Bin) Can you live with the fact that that woman is in your heart? (loose translation)

Woo Bin’s mother: Perhaps there is something wrong with the chairman.

Chairman: Are you telling me that one tends to forget the most traumatic event that one does not want to remember?

Yoo Kyung: (to Joo Young after storming into the office) What is this all about?! How could you make such an unspeakable mistake?!

Joo Mi: Mother has collapsed?

Hye Bin: If she goes there, she’ll see that woman: her boyfriend’s ex-finance. Do you think she’d want to go?

Chairman: (loosing his temper) Did you all conspire to deceive me?! All of you?! How could you do this?! How?!

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9 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 41 Teaser…My New Year’s Gift to You All :)”

  1. OMG, thank you. I’m seriously so angry with this drama right now that reading your translation on the preview is the only thing keeping me sane. LOL!
    I hate this writer, she needs to retire.

    1. Happy New Year, tessieroo! From all the frustrated comments I’ve been seeing online, I’m half afraid to watch the series now…too much angst. LOL. At least with the teasers, I don’t have to watch Yoo Kyung in full-scheming mode. The only consolation is that these dramas usually end with a happy ending. Here’s hoping that the writer stays true to K-drama form and concludes this series with a happy ending. 🙂

  2. Asked and you shall received, thank, thank you!!!! That was a really great New Year’s gift to us. You think you can give us a little more gift by trying to subs ep 40 only. I would like to know what WB was telling WJ while he was drank in front of the house. A Happy New Year and stay healthy please!!! Thanks!!

    1. hello.. i got this from darksmurf subs so it’s not 100% i think wb told wj, that he’s in pain in so much pain that he feels like dying.

  3. Thank you for the translation of the preview. This writer needs to be put out to pasture with the cows. A lot of the things going on in this drama, just don’t make sense.

    1. Your comment reminds me of something from High Kick Season 3 in which the characters complain about the crazy things a drama writer was scripting…Coleridge was right: fiction does require a willing suspension of disbelief. LOL.

  4. Wow!! I havent wathed this drama since i think ep20+..from the comments and after watching ep38 nothing has changed!!!! Im amazed that the mom and sister or woo bin + yoo kyung are still annoying as hell! Its as if they have thick skulls!! I was thinking that i should start watching again but after reading the recap and comments i think ill just stick to reading before someone tells me/us that those 3 girls are out of the picture or received their karma..then thats when ill watch. Its as if i havent missed anything! Hahaha thanks for the gift!

    1. You are welcome! Yeah, I know. The constant scheming can get tiresome, especially when you think that WB and JY are finally on the road to happiness (engagement) and then the proverbial rug gets pulled out from under them, and they are right back to square one. 🙁 I’m hoping that the writer transitions things in the next few episodes for a happy ending and a life lesson learned for Yoo Kyung, who is in serious need to maturity and integrity. It’s hard to believe that there’s only 10 more episodes left in the series.

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