A Thousand Kisses Episode 40 Teaser

Episode 39 ends with Woo Bin’s mother visiting the chairman in the hospital, Joo Mi calling Woo Jin to tell him that nothing’s changed with their father–the chairman still thinks she’s pregnant, Woo Bin receiving a phone call from Luni’s vice president who wants to set him up on a blind date with none other than Yoo Kyung.

Episode 40 Teaser

Grandmother: You should be able to live a decent life since up until now, you’ve lived a life suppressing your temper/wishes.

Woo Jin: (to Joo Young) I didn’t know that Woo Bin was still tormented like this because of you, sister-in-law.

Mother: (to the grandmother) I guess my sin was so great that I haven’t been able to make up for it yet.

Joo Mi: (to Woo Jin after seeing Woo Bin with Yoo Kyung at the movies) It seems like he’s already forgotten my sister.

Woo Jin: Because he can’t remember you, Mother, (the recent events) there’s a part of me that’s concerned and another part of me that’s relieved.

Joo Mi: (to her mother) You’re not thinking about leaving the house again, are you?

Woo Bin: (in a drunken state in front of Joo Young’s gate) My heart hurts so much! It hurts so much that I feel like I’m dying!

Joo Mi: Father, I love you!

Chairman: I feel like my strength is returning.

Woo Jin: Mother, he’s attempting to look for your daughter.

Mother: What should be done? (What should we do?)

Woo Bin: (to Yoo Kyung) I’m not attracted to you, but I am thinking of trying…if you can wait for me.

Grandmother: If his memory returns, what do you think will happen?

Poor Woob trying to move on but unable to get himself to properly embrace Yoo Kyung

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2 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses Episode 40 Teaser”

  1. Hi, Snoopy’s Twinkie, thanks so much for the subs in 40 teaser. I feel for JY, she has a neverending heartaches since the start of the drama. What episodes do you think the writers will ease up in her sufferings? Ten more episodes and its done. I hope they will give 5 episodes of happiness to WB and JY and not like other dramas like terms of endearment and I Love You Dont Cry they did it at the last episode and we make our own endings. Thanks again. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Happy New Year to you, too! Yeah, I’m hoping that the writer(s) don’t mess up the ending by 1) rushing the happy resolution in the last episode 2) tying up ALL loose ends in that cliched Charles-Dickens type of conclusion or 3) giving us a weird ending like Lovers in Paris or High Kick Season 2. But then again, Korean dramas are notorious for their “bad” endings. 🙁 We can only hope….

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