A Thousand Kisses Episode 41 Link and Teaser to Episode 42

Episode 41 Link: http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/45038/5 or http://ktownnews.com/videos/play/45038/11


Conclusion to Episode 41:

Woo Bin’s parents visit Woo Jin’s father to see how he’s recovering, and Woo Bin’s mother inadvertently mentions that Joo Mi needs to take very good care of herself after her first miscarriage. The chairman demands to know it that is true and why the family lied to him about it, pretending that Joo Mi was still pregnant. Woo Jin tells his father it was because they didn’t want to worry him.

As Woo Bin’s parents leave Woo Jin’s house, Woo Bin’s father berates his wife for being careless with her speech while she tries to defend herself by claiming that she wasn’t aware he didn’t know that. Frustrated, Woo Bin’s father forbids her from visiting Woo Jin’s house for the time being. (Finally!)

The next morning, the chairman is able to join his family for breakfast and announces that he plans on visiting his physician. Once there, he expresses a concern about his memory lapses and wonders if he is getting senile. The physician reassures him that it’s not senility but rather amnesia. The Chairman has undergone a tremendous shock that he wants to forget. The physician suspects that it is because the chairman kicked his wife out of the house.

Shocked, the chairman stops by the Han River with his wife and tells her what the doctor told him. He then asks her why he kicked her out of the house. The episode ends with Woo Jin’s mother contemplating her response.

Teaser 42 Translation:

Chairman: (to Woo Jin) Don’t hide anything from me and tell me everything. What is this event that is so traumatic enough for me to lose my memory?!

Yoo Kyung’s Mother: (to W I’m relieved that you are by Yoo Kyung’s side.

Chairman: Were you all watching while I made a fool of myself?!

Woo Bin’s Mother: Regardless, I refuse to just stand by. (I couldn’t quite catch what she said exactly…this is my best guess.)

Woo Jin’s Mother: (to the chairman in the bedroom with Joo Mi just outside the door) You really don’t remember?

Chairman: Absolutely nothing.

Soo Ah: (to Woo Jin with Joo Mi in the room) If Joo Mi leaves, everything would get resolved. Why doesn’t she leave?

Woo Jin’s Mother: (to Joo Young) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And I’m sorry.

Joo Mi: If I leave, is it really true that there will be no problem?

Yoo Kyung’s Mother: (to Woo Bin’s Mother) What do you think of my Yoo Kyung?

Chairman: (to his wife) Did you sneak back into this house because my memory was faulty?!

Joo Young (?): Mother collapsed?!

Woo Bin’s Father: (to Woo Bin) Think about marriage only after you’ve cleared all feelings for her from your heart.

Joo Mi: (to the Chairman) If I separate from ahjussi (my husband), will you be able to forgive mother?

Chairman: Get out of this house immediately!

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  1. AND…
    we’re right back where we started. Wow, this writer is just – what? I can’t even find a word anymore! And supposedly WB meets with YK’s mom? (does he do that willingly?) I’m ready to give up on this one but there are only 8 episodes left so I’m trying to hang in there. Please give me some good news on the episode 43 preview once it comes out. *sigh* Should I fold on this one?
    Thanks so much for all your translations and patience with this drama. (LOL!)

    1. Stick it out! You’ve lasted this long…or you can simply tune in for the last two episodes if the show gets unbearable.
      It feels like the writer’s just trying to keep the story going until the end but at the expense of quality. 🙁 I’m going to try to watch ep. 41 and 42 tonight just to make sure I’m processing the story properly.

  2. And the teasers are misleading us too .I do not think they are getting back together yet.I do need Jooyoung to decide to forgive Jisun or just cut off all contact with her. The drama with them is heartbreaking.Ahh I wonder if Woobin will get a clue after his dad talks to him. Marriage to YK he must really want to be miserable. Or out his mind.

    1. From all the frustrated comments, I’m glad I’m taking a break from this drama, or I’d never survive.

      Seriously, as I translate the teasers, there is a part of me that wonders how much of this is cut and spliced to give the viewers a certain impression that’s NOT reflected in the episode itself. *Sigh* One can only do one’s best at the translation, I suppose.

      Anyhow, I’ll try to get to the teaser for Episode 43 later tonight, assuming the episode has a teaser.

  3. Can I just skip to the last 5 episodes?! I am reading the recaps and I am just not sure I can take all of this drama!! I want the couples back and happy!! Finished up to episode 28 because I hate watching parts so I am waiting for crunchyroll.com to upload the rest but not sure how much of the 30-39 I will watch and so far from reading, the 40s don’t look promising!!

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